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AT WEEKENDS, CADMAN HELPS K9S STAY SHARP Under normal circumstances, the Cadman mine sites are operating at weekends. You certainly wouldn’t expect to see dogs

and Kevin Copes coordinated an effort to

population there. Cadman is making its

on-site at any time. But that’s exactly

grant access to five sites. Now those sites

contribution to preparing the team if they

what you will see at many Cadman

have become ‘safe’ training grounds for

should ever be called on to help a

locations across the Pacific Northwest:

dogs and handlers preparing for worst-

community faced with such a disaster.

groups dressed in PPE with their dogs

case scenarios.

searching across the landscape.

‘K9s’ and handlers. The realistic terrain

back to a chance encounter in 2016. A

provided by the Cadman sites helps to

member of the non-profit Northwest Disaster

sharpen the skills that would be required in

Search Dogs (NDSD) was driving past the

a real disaster zone. NDSD dogs are trained

Cadman mine at Black Diamond, WA. The

towards FEMA certification — the ultimate

location looked perfect for the recreation of

accolade for disaster search and rescue dogs.

the dangerous earthquake conditions that search dogs must be trained to work in. NDSD’s Training Coordinator, Trudy Cox, was introduced to Cadman’s Safety Officer. Cadman’s Dan Donovan, Randy Gabrielson


NDSD’s two years of training is rigorous for

The explanation for this unusual sight goes


Lehigh Hanson Canada Region affiliated companies


 here are a total of approximately 250 T FEMA-Certified Dog Teams in the USA.

Disaster search dogs look for victims buried in rubble but still living.

 isaster search dogs can search a 20,000 sq. D ft. rubble pile in 30 minutes.

 isaster search dogs can climb 2-story fire D truck ladders.

 isaster search dogs use a bark alert when D they find their victim.

The dogs from NDSD provide service throughout the Pacific Northwest but can be deployed anywhere. In fact, the organization was founded in 1992 in response to the 1985 Mexico City earthquake that devastated the

(Northwest Disaster Search Dogs)

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2017 Lehigh Hanson Community Report