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How to protect your work using Copyright ?

â–Ş Doing a particular work takes lots of efforts and

energy and therefore protecting the work done is as important as doing a work. Hence , one of the mediums through which one can protect as well as enjoy certain rights over his/ her works , is Copyright.

What is Copyright ? Copyright is a right given by the law to creators of literary, dramatic, musical and artistic works and producers of films and sound recordings. In fact, it is a bundle of rights including rights of reproduction, communication to the public, adaptation and translation of the work. In a layman’s language , a copyright is an exclusive right granted to the owner in order to protect his work from being copied, exploited or misused.

What all things are protected under a copyright ? Copyright protects the expression of ideas (e.g. words and illustrations). Ideas alone are not protected. The following may be protected under copyright law:

Literary works (e.g., written books, source codes of computer programs) Dramatic works (e.g.,. scripts for films and dramas) Musical works (e.g., melodies)

Artistic works (e.g., paintings, photographs) Published editions of the above works, etc.

Why should one get their works copyright? By registering your copyright work, you create a public record of your work and a concrete proof that you are the owner of the creative work

If someone copies your work, you can sue them for copyright infringement Copyright owners have the exclusive right to: ▪ to reproduce the work in any material form ▪ to issue copies of the work to the public ▪ to perform the work in public, or make any translation or adaptation of the work ▪ to sell, give on hire, or offer for sale a copy of work

Documents Required. 2 copies of the work DD/ online payment (only if registering online) of the amount applicable. Power of attorney, if filed through attorney. If yours is an artistic work then you would also require a search certificate from trademark office in TM60. If yours is a computer software, then source code and object code of the work are also required for verification

NOC from legal heirs , if the author is deceased NOC from publisher (if the work published and publisher is different from applicant) NOC from author (if the applicant is different from author)

Process For Registering Copyright.

Obtaining a copyright certificate is slightly complex procedure. The process or the workflow of a copyright in India is a usually classified into 3 stages which are : ▪ Filing

▪ Examination ▪ Registration

Filing includes , filing of The application with complete details and copies of the work . Then the has to wait for a period of 30 days mandatorily for any objection that may be filed against the claims of the applicant Thereafter in the examination stage - the application is examined and objections, if any, are raised, or any extra documents required are requested. A response has to be filed within 30 days.

And lastly in the registration stage , The certificate is issued by the copyright office after the objections, if any, are removed to the satisfaction of the Copyright Registry

How can copyright be registered through LegalRaasta ? You can either apply for it yourself or take help from Legalraasta. LegalRaasta helps you get copyright while relaxing at home. To get your copyright certificate from legalraasta , you need to: Go to our website and select the option copyright registration. Fill in our simple questionnaire. You will then receive an email from us with the next steps and documents required. Submit the required details and documents via email and you are done on your part, we will take care of the rest. • We shall first file your application and then in case of any objection , we shall reply to the same. • Once the certificate is granted – you will be intimated . In case you have any queries , feel free to contact us on 875-000-8585 . Also , you can track your application status with us. • • • •

Copyright Registration  

Register Copyright online in Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida, Mumbai, Bangalore or other cities at best prices. LegalRaasta is online CA / agent for c...

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