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LEG SYSTEM OFFERS PRODUCTS OF MODERN DESIGN AND HIGH USE VALUE. Products provided by the company LEG SYSTEM are metal parts for the furniture industry, developed in collaboration with furniture manufacturers recognizing the needs of end-users.

The company LEG SYSTEM was established in 2002 with the aim of providing products with modern design and high use value according to the market demand. Through LEG SYSTEM the company Voga from Slovenia has accessed the Serbian market with their products. LEG SYSTEM in addition to sales and technical support to its clients offers help in selecting legs and supporting elements, as well as the development of the concept of the project, in order to find optimal solutions for spaces that are being equipped: Office space House Showrooms Exhibition stands Banks Stores Private practices Etc.


INTERIOR DESIGN Company LEG system also furnishes various kinds of interior design on demand. The expert team takes care of the development of conceptual designs in constant consultation with clients to achieve the best result in the furnishing of the relevant space. 2


When you think about changing your living space, remodeling your apartment, or decide to buy a house and make it your home, we are here to assist you, give suggestions and advice, and based on your wishes find the best solution together.



OFFICE FURNITURE Appearance of the area in which we work and spend a great deal of time affects our productivity and efficiency, therefore when furnishing office space we try to make a well-organized work environment with aesthetically pleasing and functional furniture.

Knowledge and experience of our designers will help you get a working environment that meets all your requirements.



THE KITCHEN We have completed many interior design projects with great success. Each and every kitchen is dierent in its own way because it is made according to your wishes. We pay close attention not to disrupt the previous forms while ďŹ tting a kitchen into your already existing living space. When creating any piece of furniture we value modern design and high quality the most.



ADVISORY SERVICES • In the LEG SYSTEM Company we give you professional designing of unique, creative and highly functional solutions to achieve the ideal ambience. Project goals are set up according to your wishes – while our methodology of furnishing allows you to fully realize your desires and create the ideal living space. • We also provide furniture assembly services, not solely of our products but also of other manufacturers. Our experienced craftsmen successfully, quickly and efficiently perform assembly jobs in the field. • Transport and assembly of finished projects is our obligation, as is distribution of metal parts for furniture that we offer.

RAUVISIO mineral sheets


PRODUCTION AND INSTALLATION LEG SYSTEM is an authorized distributor and certified installer for RAUVISIO mineral sheets of the company REHAU. 10

RAUVISIO MINERAL SHEETS RAUVISIO mineral is a through colored solid surface that is made from one third acrylic resin and two thirds aluminum trihydroxide with color pigments. The positive properties of the individual components combine to form a versatile material with an appearance similar to stone, a warm, pleasing surface feel and excellent processing characteristics. RAUVISIO mineral has a wide range of application possibilities in the kitchen, bathroom, office and public buildings, restaurants and hotels, laboratories and medical sector.

Advantages: thermoplastic molding allows a range of applications, the sheets can be applied to both horizontal and vertical surfaces, RAUVISIO mineral can be processed and fabricated easily and with almost invisible joints, and has a smooth, non-porous surface that is easy to maintain, the sheets are UVresistant, and are also resistant to wear and tear and to household acids and alkaline solutions, they are skin friendly, and scratches on the sheets can be polished out and large areas of damage can be repaired so that they are almost invisible.


RELAZZO DECKING With RELAZZO decking you can transform your patio or terrace into your own personal living and well-being area. The RELAZZO decking system provides everything you need for designing your terrace. We oer six colors that allow maximum freedom of combination. Innovative high-tech material RAU-WOOD is long lasting and easy to handle. RELAZZO decking is an environmentally acceptable solution because it is slip resistant and keeps its shape and color without any special maintenance. Innovative and easy installations provide a wide range of application. LEG SYSTEM is an authorized distributor and certified installer for RELLAZO decking of the company REHAU.


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The company LEG SYSTEM was established in 2002 with the aim of providing products with modern design and high use value according to the mar...