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Legal Malpractice is Devastating! Knowing the legal malpractice histories of all lawyers involved in your legal matters is your BEST PROTECTION against becoming a subsequent victim…


What is Legal Malpractice? Simply put, it means that somebody suffered harm because a lawyer did the wrong thing or failed to do the right thing in a particular situation where any trustworthy lawyer would not have. If proven, the guilty lawyer was punished by the Supreme Court of Florida or the guilty lawyer's insurance company paid for part of the harm done. Either way, the lawyer's malpractice was still extremely harmful to somebody in the past.

What are the costs of being a victim of Legal Malpractice? Dishonesty, incompetence and negligence of some Florida Lawyers cost consumers more than $70 million per year plus many years of heartache and financial hardships. Not only after becoming a victim, but also during the litigation process. Often times, it takes years for a client to receive settlements after the initial claim is filed.

On You Can… • Search for a specific lawyer easily by first and last name. • Discover the complete public malpractice histories of all the Lawyers involved in your legal matters; on both sides… • Greatly reduce your risk of becoming a subsequent victim!

What can a consumer do to avoid becoming the next victim of a lawyer’s malpractice? •

If a lawyer has history of multiple punishments during the past 25 years, a consumer can avoid that lawyer, to choose a lawyer from the 85,000+ who have never been punished for dishonesty, negligence or incompetence.

If a lawyer has been punished once only, a consumer can be very alert and watchful during the relationship. Too many second acts or omissions occur more than 10 years after the first!

Before doing business with a lawyer, know if the lawyer… • Practiced law while license was suspended or disbarred • Stole money from a church • Stole money from real estate closings • Stole from a dying clients estate • Stole elderly clients’ credit cards in a medicare-fraud scheme • Caused insurers to pay malpractice claim of $10,000 to $7,000,000 • Filed false court documents as cover-up. • Allowed client appeal time to expire • Charged excess fees • Took fees but performed no meaningful legal service....& many more dishonest and/or negligent actions or omissions.

What information is available concerning any lawyer’s entire legal malpractice history? We alone report both types of malpractice: Consumers receive reports of both types of malpractice: 1. Details of punishments imposed by the Florida Supreme Court for dishonesty, incompetence and negligence of a lawyer. 2. The amount of damages paid by an insurance company because it was proven to the insurer or a jury that a lawyer was incompetent or negligent.

It pays to use… Consumers who visited us had an opportunity: • To avoid a lawyer who later stole $2,000,000 from clients. •

To avoid a lawyer who later stole $4,500,000 from clients. • To avoid a lawyer who later stole at least $21,000 from clients. • To avoid a lawyer who later stole $1,700,000 from clients.

To avoid a lawyer who later stole $3,000,000 from clients.

Membership Options To Fit All Needs! •

24 Hour Access – Unlimited lawyer searches for 24 hours. Ideal for individual consumers researching lawyers involved in their own personal legal matters. Only $3.95!

Membership – Unlimited access to database. Ideal for professionals who regularly research lawyers on a regular basis for many legal matters. (i.e. Realtors®, Lawyers, Lending Institutions, Insurance Companies, etc…) Monthly…….Only $10.95 Yearly………..Only $64.95 (50% Savings)

Why •

Only website to provide 25-year histories… other sources will provide 10-year histories. Too many second acts or omissions occur more than 10 years after the first!

Consumers have a right… and a need… to know the WHOLE TRUTH before blindly entrusting their lives, money and causes to a lawyer.

Often, it actually pays to visit -

Reporting What You Need To Know Before Trusting A Lawyer

Consider Yourself Warned If you conduct business with a lawyer who is one of the THOUSANDS of Florida Lawyers reported on, you have a higher risk of becoming a victim of legal malpractice. It is FOOLISH to accept such an unnecessary and serious risk!

Before conducting any business involving lawyers, ask yourself… ‘Have these lawyers been dishonest, incompetent, or negligent?’ Search our database for records dating back to 1987.

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