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”Legend Seeds is always focused on providing the best product to our growers to maximize yield potential.”

2016 PRODUCT LINEUP As you review Legend Seeds’ 2016 Product Guide, here’s some things Matt Raml, Legend Seeds Director of Product Development would like you to know and consider. Q: When it comes to 2016 Lineup what are you most excited about? As far as corn goes, Legend Seeds had opportunity to add new numbers into the 2016 lineup. These hybrids are widely adaptable and based on data coming in from harvest 2015; they carry yield advantages compared to competing brands.

the best products to our portfolio - we are not limited by bureaucracy. Q: What role do dealers play in product decisions? Legend Seeds listens to our dealers and we rely on our local Legend Sales Agronomists and sales staff to tell us what growers need. We take their direction, and then look to multiple providers to find the right products which we then place in our L.E.A.P. to thoroughly test and research. Q: How important is it that growers place their 2016 seed orders early? The earlier growers meet with their Legend Seeds’ representative and place their orders the better. Remember, with the Legend Edge system, which is part of our Farmacology™ total cropping system; we’re able to provide prescribed seed placement recommendations as well as multihybrid planting prescriptions.

In soybeans, our team is excited about the anticipated release of the RoundupReady® 2 Xtend soybean and Enlist soybean technologies. Legend Seeds will make these available to our growers once they have been approved. Q: When it comes to developing the product lineup each year, what is Legend Seeds’ philosophy? Legend Seeds is always focused on providing the best product to our growers as well as the necessary management recommendations to maximize yield potential.

We keep our portfolio in check – allowing us to quickly introduce new products when an exceptional product is discovered. Q: What’s new for beef and dairy producers? Legend Seeds is expanding our product offerings in the beef and dairy feed sector. We continue to expand our dairy and livestock portfolio and have a dedicated team to assist with product decisions. Visit with your local Legend Seeds Representative to learn more. ADVANTAGE

As a company we feel another competitive advantage we provide to our growers is being the first mover in the market. If there are new genetics or germplasm out there, we will adopt it into our line-up as soon as possible. When there is a new seed technology, like Roundup Ready 2 Xtend™ soybeans or Enlist™ soybeans, we will try to move in and adopt it into our lineup as fast as possible. Moving quickly, yet responsibly, we are able to add value to our growers by getting the best product into their planters. This is the power that comes with being an independent regional seed company. When Legend Seeds decides to make a move, we can make it quickly. We have flexibility and agility within our company and product portfolio.

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Because we work with multiple providers, whether its corn, soybeans or alfalfa, Legend Seeds moves quickly to introduce


Post Harvest 2015 Advantage Newsletter  
Post Harvest 2015 Advantage Newsletter