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“When compared to untreated corn, the treated corn yielded as much as 16 to 18 more bushels per acre.”

THE FUTURE HOLDS By Mike Knight, Director of Research

Harvest 2015 answers many questions and provides Legend Seeds’ research team with insights into products you may soon be planting in your fields. As we combine the Legend Elite Advancement Project or (L.E.A.P.) plots throughout our region, we gather more than yield data on the more than 30,000 replicated plots which make up L.E.A.P. We also review each genetic line’s ability to withstand pest and disease pressure as well as agronomic traits such as stalk lodging, root scores and ear size and their response to numerous management techniques.

• Experimental seed treatments utilizing enzyme and bacteria to increase early plant development are showing exciting results. Early plant development increases the plant’s ability to tolerate early diseases, promotes root stimulation and bolsters yields. As we move forward, I feel very confident this type of seed treatment will provide the increased “Legend Advantage” and competitive edge growers are looking for. When compared to untreated corn, the treated corn yielded as much as 16 to 18 more bushels per acre.

To learn more about the L.E.A.P. results and which genetics will yield best in your fields, contact your Legend Seeds Representative. ADVANTAGE

Based on a genetic line’s response, we will either cut them from our program, recommend one more year of testing or nominate them to become part of the Legend Seeds product lineup. The Legend Advantage I firmly believe Legend Seeds is a leader in the level of research and testing we invest in our seed lineup. Without it, we’d just be a “me too” and we are far from it. This level of sophisticated testing and understanding of our products – long before the grower ever loads it into his planter – paves the way for higher yields and success. 2015 Harvest Results Let me outline a few of the most exciting findings from 2015 harvest.

• Early maturing experimental lines look very promising with ability to withstand primary and secondary diseases like Northern Leaf Blight and Goss’s Wilt.

•B  efore an experimental enters the Legend Seeds’ product lineup, it must first demonstrate that it surpasses earlier generations in its ability to handle disease and indicate higher yields.

What is L.E.A.P? L.E.A.P. is a multi-year product evaluation tool designed to work through the life-cycles of our products so we can evaluate new products and determine optimal, localized placement. Of the more than 30,000 replicated plots entered into this program each year, only 50 to 60 genetic lines have the potential to make it into the Legend Seeds Product Guide.


Post Harvest 2015 Advantage Newsletter  
Post Harvest 2015 Advantage Newsletter