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Summer is a busy time of year for you! We know many of you attend the large summer farm shows. That’s why we attend them as well, in five states. Plus, we sponsor even more events for you to go to – Knowledge Plots, Dealer plot tours, and others. Throw in family reunions, kids and grandkids sporting events, church, picnics and maybe a vacation and time passes quickly. School will be starting soon, yet as busy as everyone is, we enjoy all the events. It’s what makes life – life. We look forward to seeing you at the next event this year! One of the great events that happens for us during the spring and summer is our internship program. It is lots of fun and encouraging to work with these young people who are just starting their career. They are a great bunch and, honestly, the interns we’ve worked with give us a lot of confidence in the future. Inside, you’ll read about the highlights of the summer from many of our interns as they head back to school for the fall or continue their career paths.

AUG. / SEPT. 2017

Upcoming Events KNOWLEDGE PLOTS Be sure to check our website or Facebook page for announcement of dates and locations! SD STATE FAIR

Aug. 31 - Sept. 4, 2017 Huron, SD BIG IRON FARM SHOW

Sept. 12-14, 2017 West Fargo, ND

Of course, it’s hard to talk about going back to school without thinking of silage harvest being just around the corner. As part of our Dairy & Livestock Initiative, our Research Team will be combining their silage test plots soon to determine which hybrids will yield the most milk/ton and milk/acre for your operation. If you’re in need of inoculant this year, please contact anyone at Legend Seeds! I also want to say our Legend Products are doing fantastic, we have never received as many pictures and comments on products in comparison to competitors. We even had a good comment from a customer who is in the heart of the drought area. He said, “I am really impressed with your corn, it was the last to die.” We are once again reminded that Mother Nature is dealing the cards. We are excited about our future product lineup for 2018 and eager to hear reports on how your 2017 products are performing in your fields this harvest, we hope you take part in our Yield Advantage Club again. The Yield Advantage Club gives growers an opportunity to showcase their fields’ successes and gives Legend Seeds a chance to recognize those successes. To learn more about how to participate in the club, talk to your Legend Representative or visit our website to see last year’s results: www.legendseeds.net/our-advantage/yield-advantage-club. I hope you and your family enjoy all the fun events left at the end of summer before harvest begins. Are you growing a pumpkin for our largest pumpkin contest? Mine isn’t doing very well this year. ADVANTAGE

Legend Seeds by far exceeded my expectations and is a great company to do business with. LR 9495 VT2PRIB was by far the best corn on my farm. Thanks Legend Seeds! Brady Coleman - Oakes, ND

2016 Yield Advantage Club Member


This summer Legend Seeds had eight interns spread throughout our 7-state region. My name is Carlie Jackson and I am currently going into my senior year at South Dakota State University, where I am majoring in Agricultural Communications with an Animal Science minor. I was an intern for the Marketing Team, and part of my job was to run all social media platforms, help with Farmacology White Papers, work on the Knowledge Plot invites and follow-ups, design email campaigns and assist with other various projects as necessary. I really enjoyed getting to know everyone in the office and getting the opportunity to learn about effective marketing strategies and what the marketing side of a company looks like in-depth.

different varieties, seeing which ones work in different areas. Furthermore, I have learned a considerable amount about different aspects of farming, from seed to dairy cattle and even talked to a dealer about his elk farm. These farmers and dealers have shared different tricks to make things work more efficiently.


LATI Grad | Precision Technology Degree | Farmacology Intern During my internship the focus has been primarily on Farmacology and creating training materials for the sales teams to use out in the field. I was also a part of the LEAP planting this spring which had me travel to Wisconsin, North Dakota, and Minnesota. Overall my experience with Legend Seeds has been very beneficial due to the knowledge I have gained and can use throughout my Ag Career. Everyone working for Legend Seeds is passionate about not only their work but about each other, this team is truly a family!


SDSU Sophomore | Agronomy Major | Sales Intern This summer was filled with new learning experiences. I had the opportunity to work with some very legendary people at Legend Seeds who made my experience with Legend leave a positive impression on me. I proceeded to do many different tasks throughout the summer and each time I gained more knowledge about Legend and the seed industry. As I continue my career and receiving my Agronomy degree, I was able to spend quality time with Sean McGraw, Legend Sales Agronomist, and other agronomists in the Legend starting line-up. While working with them I gained knowledge from identifying weeds, looking for the different characteristics in corn plants, knowing what chemicals to spray in fields, and overall how to deliver the legend experience.

Here I am helping with a photo shoot at the Jud, ND Knowledge Plot.

Here’s what some of our other interns experienced during their time at Legend:


NDSU Grad | General Ag Degree | Sales Intern One of the highlights from this summer as an intern for Legend Seeds is getting to know everyone associated with Legend. Legend truly is like a big family and I am grateful for the time the employees have invested in me throughout the summer. It’s hard to put a stamp on “what I have learned this summer” because I have learned so much about myself as a person and I have learned a lot about what it takes to be successful in this industry. One of my favorite quotes of all time comes from Derek Jeter (former shortstop of the New York Yankees). “Surround yourself with good people. People who are going to be honest with you and look out for your best interests.” With that being said, I have learned that Legend is a great company filled with phenomenal people that push you to be better and will help you succeed.

CLINT IRRTHUM UW - River Falls Junior | Ag Business Degree | Sales Intern Some of the highlights for me from this summer were getting to interact with all of the customers and learning about their farming practices and what works for them and what does not. In addition, I have enjoyed going out and looking at the

Jayden Janssen, Intern, and Sean McGraw, Agronomist, walking together at a Knowledge Plot viewing corn emergence trials.



SDSU Senior | Ag Science Major | Sales Intern Some highlights that stood out to me from the Legend internship was I had the opportunity to plant sorghum for the first time and just watching test plots that I’ve helped with planting and monitoring. I have learned a lot on the agronomy side of things, from diseases and weeds to the structure of the plants. I have also learned that customer service is important and I believe that Legend’s customer service sets us ahead of the competitors. Thank you for reading about our intern’s experiences at Legend Seeds this summer. It was a pleasure getting to know each of them. I would personally like to thank Glen and Janet, along with the Marketing Team and everyone else at Legend that made this a memorable summer for me! ADVANTAGE

Jennifer helping load the planter to plant sunflowers in the Lake Preston, SD Knowledge Plot .


Powered by Legend Seeds, Farmacology brings value to your seed investment through four key components: agronomic confidence, locally proven products, data insights, and our dealer advantage. To prove our products locally, we conduct our own corn research before adding products to our lineup. Since 2014, we’ve conducted over 70,000 replicated corn trials. As a result of our testing, we’ve introduced an average of 19 top-producing new corn hybrids per year. Enjoy these snapshots from our Lead Agronomist, Josh Lamecker, at three of our research locations this summer:


This Selfies in the corn field! y Jul e lat in en one was tak rch ea res MN x, rfa at the Fai plot pre-tassel. During the mer research team’s mid-sum g kin evaluations, they are loo s, for: nutrient deficiencie weed control, and plant health. Now, the team is making their evaluations g of the in-season growin brid hy l ua ivid conditions. Ind d an ce an rm notes for perfo wing gro the in er luation will happen lat



overall product eva season.

Casselton, N D in late Jun e– Josh found a genetic m utation example. Th ere is no dis ease or deficiency in this plant, it’s simply a mu tation. This p lant will not yield , in part beca use of the white which reflect s light and do esn’t absorb light to create en ough energ y for the plant to put Once in a blu on an ear. e moon you may come across this in a field – now you kn ow! Aphid example near Rice, Minnesota at the LEAP Plot. I was out scouting for leaf diseases and found these. They were not serious or at a spraying threshold. This has been consistent with what we’ve seen in this area this summer, we have not seen many aphids in either corn or soybeans as of 7/2/17.

We look forward to sharing more about our research program with you next time!


CONFIDENCE FROM PLANTING TO HARVEST... AND EVERY MOMENT IN BETWEEN. Powered by Legend Seeds, the Farmacology approach brings value to your seed investment through four key components: agronomic confidence, locally proven products, data insights, and our dealer advantage.



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40 Acres of Legend Seed Dale Stevermer - Faribault County

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Aug. 31 - Sept. 1, 2017 Huron, SD | On Livestock Avenue by Poultry Barn


Sept. 12 - 14, 2017 West Fargo, ND | Exhibit Hall 05-06

Phantom 4 Pro Drone ($1,500 retail value) Barry Schwitters - Renville County

PO Box 241 De Smet, SD 57231

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August 2017 Advantage Newsletter