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(5linx scam,5 links) 3.) Is 5 links a Fraudulent Company? For sure you have already heard of the 5linx scam in the market, right? Are these claims really legitimate? Or they are just unfounded claims by agents who failed to get higher commissions than their peers? I am not convinced about this issue because I do not see anything wrong about the transactions and deals done by 5 links. To appease my curiosity, I did my own research to find out the root causes of these claims. I have to know what type of business does 5 links does and why thousands of individuals alleged that the company has fraudulent transactions. Overview of 5linx Enterprises Inc. 5linx Enterprises Inc., also known as 5 links, is a global telecommunications firm based in Rochester, New York and founded by Craig Jerabeck, Jason Guck and Jeb Tyler. It has branches in over 20 countries worldwide and it provides state-of-the-art technology and services to residential and commercial clients. 5 links offers different types of products and services such as 5 linx mobile, 5Linx Home Security, 5Linx High Speed Internet and 5Linx satellite TV. It is listed in the top 500 Fortune companies in the world and one of the top 500 Inc companies for four years in a row. Why does people screams 5linx scam? Is there any basis on these allegations? I believed that these individuals claim there is a 5linx scam because of the cheap products they offer to customers. Critics have to blame something for their failure to make their products attractive and their failure to amass success like 5linx did. They have to have an excuse for their failure. Some call it a scam because they do not understand what Multi Level Marketing (MLM) is and how it works. No matter how great or how cheap these

products are, bear in mind that selling items through network marketing is subject to failure. If you do not know how MLM work, for sure, you will consider 5 links a scam. To better understand how 5 links works, you have to know what MLM\ is and how it works. How does MLM works? When you are a representative of 5 links, you will be asked to make a list of everyone you know. You will be told to attend their weekly meeting, trainings and home parties to share products and to get conference calls. To build your business and line, you have to recruit more customers because the more you have clients and down line, the more commission you will have. Now that you know what 5 linx is all about and how it works, do you still consider it a scam?

Is 5 links a Fraudulent Company