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I CAN market PRODUCTS The importance of marketing is vital in any design projects. My degree in Graphic Design for Marketing has given me the knowledge to incorporate a successful marketing plan in every project that I undertake.

I CAN design PROJECTS My knowledge and creative ideas will promote your business, satisfy your marketing and advertising needs and increase your visibility, with graphic and design solutions.

I CAN work WITH YOU I will help your corporation meet its graphic and marketing needs, by working independently and as part of a team to complete the final product, while maintaining a professional approach to costs and deadlines.

Project Project Type Overview

Style FM Radio Identity Identity and Branding Radio station based on fashion and pop culture.

88.9 STYLE FM is a radio station designed for woman. The radio station has an emphasis on fashion as well as woman issues, topics and top 40 music.

Vancouvers Hot New Radio

Project Project Type Overview

Jackson Vik Real Estate Identity and Branding- Final Project New Realtor team that work under the RE/MAX umbrella in Victoria BC.

Jackson-Vik Real Estate takes a new design approach to realtor branding and marketing. The colors and imagery used throughout the deliverables are modern and sophisticated and attracts the target audience.

Project Project Type Overview

Nectar Restaurant Identity and Graphic Standards Manual

A team project to create an identity and standards manual for Nectar Restaurant. Nectar is a healthy eatery and juice bar that targets young and health conscious customers. The branding and identity of Nectar needed to encompass a fresh and fun restaurant.



Project Project Type Overview

Waggin Tail Dog Company Identity & Product Design- Final Project Brand identity and packaging for high-end retail dog products.

Waggin Tail Dog Company is a new boutique-style manufacturer that specializes in designer accessories, treats, clothing, and toys for dogs.

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puppy love








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Project Project Type Overview

Northern Innovators Branding & Identity Modernized the current brand

Northern Innovators Inc. are an international young plant sales and marketing company providing commercial greenhouses across North America with the worlds highest quality and competitively priced young plants, bulbs, and seeds.



Project Project Type Overview

Sip of Spring Branding & Event Planning Created and designed project from start

The annual trials have been held on the West Coast since 1965. The spring trials are now hosted at more than 25 California locations from Gilroy, located just south of San Jose, to San Diego. The trials officially begin the launch of the newest plant introductions to the trade every year.

Project Project Type Overview

Urban Deco Branding & Identity of Eco Brand Eco-Friendly home ware retail store

Urban Deco is an eco-friendly home ware retail chain that sells sustainable products. Everything from the corporate stationary to the shopping bags and retail products are all sustainable and made from recycled materials.

Problem As the world population increases rapidly, there is an increasing demand for food, materials and energy. As the demand for retail products increases, the supply of natural resources such as: paper, wood, and other like products decreases. Some by-products of industries are highly hazardous to our planet and our future health. Manufacturing plants release a lot of unnecessary toxins into our air.


left: informational booklet right: product usp tag center: business card

An environmentally friendly retail manufacturer and retailer who manufactures their products in an “eco-friendly� way and therefore minimizes the harmful effects on the environment. Sustainable materials are used to produce all aspects of the product line (furniture, lighting, accessories, or textiles), as well as the company stationary, shopping bags, catalogues, displays, etc.

Audience Age: 22-38 Gender: Female: 65% Male: 25% Income Level: Medium to High

left back: informational booklet left front: business card right back: product catalogue right front: product tag

Interests: This target market has an eye for design, they are very trend conscious. They enjoy an outgoing lifestyle and are environmentally friendly.

Identity I wanted to keep the Urban Deco identity very simple, versatile and stylish. The corporate colors that are used throughout the campaign are black, dark grey, white and green.

Business Card

left: business card front and back center: card open right: front with lip

The business card doubles as an information card and as a seed package. Each card has tree seeds in it so the customer can plant the tree seeds and feel like they have done their part in helping the environment.

Identity Stationary

back: front:

letterhead #10 envelope

All the stationary is printed with environmentally friendly ink and on 100% recycled paper. The stationary is very simple and clean to compliment the logo.

Identity Website The Urban Deco website functions as an online product tool for our customers to search through our inventory and catalogues. A feature of the website is “Track your tree�, Track your tree enables customers to create a user profile and locate a point on the Canadian map where they planted their Urban Deco tree from the business cards. This is a great way for our customers to see the difference they are making to our environment.

Identity Store Front The Urban Deco store front is a free standing store with a classic, urban feel. The sign is back lit, and the siding behind the sign is recycled corrugated metal. The rest of the front walls are made up of windows to display store products.

Promotional Recyclable shopping bags Urban Deco’s shopping bags are made with 100% recyclable materials. The slogan “I helped change the world” is Urban Deco’s signature statement. I wanted to make it stand out so consumers could recognize the brand.

T-shirts The T-shirt’s are made of recyclable linens and are trade friendly. The t-shirt’s are worn by employees and customers can be purchased by customers as well.

top: shopping bags bottom: t-shirts

Promotion Product Catalogue

top: outside front cover bottom: inside spread

Urban Deco’s product catalogue is distributed to customers every season to show the latest season’s product trends. The paper and ink used in the production of the catalogue are made with environmentally friendly materials. The outside cover will change with the season and will reflect the inspiration behind each collection.

Identity Information Card Urban Deco wants customers to be aware of current environmental trends and what Urban Deco is doing for the environment . This informational card is at each register for customers to take home and be informed.

Product Tag + Product Wrap top left top right: bottom left: bottom right:

outside front cover inside spread product tag wrap around product tag

The Urban Deco product tags are printed on recycled paper and use eco-friendly inks.

Conclusion Urban Deco found a niche market for moderately expensive home ware that is environmentally

left back: left front: right back: right front: front center:

informational booklet business card product catalogue product tag wrap around product tag

friendly and would hold up in the retail industry. Urban Deco will produce trendy, chic, sustainable Canadian made products that will revolutionize the retail home ware industry. Urban Deco will create environmental awareness and help consumers make a positive choice for their home ware products.

Leia Jackson Design Portfolio  

Leia Jackson Design Portfolio

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