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MIKE KLECKER, BLOOMING PRAIRIE, MN decision to make this his fulltime career too much thought. When his dad encouraged him to keep farming with him after high school he took him up on the offer – expanding the farm by leasing acres. Today, although Mike and his brother own some land, they also lease from nearly 20 landlords. Although the brothers farm together, they also specialize. Mike focuses on purchasing inputs and marketing, while David is responsible for machinery maintenance. Mike Klecker is a Legend Seeds grower from Owatonna, MN

When dinner time rolls around and Owatonna, Minnesota farmer, Mike Klecker sits down with his family to eat, he sometimes reflects on the fact that as a farmer he is able to feed not only his family, but several other families as well. “I enjoy the idea that what I’m growing is feeding someone else,” says the third generation farmer who raises corn, soybeans and feeds hogs with his brother, David and parents. He also likes the lifestyle farming provides his family. “I like that they can see what we are doing out here and they are always asking questions about what we are doing,” he says. “It’s important to me that my kids know where stuff comes from. To me, the most important people in society are those who can make, fix or build. I’m able to show my kids how we make food.”

In an attempt to save on inputs and receive a premium, Mike began looking into raising non-GMO corn and soybeans. This search introduced him to Legend Seeds. “Their conventional products are competitive. This year the Legend soybean was my highest yielding bean. In fact, I’d say Legend Seeds’ conventional soybean was comparable to another brand’s non-GMO soybeans I planted last year.” In addition to receiving a premium, Mike’s second reason to plant conventional seed, is to try and out-wit the weeds. “I want the weeds to become naive again so I can go back to using glyphosate,” he explains. Along with high-yielding products, Mike likes the fact that Legend Seeds is an independent regional seed company. “Seems like everything is becoming corporate these days; I like doing business with a company that is local.” ADVANTAGE

Farming with his dad his entire life, Mike didn’t give the


By Glen Davis, President, Legend Seeds

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Post Harvest 2015 Advantage Newsletter