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3. Why did I keep all this?

Richard Atkinson on moving from Church House to St Martins House


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4. St Martins House

Open for business. Church House closes and a new era begins

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New Magazine New advertising opportunity

In June 2011, to coincide with the opening of St Martins House and the re-opening of Launde Abbey will be launching a new quarterly, A4 full colour magazine, distributed free to all churches. If you, your company or business would like to take advantage of the initial advertising rates please contact us for more details.

New forms of Church for a fast changing world


8. Wish upon a star

What happens to the presents you donated to the Star appeal

9. Crossing the Threshold 6

An invitation to you to join us at two major opening events

10. The Real Easter Egg Ad Competition

Enter your advert for a chance to win £1500


11. New Church of England website

14. Annual Vocations Day 10

A day to encourage and inspire those looking into ordained ministries

15. Comings and Goings

Who’s joining, who’s moving, who’s retiring...

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13/01/2011 14:25:54

Why did I keep all this? I wearily asked the question again and again as I sorted and sifted my multitude of files in preparation for the move to St Martin’s House, our new Centre for Mission by the Cathedral. Eight years of paper based working, and the luxury of several cupboards, had created an excess of archive and record! Why did I keep all this? The answers have varying degrees of legitimacy. More positively there were occasions when facts could be checked, events revisited and false claims countered. It reflected a liking for reading things on paper rather than screens. But l also know that more questionable motives were at play, not least a sense that somehow my history, my identity, would be diminished if the physical record was destroyed. It’s the ‘but they will need it for my biography’ syndrome that I know that others share. Of course there is a proper place for records, personal and work-related, a proper judgement has to be made about what to keep. I can only hope that in the vast amounts of paper sent for re-cycling nothing critical has been thrown away! However we can’t keep every printed word that and we are not what we keep in our files! The story of who I am, or you are, or we are, is a living story that moves on. When you read this we will have moved on. I and colleagues from both Church House and the Cathedral will be building the next phase of our common story in this Diocese as we enjoy the new facilities at St Martins House. We will have survived the move; the myriad of packing cases that filled the old Church House will have done their task, and already the new opportunities for welcome, hospitality, mission and outreach in partnership with others will be developing; and in ways that I suspect that despite all our planning will surprise and excite us!

2011 is a year of opportunity and possibility for us all. St Martin’s House is one focus; another is the renewed Launde Abbey. As highlighted by the visit of Prince Charles at the end of January, as the main house became again open for guests it is a well of prayer from which all of us can draw. These are two special places and two gifts to the Diocese of Leicester that sit alongside the vision, energy and creativity of our parishes in their witness to Christ. There will still be files in my office although many fewer than before and increasingly held on the computer. But they are not the story – only a modest resource. What people will be interested in the future is not what you and I store in the cupboard but what we do for Christ in the world. Ven. Richard Atkinson

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13/01/2011 14:25:57

Open for business After years of planning, months of building work, and a frantic few days of fitting out and final preparations, St Martins House is now in our possession and, by the time you read this, open for business. Now the real work begins – and, as its newly appointed Director, especially so for me! Everyone who’s visited has been struck by the quality of the work, and the sense of excitement at what we might be able to do from here. But what exactly is it that we will be doing? Like the proverbial elephant as described by the blind men, it depends on the perspective you bring, but either way, St Martins House (or SMH for short) will be so much more than the sum of its parts. For the Cathedral it will bring a new facility for regular worshippers, a relocated song school, and an opportunity to develop work in new areas – for example a new co-ordinated partnership for Weddings at the Heart of Leicester, between Cathedral, Guildhall, Hotel Maiyango (as preferred caterers) and SMH. For the staff of Church House, comes the end of a name and an era, as they move into occupying ‘the Diocesan Offices in SMH’ – and with it newly refurbished office space and a chance to use all the wider facilities that SMH will bring. For their regular customers, from 1 March it will be the new location for Christian Resources Leicester, and also a chance to engage with a whole new market for their wares.

Veronica Ponte (left) and Helen Fields: The Visitor Welcome Coordinators pictured with the stained glass window of St Martin, donated by the Royal Leicester Regiment from the Garrison Church, Munster, Baor For those who hire the Grand Hall or any one of the four new hi-tech meeting rooms for conferences, parties or events, it will become THE place to have your event. For those who rent office space in the south end it will provide a new welcoming place at the centre of the city from which to do business, or to serve the community. And as we develop our outreach work from the newly named Donaldson Centre (the ‘curved bit on the front’), to so many in need in the city it will become the place where stories are listened to, needs are met – and the Good News is experienced in action. All of this is my responsibility to oversee and

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13/01/2011 14:25:58

develop – along with a small and highly committed staff team. We’re looking forward to welcoming as many as possible from around the diocese into SMH over the next few months – and especially at the grand opening day of events on Friday 10th June. What’s it all about? As so many will have heard me say over the past couple of years – it’s about Love in Action, in many different ways. Divine love, shown in human actions, calling for response. In the words of the priest and poet, George Herbert – “Love bade me welcome... I did sit and eat”. Pete Hobson The new address replacing Church House, is St Martins House 7 Peacock Lane Leicester LE1 5PZ 0116 261 5200 Below, Bishop Tim and Pete Hobson take in the renovated Grand Hall. Right, the St Martins House sign is hung.

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13/01/2011 14:26:09

“Energising” “Exciting” “Challenging”. Just three responses to a paper, followed by a debate, followed by a momentous decision taken by the Church of England in Leicester and Leicestershire last November. The energy, excitement and challenge was generated by a vision for our engagement in ‘Fresh Expressions of Church’. The phrase ‘Fresh Expressions’ is often used, but it is clear many questions remain about what they are, why they are needed and what we do with them…. ‘How does the Church of England respond to challenging trends within wider society?’ was the question posed during the debate. Three trends in particular were noted as posing particular challenges to church in the style we have inherited: • more and more people relating through networks of friends and common interests (rather than mostly only geographically as in years gone by); • more and more people knowing less and less about Christianity; and • a decline in, what some have called, modernity and increase in post-modernity - in reality this shows itself in that the litmus test of faith for an increasing number of people is ‘does it work’ rather than ‘is it true’. So, alongside the host of exciting mission initiatives being developed in our three hundred parish based churches, it was agreed that Fresh Expressions of Church are a further key ingredient in seeing communities of people, especially some people the church has historically been less effective at impacting, come to know and experience more of the good news of God revealed in Jesus Christ.

So, what are ‘Fresh Expressions’? Rather than the church serving those who aren’t yet Christians where they are and then, if interested, inviting them to come to join ‘inherited’ church, Fresh Expressions of Church are about forming church where people are – journeying together with them and forming, in time, a new worshipping community. Examples of Fresh Expressions in or near to Leicestershire include café churches, art or sports based churches, ones with young families such as Messy Church, new monastic communities, youth expressions of church, workplace church and many more. It’s about starting a new church, rather than expecting when people ‘grow up in faith’ they will come to church as it is now. The Spirit of God seems to be using fresh expressions to help grow the Kingdom in rural and urban, amongst young and old. The name might be relatively new, but what they describe is as old as the Church of Christ itself. Fresh Expressions of Church are not designed to replace existing ‘inherited’ churches but complement them in a genuine partnership where neither is superior, but both are equally valid forms of working towards the same aim, both learning from and with each other. We see the seeds of this today, but the hope of the vision is that it might grow such that in twenty years we might see as many maturing fresh expressions of church as inherited ones. How might this happen? The journey of Fresh Expressions is long and often hard. To help those involved, Diocesan Synod (the Church of England’s ‘parliament’ in the area) voted overwhelming to endorse three things:

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for more information on Shaped by God visit Barry can be contacted at Barry.Hill@leccofe .org or 0116 248 7411 13/01/2011 14:26:09

1. A new category of license – ‘Pioneer Minister’ Most fresh expressions are likely to be led by teams of lay people rather than clergy and by volunteers rather than paid staff. The commitment made today is to train these Pioneer Ministers (and pay for that training), to give ‘power to their elbow’ within inherited church by the Bishop licensing them, to give them an annual grant to finance their development, and to develop learning and support networks. The cost will grow, but relative to the whole diocesan budget in 2011, this only amounts to one tenth of one percent - but will make a big difference to those involved. This fits with the recent re-launch of Mission Shaped Ministry, an 18 month training course across the Church of England and Methodist Church in Leicestershire & Northamptonshire. 60 potential pioneers are on that course at the moment. 2. A new, ecumenical, strategy and delivery team Comprising of a dozen people drawn from denominational leaders (including the Bishop of Leicester), those resourcing fresh expressions and a good number of practitioners, this team will steer, encourage and support fresh expressions as they grow and mature. It meets first this month. 3. Increased Engagement Finally, Synod called on local churches, Mission Partnerships & Deaneries to consider how they might be part of this emerging vision. To read the full envisioning and strategy document, which includes a host of frequently asked questions’ go to and click on ‘Shaped by God’ and then ‘Fresh Expressions’ or call Barry Hill on 0116 248 7435 to have a copy posted to you. Thi/ ]’/’ kj kjn is a bold & challenging vision for the future of Fresh Expressions in our city and county. In our human power it is not possible, but with the Spirit of God at work we believe it is. As the psalmist writes, “Unless the Lord builds the house, its builders labour in vain.” Please pray for this vision and consider whether the Lord might be calling you to be part of it. For more details on the diocesan vision for mission, Shaped by God, in general or Fresh Expressions in particular contact or or call 0116 248 7435

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13/01/2011 14:26:09

Wish on a star:

what happens to the presents There was a terrific response from parishes across the Diocese to the annual ‘Wish on a Star’ appeal for Christmas gifts to go to those less fortunate. About a thousand presents were received. However, several people have asked where the gifts go to? As in the last two years, the gifts were distributed via FareShare Leicester at its pre-Christmas distribution. They are sorted by gender and age category to try and match the requests. This year, 19 of the 22 member groups collected food and gifts. They are helping people in the City and County who are:• on low or no wage, especially where children or young people are at risk • asylum seekers, failed asylum seekers, refugees, • homeless, or vulnerably housed • vulnerable elderly • at risk due to mental health problems, learning difficulties, or HIV/AIDS • women and children affected by domestic violence • street workers in the sex industry One family sent this thank you note to their local organiser: “With much gratitude we want to thank you for the food and Christmas gifts. In our darkest hour you were our light. We wish you all the best God has to offer and good health.” Peter Yates, Director of Social Responsibility said, “I would like to thank the people of Leicestershire for their amazing generosity in support of the Star scheme and FareShare.

Some have asked why the appeal has been so successful? The answer may lie in the economic downturn where the needs of the poorest are even more apparent and so wanting to help those ‘at the bottom of the pile’. It may have been the terrible weather which brought the needs of the destitute to the fore”. He added, “Whatever the reasons, we’re very grateful for this result as it means that we were able to help more people in need this year. Our work goes on all year round; it doesn’t have to be Christmas to help us! You can support those in need at any time.” John Willetts, Project Director, FareShare Leicester said, “It’s a wonderful response and would be even better if more churches to took part next year; then we could meet more need. We would be grateful for more gifts for adults. Everyone thinks of children at Christmas but men and women who have nothing appreciate gifts too.” For further information, contact John Willetts, Project Director, FareShare Leicester on 07867 527 063

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13/01/2011 14:26:10

crossing the threshold

crossing the threshold Launde Abbey

St Martins House

30th May 2011

10th June 2011

the restored and renewed retreat house serving the Dioceses of Leicester and Peterborough for a day of activities for young and old, including a service of thanksgiving, entertainment for children, guest speakers, music and tours of the building

a Church of England Centre of Hospitality, Outreach and Service for Leicester and Leicestershire

for the official opening of St Martins House, including tours of the building, worship in the Cathedral and entertainment

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13/01/2011 14:26:10

Sponsored by Ecclesiastical Insurance Group

Can you produce an ad that encourages shoppers to buy The Real Easter Egg? You could win £1000 for your church or school, £500 for yourself, and have your work appear on bus stops, the radio or online. Out of 80 million Easter Eggs sold in the UK every year, The Real Easter Egg is the first and only Fairtrade chocolate Easter egg to mention Jesus and the events of Holy Week on the box. Sales will benefit Traidcraft and Babylifeline.

Prizes £1000 for the winning entry and £500 for personal use Five runner-up prizes of £200 Each winner will also receive 6 Real Easter Eggs The winning entry will be professionally produced or released online You can read more about the competition and download the application form at Competition closes 14th March 2011

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13/01/2011 14:26:13 launched in January filled with new features for clergy, office holders and visitors The new Church of England website went live in January with a range of new features and the usual teething problems associated with any new site. Visitors looking for information about weddings, baptisms and funerals can find these more easily, and other popular features such as news, prayer, liturgy and links to the Archbishops have been made more prominent. The A-Z Views is an easy-access way to find existing briefings, consultation documents and Synod motions on issues that the Church has spoken into. The multi-media section has been updated, and search facilities to help visitors ‘Find your Local Church’ and nearest church school are prominent on the site.

A special section for clergy and office holders provides key information for those within the Church. Feedback on the new site is welcome to All National Church Institutions email addresses (excluding those with, and have changed to firstname. Outgoing mail will automatically be sent as from this address. Mail addressed to will continue to be delivered for the foreseeable future. Any webmasters who link to the old site will need to redirect their links in the next month or so.

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13/01/2011 14:26:13

Charles James Organs Organ Building & Tuning Services

Contact: Iain Harvey Dexter Lane Littleport ELY Cambridgeshire CB6 1GE 07788726599 Accredited Business Member of the Institute of British Organ Building

Concerned about paying for the costs of Long Term Care? Contact us today for independent advice and your FREE Long Term Care guide. Call Scott Gallacher on 0116 282 2177, or e-mail Rowley Turton (IFA) Limited, 6 Dominus Way, Leicester LE19 1RP.

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13/01/2011 14:26:15

St Mary’s Humberstone Church Hall The possibility of St. Mary’s Church Hall having to be sold was reported in October. However, at a special PCC meeting in December the threat of St. Mary’s Humberstone Church Hall being sold was lifted. Roy Kirk has taken over (again) as Bookings Secretary and is leading a team to raise the profile of this excellent facility. We would be particularly pleased to offer it as a venue for church functions in the Diocese. For more details, to make a booking or to arrange to come and see the Hall telephone Roy on 0116 276 6646. It can seat 120 people, has disabled toilet and baby changing facilities, a well fitted kitchen and an excellent raised, curtained stage with two side changing areas. There is car parking for 15 cars on site.

Do your community facilities need a facelift? Have an outdoor area that needs some ‘oomph?’ Are you a charity or voluntary/community group that needs some practical help? We are seeking Team Challenges - practical projects that can be completed in a day – for our teams of business volunteers to tackle. Examples of Challenges include indoor projects such as giving a tired, wellused room a makeover and lick of paint, and outdoor challenges such as helping create a garden area or clear woodland in a nature reserve. In most cases Team Challenges provide volunteer power for a project, however some teams may also have access to resources to help complete a challenge. Most businesses encourage general team-building activities amongst their employees. Team Challenges are a great opportunity for such activities as well as a chance for staff to give something back to their local community, have a positive impact on an organisation or area, and leave something sustainable behind. If you have a possible Team Challenge, please contact us to arrange for a staff member to visit and discuss what is required. Short profiles of all available Team Challenges are promoted to Leicestershire Cares member businesses for employee volunteers to choose which to take up. Katharine or Carrie on 0116 2756469. E: or

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13/01/2011 14:26:15

Annual Vocations Day Saturday 12th March, 9.30am 3.30pm At St Paul’s, Hamble Road, Oadby The annual vocations day provides an opportunity to look at some of the authorised ministries in the Diocese (such as Ordained Minister, Reader, Pastoral Assistant, Evangelist , Working with Children and Young People ) as well as some specialist ministries such as Fresh Expressions, Spiritual Direction or Interfaith Work and the wider issue of discerning God’s will. There is plenty of room for asking questions and exploring a sense of calling, and a book stall will be available with helpful resources (10% discount, cheques or cash only). The keynote speaker will be Revd Mark Norris who is the Leadership and Development Advisor for CPAS. He brings experience as a former Vocations Advisor and assistant Diocesan Director of Ordinands in the Liverpool Diocese, as well as expertise in working in partnership with Diocese in order to support and resource ministry and leadership. Project1:Layout 1 16/6/10 11:21 Page 1 To book your place contact Claire Stapleton,

Independent financial advice from a company you can trust For straightforward advice on � Savings � Investments � Protection � Retirement Contact Darrel Foulk, Independent Financial Adviser for Leicester Diocese and area

01295 256 715 direct tel 07730 672 353 mobile

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Darrel Foulk Independent Financial Adviser

13/01/2011 14:26:17

The Bishop announces ...the death of The Revd Diana Fisher who had Permission to Officiate and was the retired Rector of Hallaton with Horninghold and Allexton, Tugby and East Norton and Slawston. ...the appointment of The Revd Bonnie Evans-Hills Assistant Curate, the Oadby Team Ministry ...the death of The Revd Canon Norman Crowe, former Vicar of St Dionysius. ...the appointment of The Revd Vince Jupp Rector of the Parish of Birstall and Wanlip ...the appointment of Mads Morgan as Youth Ministry Officer for the Diocese, working out of the Mission and Ministry Department. ...the appointment of The Revd Jerry Taylor as the new Mission Partnership Convenor for the Enderby and Thurlaston Mission Partnership.

New Years Hounours Following the publication of the New Year’s Honours list congratulations are in order for: The Reverend Canon Andrew Wingate who receives an OBE for inter-faith relations and to the community in Leicester. Andrew retired during 2010 as the founding director of St Philip’s Centre and the Director of Interfaith. Revd Canon Dr John Hall, the present Director of St Philip’s Centre said, “Andrew’s recognition is well deserved. He was the tireless driving force and visionary inspiration behind the creation of

... the appointment of The Revd David McDonough, Rector of Anstey and Thurcaston with Cropston. Collation Tuesday 15 February at 7.30pm by Bishop Tim at All Saints’ Church, Thurcaston ...that The Revd Lesley Butler has resigned from her Curacy in the Benefice of Emmanuel Loughborough and St Mary in Charnwood, with immediate effect. ...the appointment of The Revd Pete Hobson as Director of St Martins House. ... the appointment of The Revd Christine Coldicott, as NSM Assistant Priest in The Fosse Team Benefice. Licensing on Sunday 6 February at 6.30 pm at St Peter and St Paul, Syston. The retirement of The Revd Ken Baker on January 31st

St Philip’s Centre which is now a leading centre nationally and internationally for interfaith dialogue and action. Throughout his ministry as a Priest in the Church of England, Andrew endeavoured to build good relationships with other faith communities and I’m sure everyone who has worked with Andrew would join me in my congratulations”. Dr David Wilson, from Lowesby, who receives a CBE for his services to young people. David is an Honorary Canon and a major benefactor of Leicester Cathedral having funded the building of the Visitor Centre and provided very significant funding for the St Martin’s House refurbishment.

15 NVfebruary.indd 15

13/01/2011 14:26:17

Presence & Engagement in a Multi Faith World Wednesday 2nd February Also 9th & 16th February .This course is for three full days and is aimed primarily at Christians working in inter faith situations, but all who are interested are welcome. Free for members of the Anglican Diocese of Leicester, otherwise £120 (includes lunches).For enquiries and bookings, contact St Philip’s Centre on 0116 2733459 or email Cross, Crescent and Cool day Thursday 3rd February The Christian Muslim Forum is running this training day to help people run events that bring together Christian and Muslim young people. The event is being held at St Philips Centre at a cost of £20. Coffee Morning, St Margarets Saturday 5th February St. Margaret’s Church, Leicester. 10 am - 12 noon. Coffee Morning - lots of stalls admission free. Refreshments available. St Valentine Trancendence Service Sunday 13th February Leicester Cathedral. Service starts at 4.00pm Refreshments available from 3:15pm A Traditional service with a modern twist.. Lunchtime Recital, St Margaret’s Thursday 24th February St, Margaret’s Church, Leicester. 1 pm - 1.45 pm The Southampton Youth Concert Sinfonia Admission free - tea and coffee provided

Leicestershire Chorale Concert Saturday 26th February Rise up, my Love! St Mary’s Church, Lutterworth 7.30pm. From Palestrina and Schutz to Howard Skempton and James Weeks, this will be a vivid musical journey not to be missed. Tickets on the door £10, £5 NUS and £1 U18. Open Gardens in aid of Chalet Holidays Funds Sunday 27th February Refreshments will be sold in aid of the Mother’s Union Chalet Holidays when two gardens in Burbage, Nr. Hinckley, open their gardens (N.G.S) for Snowdrops and Hellebores 11.00am until 4.00pm. Entrance is £3. Details from:- Don and Mary Baker, 7 Hall Road, Burbage LE10 2LU. 01455 635616 or Mr. and Mrs. Dawkins, 6 Denis Road, Burbage. The gardens are sign posted “National Garden Society” on the B4109 from the M69 Junction 1 to Hinckley. Divorce Recovery Workshop Monday 28th February Time 7.30 - 9.30pm. The Workshop runs weekly on 6 Monday evenings and is for anyone going through the trauma of separation or divorce, at any stage. For further details contact Val 0116 2101702 or Graham 0116 2241220

Collegium Regale, Kings College Choir, at Leicester Cathedral. Tuesday 5th April

7.30pm Tickets £15/£10



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