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a message from the chancellor One of the things I am most proud of at Indiana University

with the Euclid Quartet and we recognize a retiring professor

South Bend is something that people do not hear enough

who passed his love for teaching on to the next generation of

about – undergraduate research. Every day on campus

teachers who are now in classrooms across the country.

undergraduate students are working with professors on all kinds of research. The professors benefit from having bright

This issue of Foundations also looks at two remarkable

students helping them with their research, while the students

students who have not let blindness slow them down, two

gain knowledge and experience that will prepare them for

alumni who are leaders in the community, and a student

careers and graduate school. In this issue of Foundations,

who wants to make the world a greener place.

you will read about students who have done research on everything from the isolation of arsenite oxidase enzymes to

As chancellor, I am proud of the achievements of our

the search for dark matter in the universe.

students, faculty and staff. I hope you enjoy reading their stories. Thank you for your support of IU South Bend.

Not all the action on campus is in the laboratory. On the basketball court this year a set of twin brothers led the


Titans to a successful season and a set of cousins twirled at

Una Mae Reck Chancellor

halftime. You’ll read a behind-the-scenes account of touring


Foundations Spring 2012