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TIGER GLOBAL LTD Tiger Global is a leading China supplier agency operating in the United Kingdom that provides whole chain management services for various businesses. Tiger Global offers end-to-end sourcing services and imports from China. Our structured product sourcing model enables you to source from China with confidence.

Make Your Business Boom With A Little Chinese Help

The late 90’s and the early 21st century say China’s undisputed rise to being the leader in global industrial output. Anything and everything which can be produced in industries is being made in China and in quantities almost unimaginable. The extent to which the manufacturing segment has grown can be seen from the almost unidirectional trade flows in value added goods, and the official industrial productive report published by Global watchdogs.

Sourcing Products From China is perhaps one of the easiest and most efficient ways to start a business in any corner of the globe. It has often been noted that Chinese manufacturers are ready to supply any product in any number of quantities; this is in stark contrast to other manufacturers, who seek bulk orders in order to make the most profit. The low cost of Chinese products to make it ideal to retain a chunk of the profit made in the whole trade, enough to bypass the quality of the goods purchased. One only needs to put in detailed specifications of the products required, and the estimated time by which the product needs to be delivered, and you can be sure you’d have your hands full on the said day.

One of the down sides for a manufacturer of goods outside China is to see the market potential for their products diminish while goods from the same domain flood the markets at unrealistically low prices. Though the low prices and quality of goods are of unending debate, it cannot be overlooked that end users are the most beneficiaries of this oversupply of goods. As for example, solar modules used for generation of electricity have seen prices slump to record lows, which ultimately benefit the users who bet on renewable energy for a better future.China Suppliers often suffer from some of the worst closures caused by overcapacity, which is perhaps the worst ever nightmare for buyers.

Once a product has been bought, buyers hope to receive a robust after sales customer support, product servicing, product upgrades, as well as a benchmark quality set by Western manufacturers. The ability of China based manufacturers to clone anything and everything means corporations would pop out of nowhere, produce goods, and then disappear in thin air within years of opening doors. Nevertheless, despite of all problems, it cannot be overlooked the extent to which Chinese manufactured goods have penetrated into the global market, especially that of developing economies as Chinese manufacturers strive to move up the value chain.

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Sourcing products from china  
Sourcing products from china