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LPCA exists to cultivate parental involvement in the educational process of their children, to instill students with a biblical worldview and the passion to stand firm and articulate boldly in defense of their faith, to prepare them for the rigors of college to guide them into independent learning, and to train our students to always give themselves fully to the work of the Lord, because their labor will not be in vain. Truth is revealed by God through Christ “in Whom are hid all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge.” Colossians 2:3

August-September 2010 • Volume IV • Issue 1

Allen Sanders begins the task of moving into our new home.

It was a summer filled with tape guns and paper cuts as the LPCA family once again pulled together to move into a new home. God bless Pastor Tim Keith and Woodlands Place for taking us into their building and their hearts.

Cardboard Summer “Get that camera OUT of here,” warns Board member Paige Jones.

We all teamed up in the true spirit of our Theme for the Year: Relationships! Even the students, like Bobby Cruthirds, got in on the act.

August-September 2010

And the Lord said, “Whom shall I send? Who will go for me?” And Isaiah replied, “Here am I. Send me!” Isaiah 68

Trusting and MOVING(!) Forward

A G A I N ! P

hillip Yancey says, “Faith means trusting in advance, what will only make sense in reverse.” When you fear the future, you need only look back and see how God took care of you in the past. Sound familiar? I’m sure it will to those of you who have spent any time at Legacy. I am reminded of the verse that says, “This I call to mind and therefore I have hope: Because of the Lord’s great love we are not consumed, for his compassions never fail. They are new every morning; great is your faithfulness.” (La 3:21-25) It seems that just a few months ago I was completely remiss about picking up and moving again. Looking forward and thinking about all that would be involved in moving became overwhelming and quite honestly, depressing! But, I know now that it was because I was expecting the Lord to meet a need I had in the future, before I needed what he had to give me. We know that God tells us that he will meet today’s problems with today’s strength, and that we should leave tomorrow in God’s hands. I tend to forget that God promises a “lamp” for our feet, not a crystal ball for our future! I’ve just described a breakdown in my relationship with Christ, the direct result being an utter lack of faith or trust. How many times has God carried me through similar circumstances, only to direct Legacy to a situation that was better than I could’ve hoped? Our move to Woodland Place Baptist Church has been such a blessing that it’s hard to be bitter about moving all we have to a new location for the third time in five years. Especially when I consider all we’ve gained, I can only look up and say, “Wow!” And yet, there’s always that part of me that just can’t help but worry that THIS will be that one time He doesn’t come through. Like the Israelites in the desert, I continue to look up and question God’s ultimate and ultimately good plan. Thank goodness his faithfulness does not depend on mine! As we move ahead into the new school year, we will need to trust in God’s faithfulness, and reflect on our relationship with Him. As we know more about God, we will have a better understanding of how he expects us to relate to others. In the forefront of my mind will be our relationship with the good folks at Woodland Place. It has been an absolute delight and breath of fresh air to work with Pastor Tim Keith. As he and his trustees have reached out to our board, my staff, and this school, they have been a remarkable example of the Acts 2 church. There have been very few times when I’ve heard the word “mine.” I have met at least 20 different WP members, and each one has expressed their excitement about this new partnership. While I’m sure there will be bumps, I am also sure that because of the relationship we are building as the body of Christ, we will be able to work together to continue the ministry we both share: furthering God’s Kingdom! We will need to remember and recount all of the times God, our Jehova Jireh, provided all we needed and how he gave to us what we needed, just when the time was right. So, as we head into the school year and if our relationship is right, we will let God lead, and that should be enough for today. And tomorrow? God says that we’re to let him take care of tomorrow because we can’t change things by worrying about them anyway. Oh, but we will try to worry about them because it’s what we do. How much better it would be for all of us if we would be mindful of Hebrews 4:16 – “We will find grace to help us when we need it.” May God continue to direct our paths and may we be diligent and faithful enough to follow it! –Audra May, Head Administrator Legacy Preparatory Christian Academy

August-September 2010


Legacy Faculty

2 0 1 0- 2 0 11 Pre-K Core + Bible - Kim Wright & Kristin Stevenson K Core + Bible - Debbie Pirkle & Lori Kelley 1st Core + Bible - Leah Ford & Kara Brumley 2nd Core + Bible - Jennifer Bone & Andrea DePrang 3rd Math/Science - Lisa Railey 3rd LA/History/Bible - Kristan Williams & Melissa Brown 4th LA/History - Shelly Smyth 4th Math/Science - Joann Manning & Tiffany Forester 4th Bible - Joann Manning & Shelly Smyth K-4th Music - Rebecca Cone K-4th PE - Ashley Crowder 5th LA - Melissa Eickenhorst 5th History - Alister Graham 5th Science - Lisa Railey & Jennifer Carlson 5th Spanish - Elise Quinn Keyboarding - Tiffany Forester 5th/6th Math - Jaime Hulbert 5th/6th Leadership Girls - Kristin Stevenson 5th/6th Leadership Boys - TBD 5th/6th TASH - Melissa Eickenhorst 6th Math - Amanda Carrico 6th LA - Rachel Riley 6th Science - Elise Quinn 6th History - Melissa Eickenhorst 7th History/Science - Joann Manning 7th Math - Amanda Carrico & Jaime Hulbert 7th English - Rachel Riley 7th PE - Angela Heckt 7th TASH - Rachel Riley 7th Leadership - Julie Hauser 7th/8th Spanish - Elise Quinn 7th/8th Publications - Daron Jones 8th History - Alister Graham 8th Science - Elise Quinn 8th English - Rachel Riley 8th Math - Amanda Carrico & Jaime Hulbert 8th Leadership - Becky Hogan

Legacy Lions Six-Man Squad Ready to Roar! They’ve been practicing in the intense heat all summer, and now they’re ready to turn their intensity toward someone wearing a jersey of a different color. Head Coach Rodney Manning and his staff have assembled a team that our school can truly be proud of as we hit the gridiron for the first time in LPCA history. Home games will be played at Legends Sports Complex. Here’s all you need to know to follow your Lions this season. PlayeR Jersey # Grade Position James Pirkle 1 8 WR / DB Garrett Chevalier 2 7 DL / TE Jake Koppelman  3 7 QB / FS Travis May 4 7 TB / DL Tray Wright  5 7 WR / DB Ben Portilla 6 7 DB / WR Ryan May            7 6 FB / LB T. Scott Hart    8 6 OL / DL Bobby Cruthirds     9 6 C / DL Landon Davis 10 6 FS / QB Jay Mondick, Jr. 12 5 LB / C Ben Schardt        13 5 TE / LB Malik Manning 14 5 WR / DB Hudson Railey 15 5 C / DL Keller Houston 16 5 TE / DL Joshua Marvel 17 5 DL / OL Mason Aguirre 18 5 FB / LB Ty Koumonduros 19 8 TB / LB Gabe Locke 20 8 WR / DB COACHING Staff Rodney Manning - Head Coach, Offensive Coordinator Jay Mondick, Sr. - QB & OL Miles Freeman - Defensive Coordinator Anthony Curl - LB, DB & Special Teams Brandon May - DL & Special Teams


Tomball Christian (Home-Scrimmage) 10 AM

Thurs. 9/2

St. Anthony’s Padua (Away)

5 PM

Thurs. 9/9

Rosehill (Away)

5 PM

Thurs. 9/16 Faith Academy (Away)


7:30 PM

Thurs. 9/23 Chester ISD (Away)

6:30 PM

Thurs. 9/30 Faith Academy (Home)

5 PM

Thurs. 10/14 St. Anthony’s Padua (Home)

6:30 PM

Thurs. 10/21 Tomball Christian (Home)

6:30 PM

August-September 2010

The Sweet Life in Paris

Kasen Jones and her cousin Annie Holcomb enjoy the Eiffel Tower. Annie is a former Legacy student who now lives in Paris.

By Kasen Jones ne douzaine de choquettes s’il vous plait. “A dozen choquettes, please.” Choquettes (pronounced shoo-kettes) are bite-size French pastry puffs sprinkled with coarse sugar bought in French bakeries, or boulangeries. I wish I could have had them everyday for breakfast during our vacation to Paris this summer with my Mom, Grammy, and brother, Jamie, who’s in second grade. We spent 10 days in France enjoying the food and culture. We went to places like the Louvre Museum, outdoor French markets, castles, and Notre Dame. The first castle we went to was called Villandry. It had a really pretty garden with a maze. I especially loved the bedrooms, with satin beds. On my visit to the Eiffel tower, I went to the second floor and could see everything in the city. I could even see all the way to the Louvre! We came down just in time to see it sparkle after dark. Another place we went to was Disney Paris, where I rode Thunder Mountain, which I loved! The city was very busy. There were lots of boutiques, designer shops, and cafes along the streets of Paris. Some people got around with motorcycles, while others drove their European cars, which are smaller than our cars. Usually, the weather is cool, but a heat wave came in the day we got there. The city of Paris doesn’t have air conditioning, so the nights were even hotter than usual. Even though you have to fly nine hours to get there, the trip is definitely worth it. PFT


WANTED: Football Team Manager L

egacy’s football team is in need of a team manager. This position is for a boy in grades 6-8 who is interested in being a vital part of our first-ever football team. If you are interested, please contact Coach Rodney Manning as soon as possible. The team manager will be responsible for all LPCA football equipment, including: • Issuing and collecting football equipment at the start and end of a season or at departure from team, • Advising the Head Coach of items needing repair or replacement, • Cleaning or arranging repair of damaged equipment with approval of the Head Coach, • Ensuring water is available for players at both practices and games, • Submitting a complete inventory of equipment, • Informing coaches when equipment stock is low, • Collecting game uniforms to be washed after games. Those interested can contact Coach Manning via phone (860-514-4189) or email ( There will be more detailed information available once we have serious candidates. PFT

August-September 2010



August-September 2010

LPCA News & Notes CAR LINE Car line will begin each morning at 8 am. Please note that we welcome you to come into the school with your student during the first week of school. However, after that, we encourage you to utilize the car line unless you have a meeting or appointment to attend. You must have your car line identification poster in your car to pick up your kids. COME SEE THE SECRET KEEPER GIRLS What is a Secret Keeper Girl? A Secret Keeper Girl values modesty, she surrounds herself with wise friends, and she embraces Godly beauty. So, she keeps the deepest secrets of her beauty for just one man. But she also knows that she can share all of her heart secrets with her mom at any time. The coolest thing for you to know is that a Secret Keeper Girl is a masterpiece created by God. This event will be held September 17th from 6-8:15 PM at Spring First Church. It is a conference for 6-12 year old girls and their moms that is full of great biblical truth about true beauty and modesty, but with a ton of pajama party fun! To register, please fill out the sign-up sheet at the front desk. If you turn in your money by September 1st, tickets are only $10 per person. After that, you will have to register at the door for $17 per person. For more information, email Cindy Medema at or visit online at FIRE MARSHALL RULES As you all know, we have been working with Pastor Tim Keith and the Fire Marshall to get the Woodland Place building up to code. Brandon May, Pastor Tim, Mike Schardt, and Nichole Curl have had numerous meetings with the Fire Marshall. Here are some things all teachers

and students will need to be mindful of throughout the school year: • There should be nothing on the tops of cabinets, • Doorways and windows should be kept clear, • The elevator is not to be used by students, • Only students 3rd grade and up allowed upstairs, • We will distribute walkie-talkies to your classrooms. Return them to Jody at the end of the day. LATE HOMEWORK POLICY Students are expected to complete assignments at home with co-teacher support as directed by the Legacy instructor. Assignments should be turned in complete and on time. Points will be taken off if homework is turned in late: a maximum of 10 points per class day. If the student has an excused absence and turns their work in on the next attended class day, it will not be counted as late. The instructor is to record an “M” in the RenWeb gradebook if an assignment is missing so that the co-teacher will know. Ultimately, it is the job of the co-teacher/student to ensure that assignments are turned in on time. However, teachers should work with the family to establish good homework habits at the beginning of the year and if a pattern of missing assignments becomes evident. Assignments should be complete when returned. If an assignment is not complete, points may be deducted for the amount of work that is not complete. For example, if 10 questions were assigned and nine were turned in, up to 10 points can be deducted. HOT LUNCH PROGRAM Legacy has partnered with Lagniappe of The Woodlands again this year to provide a hot lunch program. We will offer an option of a full hot lunch and a quick serve lunch on Mondays and Wednesdays, and a quick lunch only on Fridays. Some examples of the full hot lunches offered are: Chicken Over Broccoli with Corn, a Hot Roll and Milk; or Stuffed Shells with Glazed Carrots, a Garlic Bread Stick and Rice Krispie Treat. Fridays will be the quick serve only as we have a small group of students at the school. A few examples

of the quick serve lunch are: Cobb Salad, Crackers and a Pudding Cup; or Turkey and Swiss on Wheat, Chips, Salad and Chocolate Cake. You can also choose to purchase milk only to go along with a sack lunch. The August and September lunch menu went out in the Weekly Email prior to school starting. If you would like your student to participate in this delicious program, print off the menu (one menu per student - you cannot combine orders on one calendar); check off the lunches you are interested in by marking the appropriate boxes on the calendar; complete the form on the back to determine the amount due; turn in your calendar and check (made payable to LPCA) to your child’s homeroom teacher or the front desk by the deadline date. LATE ORDERS WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED. Please remember to make a copy of the calendar for your records. If you have questions, contact Jeana Francis at or Shalaina Cruthirds at LEARNING NEEDS If your child has received a diagnosis that you would like our Academic Advisor to be aware of, please email the following information to Dawnette Laycock at dlaycock@ • Child’s Name • Diagnosis (ex: dyslexia, ADD/ADHD, learning disability, Asperger’s, dysgraphia, etc.) • Diagnosis Date • Current Therapies, other pertinent information • Would you like this information to remain confidential or to be shared with the teachers? HELPFUL TIPS ON GETTING THE YEAR STARTED Help your child get off to a great start by establishing a bedtime routine, including reading, prayer and a set bedtime. Also establish a set wake-up time (start setting that alarm!) and a healthy breakfast. Good routines will prepare your child for a better overall learning experience throughout the entire school year. PFT

Secret Keeper Girl

When: Sep 17 06:00 PM to 08:15 PM Secret Keeper Girl Where: Spring First Church Spring, TX (Houston Area) Stephanie Johnston 281-353-5044



You May be Wondering: What is a Secret Keeper Girl Anyway? Well, she is lots of things! A Secret Keeper Girl values modesty, she surrounds herself with wise friends and she embraces Godly beauty. So, she keeps the deepest secrets of her beauty for just one man. But she also knows that she can share all of her heart secrets with her mom at any time. The coolest thing for you to know is that a Secret Keeper Girl is a masterpiece created by God. So whether you are new to our site or a SKG pro whoʼs been to an event, read “Secret Keeper Girl” or already had eight great dates with your momma, you, sweet girl, are a Secret Keeper Girl because you are a true masterpiece created by Godʼs hand.

What does an ALL-NEW Secret Keeper Girl Live: Pajama Party Tour event look like? Take a look at some past events Youʼll love the all-new Secret Keeper Girl Live: The Pajama Party Tour! An event thatʼs even better than the original Secret Keeper Girl event you may have attend, itʼs full of great biblical truth about true beauty and modesty but with a ton of pajama party fun! Itʼs still for 8-12 year old girls and their moms. The event lasts two and a half hours. Dannah Greshʼs team of fantastic facilitators will connect instantly with your audience. Girls will love the stage decorated with balloon sculptures, the up-beat worship times and the crazy mother-daughter showdowns as the “slumber numbers” clock clicks towards “midnight.” Moms will laugh at the hilarious look at fashion during the “Totally Tubular TV Moms Show”…which shows off the fashion of famous moms like Lucy, Carol Brady, Claire Huxtable and More! Everyone will embrace the fabulous fashion show featuring 8-12 year old girls in todayʼs hottest looks..hidden under their fuzzy robes. These outfits also reflect modesty and pass the Secret Keeper Girl Truth or Bare Fashion Tests. Between the fashion shows, Dannah Greshʼs talented team of facilitators will take the audience deeply into Godʼs word to talk about peer pressure and internal beauty. The girls will love learning about modesty and it will stick! Interested in booking an SKG event? Just contact us.

August-September 2010


Extreme Adventure at Enchanted Rock

By Sarah Cruthirds (in orange above) his summer I went to an Extreme Adventure resident camp with the Girl Scouts of San Jacinto Council. We started out at Camp Agnes Arnold in the Conroe area. Monday night we slept in platform tents, which are stationary tents made of canvas and plywood. Tuesday morning we loaded all our stuff onto a school bus and took off for Burnet, Texas. Wednesday we went hiking and caving in Colorado Bend state park, about a two hour drive from Burnet. We hiked about a mile to Gorman Cave, which is a restricted cave, then went caving and got ourselves covered in mud. From there we hiked to Gorman Falls, a natural waterfall covered with a very little brittle rock that is covered in green algae. Thursday we were supposed to be going rock climbing on Enchanted Rock, but problems with the tour guides prevented this. Instead we went to Lake Buchanan and swam, kayaked, and fished there. Friday we got up at five in the morning to drive two hours to Enchanted Rock. Upon arriving we were introduced to our guides and then we were shown how to belay and how to tie the appropriate knots on all of our equipment. Unfortunately it started pouring down rain when we were about halfway up the summit hike on Enchanted Rock. It was no longer safe to hike, so we had to climb back down and did not get to go rock climbing. However, when the rain stopped we went on the loop trail which goes all the way around the rock. We stopped at a little stream that had formed because of the rain and put our feet in for a while. Right after lunch we left to drive back to Camp Arnold. We drove about seven hours straight to arrive back on time. I was very happy to see my dogs and even happier to see my parents and siblings. I thoroughly enjoying all the fun things we did during the week and will have these memories forever. I can’t wait for next year’s resident camps! PFT



August-September 2010

Slippin’ & Slidin’ A good time was had by all as Legacy invaded the Rob Fleming Aquatic Center in The Woodlands’ Creekside Village for our summer pool party!

August-September 2010


Samuel Irving Does God’s Work

Do Your Part for the PTO By Michelle Irving y son, Samuel, will be a third grader this year. He just turned eight on August 14th, and we’re planning a birthday party for him and his siblings to happen on September 11. About two weeks ago, he asked me if I had done the party invitations yet. I told him no, and he proceeded to tell me he would like to include a note on the invitations, asking that friends not bring gifts for him, but instead, bring gifts to give to “kids who don’t get to have presents.” So, that’s what we’re doing! We’ve spoken to the children’s pastor at our church (WoodsEdge Montgomery) and are going to donate the presents to the church. They will hold them as a head start to Christmas and the various Angel Tree, family adoptions, and other sponsorships that are done through the church. Samuel is really excited at the prospect of helping others and spreading God’s word. PFT If you have something to share about your Legacy family’s activities, whether in or out of school, email the editor at We welcome your submissions!


Scouts Raise Flags For Veterans

Nicole Bender - President 832-326-3891 Beth Schardt - Vice President 832-797-4939 • Jennifer Freeman - Teacher Appreciation, Legacy Liaison, Hospitality 281-681-0968 • Amy McFarland - Room Parent Coordinator 281-719-0267 •

By Sarah Cruthirds ouston is home to one of the largest veteran cemeteries in the United States. On Memorial Day, Sarah and Bobby Cruthirds, along with other members of their scout troops, raised American flags at the VA cemetery on Veterans Memorial in Houston. “We carried each flag with special care, because they were not only American flags, they were donated by families of veterans who are buried there,” says Bobby, 11, a member of Boy Scout Troop 355. Every year Boy Scout and Girl Scout troops come to the VA cemetery to raise the flags that were once upon the veterans’ coffins. The cemetery contains veterans from nearly all wars fought in Texas and elsewhere. It was a wonderful experience and I am so proud to have taken part in it with my group, Girl Scout Troop 3155. You can’t help but feel proud of the brave men and women who gave up their lives for the safety of Texas and the Nation. Next Memorial Day you, too, can help raise flags, even if you are not a member of a scout troop. Families are welcome to raise flags as well. PFT


The Lions’ Den Parent-Teacher Organization (PTO) is a wonderful group of parents working closely with the Legacy staff to build a stronger, more connected sense of family and community within the school. If you haven’t already joined a committee, contact one of the following PTO representatives to find out how you can work off your mandatory volunteer hours.


Nichole Curl- Fundraising 281-935-4419 • Jennifer Unnasch - Volunteer Coordinator 832-515-0501 • Angie Condley- Student Programs, Library, Book Fair, Scholastics, Swap Shop 713-851-0280 • Kim Chevalier- Scrips 281-516-3954 April Raines- Roar Store 936-271-0261 • Cindy Medema- Special Projects 281-259-1736 • August-September 2010

Meet the LPCA Staff

Julie Hauser Dean of Curriculum Books are my love and my passion! As the Dean of Curriculum, I am afforded the opportunity to put my passion to work for the students at Legacy. Pursuing my love for reading, I received my degree from Texas A&M University in English with courses in secondary education and taught junior high and high school students for eight years. The courses I taught included English, Literary Synthesis, Rhetoric and Culturative History. I began my career at Legacy as a teacher and this will be my third year overseeing curriculum. I also have the privilege of working with the amazing teaching staff, helping to equip them to be a master teacher in the classroom. A few of my goals for the 2010-2011school year include a full curriculum audit of our language arts program, development of the leadership curriculum, research and development of a rich and rigorous high school courses, helping to further our staff development program, and teaching a leadership course. You are welcome to see me if you have questions about the book list, subject content, or homework assignment content. I would also be glad to help with student placement, or if you would just like to borrow a good book to read!

Dawnette Laycock Academic Advisor

I am responsible for all things “academic,” including placement testing, teacher hiring and supervision, grading, college preparation, scheduling of classes, and the Stanford Achievement Test. My primary goal is to partner with teachers and parents to help our students reach their individual potential and reflect God’s character. Through prayer for teachers, students, families and wisdom, I know that this is an obtainable goal (Philippians 4:13). I graduated from Texas A&M University in 1991 with a degree in Education and Curriculum. I have taught in the Spring Branch public schools and worked for Hewitt Associates in the business world. Most recently, I served for two years as a children’s pastor at WoodsEdge Community Church and two and a half years as their Curriculum Director for PK through 6th grade. I joined Legacy in 2009 as a 5th-8th grade teacher and have enjoyed being a part of such an excellent school. This year, I will be working in partnership with our Dean of Curriculum to develop a strong ninth grade curriculum, investigating what other outstanding schools are offering, including PreAP/AP classes. Parents should see me about placement testing, grading, choosing classes and when they need help partnering with a teacher.

Becky Hogan Dean of Student Life Dreams do come true! I spent 12 years as a medical social worker, and started two businesses, but none of it compares to the way the Legacy family has filled my heart. I feel really honored and blessed to be LPCA Dean of Student Life. I have taught at Legacy for over two years. I received a bachelor’s degree from Stephen F. Austin and a master’s degree from the University of Houston. I have been married 17 years to Scott, and have two daughters, Gabby (12) and Cameron (9). I have really loved seeing my children grow in their love for Christ by just being a part of LPCA, and I can’t help but rejoice when I see new families as they see the same in their children.

Jeana Francis Director of Program Support Welcome to Legacy! I help support various programs (academics, student life and family ministry) by overseeing many of the daily operations. I also play a large role in the registration of new families, which gives me the privilege of meeting every family that comes through the doors. This will be my fifth year with Legacy and, as always, I am truly excited of what this school year will bring. I would like to share a little story with you that will help identify who I am and what I bring to Legacy every. Nearly six years ago, I was taking my daughter to school for her first day of Kindergarten. I remember a gut-wrenching feeling in my stomach as I was about to drop off my baby girl. It wasn’t like when I dropped off her two older brothers in previous years. She was nervous and I wouldn’t be there to see her through her day. I did as the school requested and utilized the car-line. A woman approached the car and opened the door for my daughter to get out. We said our goodbyes and she was on her way. The woman never looked at or said anything to my daughter, but glanced at me as she closed the door and said “have a good day.” As I sat there with tears in my eyes, I thought to myself “You don’t even know how lucky you are! You get to spend the day with MY daughter.” I will never forget that feeling. When I began working at Legacy, I assured myself that I would ALWAYS know how lucky I am to be spending time with other people’s children. I treat them as I would want my own kids treated. You will soon learn that the fuel for my day comes from the beautiful smiles and warm hugs of the students. You should see me if you have any questions, comments or issues relating to the daily operations at Legacy, including, lunch or recess schedules, safety, attendance, admissions, registration, pick-up or drop-off, support staff, or any other issues that may arise. I also pride myself on being a liaison of sorts between the families and Legacy. If you are not sure who to contact or feeling unconnected, please contact me. If I don’t know the answer, I’ll either find the answer for you or put you in contact with the appropriate person. August-September 2010

Stephanie Koppelman Dean of Family Ministry I am excited to see what surprises are in store for year number three in this role! When I came to Legacy, I made my own personal mission statement: “To minister to the family and families of Legacy.” It has been a pure joy to do just that for the past two years. I have a son, Jake, entering 7th grade and a daughter, Julia, entering 5th. My husband, Matt, serves on the board, and will also be leading some of the Co-Teacher seminars that are geared towards dads. The only member of Team Koppelman that is not currently involved at Legacy is our black lab, Jessie. I have three main areas of service at Legacy. The first is Character Development, which includes overseeing Bible curriculum, teaching Chapel and student discipline. The second is shepherding Co-Teachers, which involves training and equipping parents through a variety of programs and seminars. The third is promoting positive family relationships through various opportunities to spend time together. You can read about all of these areas in detail under the Family Ministry tab on the Legacy website, and you can see me if you have any questions or ideas for new and different Family Ministry programs or events. I am looking forward to a wonderful school year!

Danna Pohler Business Director I have been on staff at Legacy since August 2006. The best part about my job is I get to know and interact some really great kids at Legacy. Actually that has nothing to do with my job but is a GREAT perk. I am the person who oversees the business office at Legacy. I handle all the invoicing for our families and coordinate with FACTS setting up your tuition payments. Please call if you are having problems with your payments, FACTS, or need to add or drop a class. 10

September 2010 Paws for Thought  

September 2010 Paws for Thought

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