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Professional Tax Registration

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tax is a financial charge imposed upon a taxpayer that is an individual or a legal entity by a state or any other authorized body with a purpose of funding various public expenditures. One of such taxes is the Professional Tax.

What is Professional Tax ?

Professional tax is the tax by the state governments in India. Anyone earning an income from salary or anyone practicing a profession such as chartered accountant, company secretary, lawyer, doctor etc. are required to pay this professional tax. Different states have different rates and methods of collection. Professional tax is imposed at the state level. Different states have different rates and methods of collection. However, not all states impose this tax. The states which impose professional tax are • • • • • • • •

Karnataka Bihar West Bengal Andhra Pradesh Telangana Maharashtra Tamil Nadu Gujarat, Assam

The professional tax is a source of revenue for the State Governments. It is also payable by members of staff employed in private companies.

Who is responsible to deduct Professional Tax ?

The owner of a business is responsible to deduct professional tax from the salaries of his employees and submit the amount so collected to the appropriate government department.

He has to provide a return to the tax department in the prescribed form within the specified time.

The return should include the proof of tax payment. In case the payment proof is not enclosed, the return shall be deemed incomplete and invalid.

Documents Required

Common documents required for Professional tax registration are : 

Acknowledgment of Online originally submitted form





Self Attested Copy Of PAN Card

Proof of the Constitution of Business

Proof of the Residence of the Partners, Director & Proprietor

Proof of the Place of Business (Address Proof)

Blank Canceled Cheque

Shop and Establishment Certificate

PAN and PTEC Details of all the Partners or Directors

Details of the number of employees, as well as their salary slabs.



Also, it is to be noted that , all these documents are required to be self attested



Procedure for Registration

The first step is to get registered as a ‘payee’ of professional tax in the local Professional Tax Office under the respective State’s Act. This is mandatory for all individuals, persons and bodies who are liable to pay professional tax.

As to calculation and payment of these taxes through prescribed forms and methods, you have to do it yourself. Your calculation and payment has to be audited and certified by a Chartered Accountant.

When it comes to employees however, it is the duty of the employer to deduct Professional Tax. That is, apart from paying professional tax for its own activities, every employer has to calculate, deduct and pay the professional tax on the salaries paid to employees.

How can LegalRaasta help you ?

Register for Professional tax through LEGALRAASTA - Your online companion for professional tax registration. We at LegalRaasta have helped over thousand companies in professional tax registration. You first need to 

Go to our website and select Professional tax registration option.

Then Fill our online questionnaire.

Select a package. Here you can also opt for additional legal services like ITR filing and service tax registration and pay accordingly.

Submit the required documents online to us and you are done on your part; we will take care of the rest.

Once, we are done you will be intimated and in case you have any query in between the process or if you want to track your application status you can freely contact us.

That's it about professional tax registration.

Professional Tax Registration  

Professional tax is tax levied by various state govts. of India on professionals, etc. LegalRaasta can help you with professional tax regis...

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