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(5linx scam,5 links) 5.) 5 links and Multi-Level Marketing: Are They Legitimate? Scams, Swindling and Credit card identity theft are crimes commonly found in this age and time. Why are these crimes prevalent nowadays? Why do millions of people become victims of these fraudulent transactions? Fraudulent companies and swindlers continue to con and to victimize innocent individuals to get more money from them, while these victims invest their money on these transactions hoping to bring home the bacon to their families. With the tough economic condition that we have right now, it is a common scenario to find thousands of individuals who invest their money in unsure investment package hoping to earn additional income. Are you familiar with the latest 5linx scam? With its popularity, for sure you already know about it. By the time you read this article for sure you have heard news about 5 links and the alleged fraudulent transactions it has, right? Do you believed them? If it is your first time to come across the issue, read this article to gain information and insight of what 5linx scam is all about. What is 5linx or 5 links? 5 links Enterprises Inc. is a global telecommunications company founded by Craig Jerabeck, Jason Guck and Jeb Tyler. It specializes on local telephone services, voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), wireless satellite, identity theft prevention and many more. Its products include Energy, Home Security, Video Phone, Satellite TV and much more. It is listed in the top 500 Fortune and top 500 Inc. companies since 2007. With the wide range of products it offers and with its ability to expand its client base and branch offices, do you still believe that it is a fraudulent company? If a company is really a scam, how come it has millions of followers? How come banks, stakeholders and investors trusted their investments on 5 links? If you are one of those who criticize the company as a scam, then you should read this.

Reasons why they alleged 5 links as a scam: •


You failed to generate enough down line because you do not have enough customers and you do not make extra efforts to talk to probable customers everyday. To become a top income earner and to receive thousands or even millions of commissions, you need to expose your business to about 3 to 5 people everyday. If you do not make a move to expand your client base and down line, for sure, you will not earn anything.

Precaution: If you are planning to participate in MLM scheme, be sure to position yourself as the master of down line and learn the secrets of top income generators. Remember the hard work and diligences are two vital factors in boosting your down line and customer base. Do not just wait for someone to buy your product, but go out and make an effort of introducing your product line and services to prospective clients.

5 links and Multi-Level Marketing Are They Legitimate  

Fraudulent companies and swindlers continue to con and to victimize innocent individuals to get more money from them, while these victims in...

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