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Cover Image: Auxin-Cytokinin Interaction Regulates Meristem Development. Image by: Drs. Ying Hua Su, Yu Bo Liu and Xian Sheng Zhang.

JULY 2011

MEETING REPORT 557 Plant Cell and Signaling Biology Blooms in the Wuyi Mountain Jianping Hu

601 An Updated GA Signaling ‘Relief of Repression’ Regulatory Model Xiu-Hua Gao, Sen-Lin Xiao, Qin-Fang Yao, Yu-Juan Wang and Xiang-Dong Fu

697 Overexpression of TaNAC69 Leads to Enhanced Transcript Levels of Stress Up-Regulated Genes and Dehydration Tolerance in Bread Wheat Gang-Ping Xue, Heather M. Way, Terese Richardson, Janneke Drenth, Priya A. Joyce and C. Lynne McIntyre

607 Systemin/Jasmonate-Mediated Systemic Defense Signaling in Tomato Jia-Qiang Sun, Hong-Ling Jiang and Chuan-You Li

713 Prediction and Validation of Promoters Involved in the Abscisic Acid Response in Physcomitrella patens Gerrit Timmerhaus, Sebastian T. Hanke, Karl Buchta and Stefan A. Rensing

616 Auxin–Cytokinin Interaction Regulates Meristem Development Ying-Hua Su, Yu-Bo Liu and Xian-Sheng Zhang

730 Molecular Dissection of Xylan Biosynthesis during Wood Formation in Poplar Chanhui Lee, Quincy Teng, Ruiqin Zhong and Zheng-Hua Ye

626 Paradigms and Paradox in the Ethylene Signaling Pathway and Interaction Network Qiong Zhao and Hong-Wei Guo

748 The Cyclophilin AtCYP71 Interacts with CAF-1 and LHP1 and Functions in Multiple Chromatin Remodeling Processes Hong Li and Sheng Luan

635 Is ABP1 an Auxin Receptor Yet? Jing-Hua Shi and Zhen-Biao Yang

759 root uv-b sensitive Mutants Are Suppressed by Specific Mutations in ASPARTATE AMINOTRANSFERASE2 and by Exogenous Vitamin B6 Colin D. Leasure, Hong-Yun Tong, Xue-Wen Hou, Amy Shelton, Mike Minton, Raymond Esquerra, Sanja Roje, Hanjo Hellmann and Zheng-Hui He

641 Diverse Functional Roles of Monosaccharide Transporters and their Homologs in Vascular Plants: A Physiological Perspective Thomas L. Slewinski



JULY 2011

588 The Mechanisms of Brassinosteroids’ Action: From Signal Transduction to Plant Development Cang-Jin Yang, Chi Zhang, Yang-Ning Lu, Jia-Qi Jin and Xue-Lu Wang

688 Phytochromes Regulate SA and JA Signaling Pathways in Rice and Are Required for Developmentally Controlled Resistance to Magnaporthe grisea Xian-Zhi Xie, Yan-Jiu Xue, Jin-Jun Zhou, Bin Zhang, Hong Chang and Makoto Takano



581 A Highway for War and Peace: The Secretory Pathway in Plant–Microbe Interactions Dong Wang and Xinnian Dong

679 Dual Targeting of a Mitochondrial Protein: The Case Study of Cytochrome c1 Anja Rödiger, Bianca Baudisch, Uwe Langner and Ralf Bernd Klösgen



REVIEW ARTICLES 562 Abscisic Acid Signal off the STARTing Block Archana Joshi-Saha, Christiane Valon and Jeffrey Leung

RESEARCH ARTICLES 663 COPPER AMINE OXIDASE1 (CuAO1) of Arabidopsis thaliana Contributes to Abscisic Acid- and Polyamine-Induced Nitric Oxide Biosynthesis and Abscisic Acid Signal Transduction Rinukshi Wimalasekera, Corina Villar, Tahmina Begum and Günther F. E. Scherer



Hormone Action and Crosstalk


JULY 2011



Supported by NSFC

Published on behalf of CSPB and IPPE, SIBS, CAS

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