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This Month 3. Christ is Risen 4. St Martin’s House 5. Canon Andrew Wingate 6. Question Teen 7. Shaped by God 8. Revd Jeff Hopewell in Orissa 10. Say One For Me, Vicar 11. Secret Millionaire 12. A FareShare Volunteer 13. Mathew Hulbert 15. Comings and Goings 16. Diary Dates

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Holy Week Eucharist’s with Homily

Preacher: Canon Dr Judith Maltby 19.00 Prayers with Songs from Taize 19.00 Liturgy of the Passion at St Nicholas

Please note this is in addition to the regular Cathedral service weekday pattern

Sat 3 April Holy Saturday

Holy Week at Leicester Cathedral Mon 29 Mar 19.00 Cathedral Tue 30 Mar 19.00 St Nicholas Wed 31 Mar 19.00 St Margaret’s

10.00-12.00 Help plant/build an Easter Garden in the Cathedral Precincts

Thurs 1 April Maundy Thursday

11.00 Chrism Eucharist 19.30 Eucharist of the Last Supper with foot washing and vigil until 21.00 Preacher: Canon Dr Judith Maltby Canon Theologian, Chaplain and Fellow of Corpus Christi College, Reader in Church History at the University of Oxford

Sun 4 April Easter Sunday

Fri 2 April Good Friday

Leicester Cathedral Peacock Lane, Leicester LE1 5DE 0116 248 7400 www.

06.00 Easter Vigil with Baptism, Confirmation and Eucharist led by the Bishop of Leicester 10.30 Festal Eucharist Preacher: Bishop of Leicester 16.00 Festal Choral Evensong

10.00-12.00 Christ in the Centre St Peter’s Square, Highcross & Humberstone Gate. See 12.00-15.00 The Preaching of the Cross in three one hour sections


Christ is Risen! That is the claim of every Christian at Easter. It will be proclaimed in every church, cathedral, in every chapel and in every Christian gathering around the world at Easter time. It will be proclaimed in our own cathedral as the newly baptised and confirmed gather at dawn on Easter Day.

and the summons to peace will sound more sweetly. Our task is to speak of the liberating and healing news that the risen Jesus is the world’s true Lord; that He has broken the power and tyranny of evil and now gives to us His followers the task of living out that victory in the face of everything that challenges us.

What is the claim we make when we say Christ is risen? Is this just a personal claim for Christians about the new spiritual life which arises when people live by faith in the Resurrection? It certainly is that, but it is more than that.

“Christ is risen”! That claim changes the whole landscape – it helps us to see all the issues, questions and debates in the forthcoming Election in the light of the lordship of Christ. And it means that our prayers, our reflections and our personal political commitments are all part of our discipleship as the followers of the risen Christ. May He guide us and bless us and all who stand for election to Parliament in the coming days.

To say “Christ is risen” is to claim the lordship of the risen Christ over all human affairs and over all of creation. The Bishop of Durham has written: “The Resurrection changes the political landscape as well as the personal landscape.”

This year the celebration of Easter takes place in the final weeks before a General Election. There is greater scepticism about our political processes than ever before. Many young people have lost confidence in democracy as a way of delivering their hopes and longings for the world. We face a huge financial challenge and the significant danger of the poorest of the poor carrying the heaviest burdens for an indebted country. Yet “Christ is risen!” We claim that in the midst of everything that human beings can damage, destroy or distort Jesus Christ is rising from the dead. Therefore the Church has a vocation to create a climate of opinion in which the cry of the poor can be heard more easily


News The picture by Laura Poynton-Smith of St Cuthbert’s primary school, Great Glen, will be on display in the foyer of St Martin’s House when it opens at the beginning of 2011, along with six runners up.

St Martin’s House a new centre for outreach After two years of praying, dreaming, planning and sheer hard work since the possibility of buying the old grammar school came over the horizon, contractors move on site after Easter, and the transformation work begins. Transformation of a building that we intend will lead to transformation of our Christian presence at the heart of the city. St Martin’s House draws its name from the Cathedral next door – and its inspiration from St Martin, who in cutting his cloak in two to clothe a beggar tells us that we are bound to share what we have and create with those in need. As Bishop Tim said, announcing the news: “In the midst of the recession I am delighted that we have been able to announce the creation of this new Centre. I hope that St Martin’s House will be a transforming presence for the people of the city and county as it provides a base for work amongst some of the most vulnerable in our city and offer a generous welcome to those who use the building and its services”.

If you want to know more about the progress of the project as it develops, ask the person in your parish or benefice who receives the monthly Update, or check the website at And if you don’t have a parish rep, ask your vicar, ‘Why not?’

We’re also delighted to announce the winner of our art competition for church schools.

Pete Hobson Project Director


Canon Andrew Wingate reflects on his Interfaith work and the St Philip’s Centre In 2000 Bishop Tim invited me to work in Leicester. Previously I had taught future pastors in Madurai, the most Hindu city of South India, and then for many years in Birmingham.

It is a Christian ecumenical Centre, unusually it includes the RC Diocese and the Baptist Union, as well as Anglican, Methodist and URC, with eight full time equivalent staff, including two Muslims and a Hindu.

The eighties and nineties were when the other faiths of this second city had moved from being ‘immigrants’ or ‘Pakistanis’ or ‘Indians’, to being British Muslims, Sikhs or Hindus, and places of prayer in houses, became major mosques and temples. In India and Birmingham, I developed a strong interest in inter faith dialogue, and introduced my students to it as a way of training future clergy to be articulate about their own faith, as well as learning of the faith of others.

There are many courses and programmes, from inter faith sport, to MA in Interreligious relations, from Muslim-Christian dialogue groups, to training courses for police, council workers, health workers etc. For details, see the web site www. or contact the Centre on 0116 2733459. For example, Unfamiliar Journey, a six week evening class, now completed in 25 locations in city and county.

In Leicester, I entered into the heritage of outstanding Anglican predecessors such as Archdeacon David Silk and Michael Ipgrave, as well as outstanding Methodist pioneers who ministered here. I found the long standing Leicester and Loughborough Councils of Faiths, and the most multi faith city outside London, with Hindus, Muslims and Sikhs in a unique balance, with, unusually, Hindus as the largest proportion.

My successor, Dr John Hall, will inherit a first class staff, and I wish him well at the next stage of development of a local, national and European Centre of which Leicester Diocese can be very proud. Prince Charles visited in 2008, and spoke of ‘being full of admiration for the effort and trouble, love and devotion’, that resided at the heart of the Centre. ‘I have seen evidence,’ he said, ‘of a living example of unity through diversity at work in real action and dedicated people. This is a model for other places to emulate.’

From the events of 9/11 and 7/7 came the Faith Leader’s Forum, convened at Bishop’s Lodge, which has matured now to be a flexible organisation able to respond to crises, local, national and international, and provide a forum for ongoing reflection. These years have seen the rapid development of the St Philip’s Centre, based in the parish with the eighth fewest named Christians in Britain, in the 2001 census.

Canon Dr Andrew Wingate


On April 22nd, young people from all over Leicester and Leicestershire will gather at Emmanuel, Loughborough to quiz politicians on relevant issues for young people today. Conservative Shadow Attorney General and the MP for Harborough Edward Garnier will be there as well as the Labour MP for Loughborough, Andy Reid. Both Mr. Reed and Mr. Garnier are expected to be joined by representatives from the Lib Dems, and The Green where politicans listen to you!! Party to answer questions from young Emmanuel Church, Forest people and to take part in activities Road, Loughborough about young people and their real lives Thursday April 22nd and real experiences. 7.30PM The event will also feature young people Free Entry from the Bishop’s Youth Council, and Bishop Tim will be joining the MP’s on in advance so stage. Adults are permitted to attend the You must register at: sign up to book your place event, but all questions and interaction EEN will be with the young people who are NT IO ST UE /Q OM .C 4L YP present. for more ring Robin Rolls 07540823972 Though the event is free, tickets must be obtained to allow entry, and tickets can be obtained online only from: questionteen.indd 1

05/03/2010 09:28:37

‘Moggy in the Wood’. A strange name. It’s actually a local ceilidh band.

Faire News, h e l p e d by selling tickets for us.

One of its members recently approached St Peter’s to ask for assistance to stage a barn dance/ceilidh, as they would like to provide the entertainment, giving their talents free of charge, in order to raise funds for the Haiti appeal.

The dance took place on 19th February, a good time was had by all and, including some donations, £346.50 was raised, all of which will be sent to the Disasters Emergency Committee.

The church responded by providing the venue, the Church Centre, free of charge, helping with publicity and finding volunteers to run the event on the evening. Two Glenfield shops, Glenfield Travel and

A big thank you to the band - ‘Moggy in the Wood’, the caller- Dave Mottram, the volunteers, those who supported the event and all those who helped the night go with a swing.

Haiti Hoe-down


The Diocese was recently invited to be part of a pioneering piece of work on behalf of The Weddings Project (a national initiative commissioned by the Archbishops’ Council in 2007). The Project aims to attract more couples to choose a church wedding, to build in the general public a growing sense that the Church of England is an enthusiastic believer in marriage and to help clergy to provide the kind of care for couples that ensures they have an excellent experience before during and after the service itself, would recommend a church wedding to others and want to remain or become part of the church community. The Wedding Project team conducted extensive research, polling the general population and working intensively with over 600 couples across several diocese; the findings are fascinating, encouraging and challenging. The research revealed that the vast majority of couples rated their church wedding highly and that the relationship with the priest concerned in preparation beforehand and on the day itself was a major factor in their satisfaction. But having felt positive towards the Church at the time many felt the lack of any follow up or further contact meant they hadn’t sustained the sort of connection they would have liked. The research also highlighted some ways this could be improved, without overly burdening often already busy clergy. The Church of England is vastly experienced (and good) in its marriage ministry but we have done little until now to understand its strategic importance in our wider mission, what couples would find helpful in marriage being a springboard to further engagement with the church community, or how to support appropriately with useful resources those engaged in it. As so in early March a group of selected clergy from several churches throughout the Diocese were invited to take part in a two day intensive course, delivered by the national weddings team. The clergy, and some administrators, represented those churches who perform the highest number of wedding services, currently 16% of our churches (26 churches) conduct 50% of the weddings. The story of the Project so far was explained, and the perspective, guidance and participation of those attending was invited to shape the material to support good practice in the wider marriage ministry in the Church of England. A further one day event is planned for all the Clergy of the Diocese in May to further share the story of how weddings can help in our wider mission. You can also find out more by visiting for more information on Shaped by God visit and click on Shaped by God. Barry can be contacted at Barry.Hill@leccofe .org or 0116 248 7411


The mixed fortunes of Christians in Orissa Jeff and Margaret from the Diocese of “Escisper� being welcomed at the Emmanuel Boys Hostel.

The Revd Jeff Hopewell, with his wife, Margaret, spent a fortnight in Orissa over the first two weeks of February with the Bishop of Phulbani (Church of North India). Having visited the Diocese of Phulbani twice before I wanted to return to see how people were faring since the violence of Christmas and New Year 2007/8 and August 2008. We were the first foreign visitors to come in the aftermath of the terrible murders and destruction and our presence was greeted warmly by the people as a sign that they were not forgotten by the outside world. Our first visit was to the slums of Bhubaneshwar, the capital of the state of Orissa, to meet one of the pastors who had fled from his village and did not dare return. Many displaced families live

All that remains of the church at Gandagiri, in front of which Gopal Nayak was murdered.


here and in the second city of the state, Berhampur, fending for themselves as best they can. In the hill country, where the Diocese is situated, there are still 910 Church of North India families living under canvas or plastic in make-shift camps and many Roman Catholics, Pentecostals and Baptists besides.

Jeff being welcomed to Jaseka. way in which those who have lost so much can earn a small income for themselves perhaps by keeping livestock or acquiring some craft skills. We are discussing with the Bishop how we might be able to help.

In a few places they are beginning to rebuild their homes and lives but in others their former neighbours threaten them if they try to work their land, draw water from the stream or gather wood from the forest. Many of the men are discriminated against and are refused work as day labourers. We met some of these families and heard their stories of intimidation and hardship. To make matters worse three villages, including their churches, were demolished last August by rampaging elephants.

Jeff Hopewell

Elsewhere, however, in parts of the Diocese that were less affected, life is pretty well back to normal. We were noisily welcomed as guests at a Pastorate Convention (think Deanery Festival) and I preached to an estimated crowd of 3,000. Two new hostels have been started to give children from more far-flung villages an education. A new pastorate bungalow has been built in the Rayagada district where the church continues to increase in numbers. It is not all doom and gloom but it is becoming increasingly urgent to find some

Christians in the slums of Bhubaneshwar tell their story.


Say One For Me, Vicar for Me’ it was hoped to build on that desire for prayer by both showing people God’s love in action through His people, and, via the Bishop, to help connect them with a local worshipping community. Offering prayer as part of our mission of course isn’t either new or limited to the Bishop! In recent times, churches in Loughborough have joined together to offer ‘free prayer’ at a council organising party in the park, and churches from the Woodfield Mission Partnership have had a stall at a car boot sale under the banner ‘your local church’ in similar vein. It’s easy to set-up, costs nothing, doesn’t require a theology degree to organise, can be a very powerful example of showing people God’s love in action and can lead to some very helpful conversations. Clergy are likely used to people shouting ‘say one for me’ as they cross the road or pop into the local shop. In this vein, the Bishop of Leicester, Tim Stevens spent a morning recently with a team of local Christians from Market Harborough offering people to follow through on their shouts.

Why not think where it might be appropriate where you live?!

Armed with a pile of prayer cards, pens and a box to collect prayer requests in, they hit the streets outside the town centre church to invite people to share what they would value prayer for – and to be promised that the team would pray through these requests both later in the day and in the weeks following. Despite it being a cold and wet morning, many people stopped to chat, and share their requests for prayer, including some very personal and moving requests.

A coach will leave for Taizé at lunch time on Saturday the 14th of August. It will return in the early hours of Monday 23rd August.

A recent survey for The Sun newspaper found the same results as other similar surveys, around two in three adults in Britain pray regularly. Through ‘Say One


If you’d like to add your prayer then visit

Taizé 2010

For more details contact Revd Jonnie Parkin on 01858 469109 or check out the Leicester Diocese Taizé Facebook Group http://www.facebook. com/group.php?gid=4165183434

The Fresh Start Project given kick start by Secret Millionaire

A PROJECT that provides a lifeline to destitute female asylum seekers in Leicester has become a reality, with help from Channel 4’s ‘Secret Millionaire’. The Fresh Start Project will be launched in the next few months following a televised donation of £15,000 by Jahan Abedi, a multi-millionaire who made his fortune in property and who is the son of Iranian immigrants. Fresh Start will be run by Refugee Action, and is receiving extra funding and support from the British Red Cross, the Diocese of Leicester, a Church Urban Fund Mustard Seed grant and the Tudor Trust. Mr Abedi was moved by the plight of homeless refused asylum seekers who were too afraid to return to their countries and felt their cases had not been properly heard. He met with Aidan Hallett, Deputy Manager of Refugee Action in Leicester, and was keen to help fund a project which could provide a solution to the desperate situations of the people he met.

Aidan said: “We were surprised but extremely grateful when we realised Jahan was actually a millionaire and wanted to help people who were in this vulnerable state. He agreed with us that it is not acceptable to leave vulnerable women on the streets and was keen to provide some support. The Fresh Start Project aims to help those who have fallen through the net and make sure they are reintegrated into the asylum system. The project will employ a support worker and recruit specialist volunteers to help the residents work through their cases and find a sustainable solution, whether that is obtaining some form of status or returning to their countries voluntarily. Guaranteeing six months of accommodation and support will provide the breathing space people need to think seriously about what options they have and make decisions.” Aidan added: “We want to see sustainable solutions to this devastating problem so that there are fewer people on the streets of our cities and more who are either gaining protection or returning home voluntarily. Thanks to The Secret Millionaire, this important issue will get the attention and the support it deserves.” Fresh Start still needs your help so please get in touch with Aidan at or 0116 261 6205.


British Standards require all Lightning Protection Systems and Earth Installations, to be tested annually. Site recommendations and Quotations provided. Testing and Certification to BS 6651& BSEN 62305. BARSBY LIGHTNING PROTECTION also undertake:- Roof and Guttering repairs, Pointing, Stonework, Anti-Vandal Guards & Anti-Vandal Paint-works. CONTACT: CHRISTOPHER BARSBY ON TEL: 07798 751051 or 01455 208229.


I never dreamt that, in retirement, I might become ‘a white-van man’! I was attracted to do so by an appeal in DioMail in 2008 for ‘volunteer drivers’ for a new FareShare venture in Leicester. Knowing nothing of FareShare, I met the Project Director in Leicester and from there drove with him (Yes! – in a white van!) to a warehouse in Birmingham. The warehouse was stacked high with packages, tins, jars, sachets and boxes of food, still within ‘sell by’ dates, surplus to the requirements of various supermarkets; donated to FareShare rather than being dumped in land-fill. In the loaded van, we returned to Leicester; to be met at St Paul’s Church Centre by many volunteers from the Community Food Members* who collected and distributed the food for those in need in Leicester and surroundings. Seeing the range of organisations involved and talking to their volunteers, I was hooked!

So now, once-a-month, I collect my white van in Leicester, pick up food from FareShare warehouses in Birmingham or Bristol and return to Leicester for distribution. With no warehouse space of its own and without chilled storage facilities, FareShare Leicester is limited in the volume and type of food it can take. Hence it is this year’s ‘cause’ for the Bishop’s Lent Appeal. Bishop Tim says:- “May I ask this Lent that you support my Lent Appeal for FareShare Leicester. Presently it operates one day a week and has no premises. However, in 2009, it redistributed almost 50 tonnes of food via its 20 Community Food Member groups. This contributed to almost 120,000 meals for the most vulnerable people in our city and County.” I wholeheartedly endorse this appeal. Malcolm Owen, Bottesford *Community Food Members are:Age Concern, Red Cross Refugee & Asylum Seeker Project, Leicester Aids Support Service, The Women’s Welcome Project, Social Services Emergency Duty Team, Loughborough Women’s Aid ---- and 14 more!


A FareShare volunteer driver’s story

Be the change you want to see! Follow Mathew on Twitter at:

truly now over.

In many ways I’m happier than I’ve ever been, despite just having been through a tough year, but equally I feel like my youth is

And, it seems to me, there are two ways to respond to this kind of event in your life; you can either decide ‘that’s me, I’m done with trying’ or you can say ‘this is the start of an exciting new chapter in my life and I’m going to use it to bless God and serve my community.’ I, for one, choose the latter. I’ve got a really neat little book called ‘The Everyday Activist.’ (ISBN number: 978-07522-2635-4 It’s written by Michael Norton and is full of useful tips and information about how, whether in small or big ways, we can change the world for the better. Whether it be helping to save the environment by turning your TV off standby when you go to bed or setting up a soup kitchen for local homeless people or sponsoring a child in the Developing World to go to school.

Jesus was a doer, He was a man who changed the world for the better each day during his ministry. Whatever your age, don’t wait for someone else to do the hard work. Be the change the world needs to see. That’s my plan from now on, anyway. Mathew Hulbert email:


AT THE end of February I turned 30 and I have mixed feelings about it.

ME EVERYONE WELCO It doesn’t matter if you haven’t played before, tennis & squash rackets can be provided.

Sunday 18th April 10.30am - 12.30pm 4 WESTERNHAY RD (OFF KNIGHTON RD)


01162 2708813

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4/3/10 14:32:37

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Comings & Goings The Bishop announces... ...that the licensing date for the appointment of the Revd Anne Stratton, Curate NSM in the Benefice of the Bradgate Team – Ratby cum Groby with Newtown Linford as Priest-in-Charge of St Peter’s, Belper in the Derby Diocese will be 22 April at St Peter’s, Belper. ...the appointment of the Revd Simon Harvey, Team Vicar, St Paul’s Church, Oadby as Vicar of the benefice of St Mary, Islington in the Diocese of London. The institution service is Thursday 15 July at 8pm ...that Revd Elaine Matthews-Loydall, Chaplain to Deaf People and Team Vicar in the Holy Spirit Benefice, will conclude her time in these roles with effect from 14 April 2010.

...the appointment of the Revd Geoffrey Spencer, Priest in Charge, Church Langton cum Tur Langton, Thorpe Langton and Shangton, Billesdon cum Goadby and Rolleston and Skeffington as Priest in Charge of the benefice of Mundford with Ickburgh and Cranwich in the Diocese of Norwich. Licensing will take place at St Leonard’s church in Mundford on 4 July. ...the appointment of the Revd Terri Skinner, Assistant Minister (House for Duty) in the Benefice of Thorpe Acre with Dishley as House for Duty, Priest in Charge in the Benefice of St Theodore of Canterbury in the City of Leicester Deanery. The date of the service of licensing will be confirmed in due course.

...the appointment of the Revd Philip Watson, Vicar of St Luke’s, Leicester as Rector of the Benefice of Barwell, cum Stapleton, and Potters Marston.

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3/18/09 3:29:07 PM


Diary Dates Sonrise Service Event Date: Sunday April 4th at 6.30am. All Christians in the Charnwood Forest area are invited to join in an act of praise and witness to the living Lord Jesus Christ on Beacon Hill (off the B591) Woodhouse Eaves (by kind permission of Leicestershire County Council) Further details are available from either - Rev. John Davies, Quorn Baptist Church, 01509 621409 email: or Rev. Howard Ketton, Charnwood Road Baptist Church Shepshed 01509 503382 email: Thomas Merton Conference The Night Spirit and the Dawn Air Event Date: Friday 9th April to Sunday 11th. All are welcome to the Thomas Merton Society’s 8th general meeting and biennial conference. Oakham School Rutland To book, or for further details, please visit the website or contact the booking secretary: Divorce Recovery Workshop Event Date: Tuesday 13th April The Workshop, which will be held at the Friends Meeting House, Queens Road, Leicester on six Tuesday evenings in April and May is for anyone going through any stage of separation or divorce. For further details contact Val 0116 2101702 or Graham 0116 2241220 Leicester Far and Near Club Inaugural Lecture Event Date: Thursday 15 April at 6.15pm. The Bishop, Dean and Chapter invite you to the Leicester Far and Near Club Inaugural Lecture at the Cathedral. Revd Canon Dr Giles Fraser, Canon Chancellor of St Paul’s Cathedral, London will discuss the ethics of war, particularly in Afghanistan. Followed by questions and a drinks reception. Admission Free. Parking in public car parks. Further information from Canon David Monteith at the Cathedral Centre, 0116 2487 400. Concert in aid of Mother’s Union Worldwide Funds Event Date: Friday 16th April From 7.30pm. In concert, The John Cleveland Band with Eric Darlington at Holy Trinity Church, Hinckley. Tickets are £6 and available from Sheila Ashley 01455 239690 Promises and Presents Auction Event Date: Saturday 17th April Church and community members have donated promises of their time & talents, and gifts to be auctioned by professional auctioneers (thanks to Hastings Auctions) at Christ Church, London Road, Coalville LE67 3JA. Viewing 10 – 12noon, Auction 2 – 4pm. Refreshments available. Auction to include: a weekend holiday cottage in Snettisham, Norfolk, a full size air hockey table, a trip on the Great Central Railway, and much, much more. Contact Karen on 01530 458818 eves. Last Bus to Emmaus Event Date: Sunday 18th April at 4.00pm at The Silverdale Centre, Silverdale Drive, Thurmaston. Leicester. Worship and drama for the Easter season Last Bus to Emmaus is a contemporary treatment of Luke 24:13-32 by Richard Adams. For tickets contact John Hewer at john.hewer@

To receive Diary Dates and other news by email subcribe to Diomail by emailing

Family (not very) Quiet Day Event Date: Saturday 24th April Venue: Rearsby Convent 10.15am – 3.30pm. Following the success of our last Family (not very) Quiet Day in September, we’ve already booked the next one for Saturday 24th April. Families from throughout the diocese are welcome. Put the date in your diary now. More details to follow. Rev’d Lorna Brabin-Smith 01664 424962 Russian Orthodox and Folk Music Concert Event Date: Sunday 25th April The Hermitage Ensemble from St. Petersburg Russia, at 7.30pm in St. Guthlac’s Church, Stathern LE14 4HB. For reserved tickets, which include light refreshments, contact Peter Briant Tel: 01949 869 448 (answerphone) Adults £12 and £10, and children (under 14) £7 and £6. Opportunity to meet the singers afterwards at a buffet supper tickets £5. 82nd annual Bluebell Service Event Date: Sunday 25th April The 82nd annual Bluebell Service in Swithland Wood will take place by the ‘Great Pit’ (near Swithland Camp) at 3.00pm. (Please follow the signs from the car park.). Music by Welbeck School Band. Canon RA Horton – The Fernley-Hartley Lecture 2010 Event Date: Friday 7th May Adventures in Affective Space: The Reconstruction of Piety in an Age of Entertainment. Dr. Clive Marsh. University of Leicester Ken Edwards Lecture Theatre 3. 7.00 pm An evening on the Trichy Diocese link Event Date: Saturday 8th May at 7.30pm. at The Church of the Nativity, Aylestone Park. A presentation and display of the Church of South India and the link between CSI Trichy Diocese and Churches Together in Leicestershire. Refreshments available. Donations in aid of the work of Christian Aid. Contact or on 0116 2994732 Village Fete, Stoughton Event Date: Saturday 8th May St Mary and all Saints’ Church, Stoughton from 12 noon onwards. Barbeque and Teas, Brass Band, Amusements and Stalls. Free Admission. Oaks Country Fair Event Date: Monday 31st May 11.30am until 5.00pm at Oaks-in-Charnwood, Oaks Road, nr. Whitwick. ‘Something for all the Family,’ in a beautiful part of Charnwood Forest. Entrance £2.50 {concessions £1.50}. Ample free car-parking. More information and booking forms form Anne Wightman 01509 502736. Proceeds for the Parish Funds of Shepshed and Oaks-in-Charnwood

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