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Mother’s Day is Just Around the Bend. Reservations will be necessary. Our reservation list is already filling up fast – especially for family size tables.


Issue No. 5

This Week in Lamy History April 29 – May 5 As Originally Reported In The Santa Fe New Mexican

Of course, Chef Charles is going to create something special for the occasion. When we know what it is, we’ll let you know – especially because it might be available in limited quantities.

May 3, 1882 - Round About Town

We’re also going to have a special Mother’s Day Raffle. Grand Prize of an Orchid Plant is being donated by:

April 30, 1910 - Base Ball Play at Lamy Plaza Contenta in Santa Fe 505-983-1025

Second prize is a gift certificate for a floral arrangement from: La Tienda in Eldorado 505-466-3430

You can’t buy your way into the Mother’s Day raffle, but you will always get an entry when you order a Dinner appetizer or dessert! Winner need not be present to win.

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Meals may be had at Lamy, but the eating house proper is now at Wallace.

Sunday next they (the new Santa Fe Athletic Club) will play the strong Lamy team at Lamy. As it is the first game of the season, they would have preferred to play in Santa Fe but Lamy wouldn’t come to Santa Fe and all the other teams in Santa Fe were already matched. They are going to put up a strong lineup Sunday against Lamy and are confident of making the Lamy players bite the dust and beat ‘em by a good score, although the Lamy team is a strong one, composed of veteran players. They have won every game played this season and Sunday their winning streak will be broken by the Santa Fe Athletic Club (so the club predicts. It will be a great day at Lamy Sunday as the new hotel there will be opened and visitors will come from several parts of the Territory and a large attendence is expected at the game.

April 29, 1933 –TAXPAYERS Hansel Pflueger, up $500. C. P. Frank, Lamy, put back to 1932. Kaune Grocery Co., up $835. Santa Fe Trout Hatchery, up $500. Jose Ortez y Pino, up $3000. Mrs. Jose Ortez y Pino, up $1800. Safeway No. 94, up $2300. Piggly Wiggly, up $250.

The Lamy Dispatch is Complimentary for our Guests Please take a copy home with you – and one for your friends!

The Patio REALLY needs new Umbrellas!

The Junction – a Weekly Series This week’s entry is a featured story about Lamy in 1888. It is a business highlight piece about the Charcoal Industry and Lamy and its manager William A. Sayle. William Sayle is from Wisconsin. He is married to Louise, whose father is Charles Haspelmath. Haspelmath is the owner of the merchantile store in Lamy. He arrived from Regensburg, Bavaria, Germany on or about October 5, 1869 and lived in the Santa Fe area beginning in 1880. William comes to an untimely end nearly two years after this article was published. However, that is another entry in this weekly featured story series.

A Growing Industry January 27, 1888 – What the Charcoal Ovens are Doing at Lamy. The Charcoal Industry at Lamy junction is commencing to prove quite an important factor in local business. From a very small beginning it has grown and nouris(h)ed under the excellent management of Mr. Wm. A. Sayle from its very inception. It is a fact not generally known that these works now employ fifty men. They consume 600 cords of wood per month. Nine large ovens are kept burning day and night, and there is immediate demand from Socorro and other smelting points for all that can be manufactured. The shipments now amount to between twenty and twenty-five car loads a month. Santa Fe is the merchantile supply point for this industry and has a direct interest in its success. For more information about having your business highlighted in

The Lamy Dispatch ask Cindy Lu about sponsoring our Weekend Bands or donating prizes for the our Weekend raffles and Faro games!

Summers in Lamy Junction of the 1880’s were as hot and dry then as they are today. And, if you hadn’t noticed, the umbrellas on the patio have seen more than their share of Lamy summers. So, Cindy Lu said it’s time for them to go. That makes this a chance for you to put your placemark at the Legal Tender and a way to help the Lamy Railroad and Historic Museum at the same time.

Let's make the patio at The Legal Tender THE BEST in... LAMY!! We'll find quality affordable umbrellas and let you know how many we need and where to purchase. Get a few friends together and buy an umbrella and donate it to the Lamy Railroad & History Museum and we will: 1. Put your name on the Patio Umbrella. 2. Send you a Big Thank you on our Website, E-mail Newsletter, Facebook Page and in The Lamy Dispatch! 3. Let you be recognized by the Band at least twice 4. Have Johnny take your picture 5. Provide you a tax deductible donation letter 6. Reward you in ways we haven’t decided yet 7. Any Combination or All of the Above – you choose!

Contact Cindy Lu for more info at 466-1650 Train Riding Volunteers are Needed! If you’ve ever wanted to be an Old West Train Conductor, we may have something for you to do on the weekend! Every weekend we have groups of visitors coming to Lamy on the Santa Fe Southern Railroad. We need volunteers willing to go into Santa Fe to catch the train, hand out a Lamy fact sheet, and help folks learn about Lamy and its history. Period costumes are welcome.

For more info contact Ed G. (our Museum Historian) at 466-1650

Issue 5 - The Lamy Dispatch  

A set of articles and editorials from 1879 forward describing events as originally reported by the Santa Fe New Mexican. Contains This Week...

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