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LPCA exists to cultivate parental involvement in the educational process of their children, to instill students with a biblical worldview and the passion to stand firm and articulate boldly in defense of their faith, to prepare them for the rigors of college to guide them into independent learning, and to train our students to always give themselves fully to the work of the Lord, because their labor will not be in vain. Truth is revealed by God through Christ “in Whom are hid all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge.” Colossians 2:3

October 2010 • Volume IV • Issue II



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We’ve Come a Long Way, Baby!

Now Accredited, LPCA Begins Sixth Year Story and photos by Amber Condley

By Ty Koumonduros

Wow, our very own gym!



ave you ever thought of doing drugs? Well, my advice to you is simple. Don’t. Ty and his friends pledge to Just Say NO! I know of a young lady who died of sniffing keyboard cleaner in her bathtub. Kaitlyn Vallery was 16 when she died in 2006. The last words she told her mom were, “I love you.” Her mother found her dead in the bathtub when she came up to tell her to get ready to go out to Sonic. She stood there crying. And then she went in to Kaitlyn’s room and found the keyboard cleaner. Then she had to go downstairs and break the news to her kids. Searching for answers, Kaitlyn’s mom went up to her school and saw some of her friends smoking weed, or marijuana. She went up to Kaitlyn’s friends and told them that they were ruining their lives, but that didn’t stop them. So she decided to do something about it. She founded an organization called Kaitlyn’s Promise ( to raise awareness about the dangers of dusting, huffing, whippets, and other dangerous drugs and substances. She wants kids to realize that adults are not the enemy! A trusted adult should be told if someone you know and love is doing something dangerous. If this can save one life, then Kaitlyn’s death will not have been in vain. Now Kaitlyn’s mom goes around to schools and tells her story, hoping to reach kids in the audience who may be experimenting with drugs, or even thinking about it. She still goes by her daughter’s grave every Sunday with a bag of munchies from Sonic. You can order a bracelet from the website and promise not to do drugs. I have worn mine for more than five months now, and still wear it everywhere. You should try it. Make a promise to yourself. Go to Kaitlyn’s website and order a bracelet and make a promise to not do drugs. Then tell everyone you know about it and spread the word. PFT October 2010

egacy has just begun its sixth year as a private Christian school, and its first year as an accredited school. A lot has changed in the years since Audra May launched Legacy with nothing more than a dream for her children. Mrs. May started looking into other educational options for her oldest son, Travis, in the summer of 2003. “Travis was going into kindergarten and in the Conroe Independent School District (CISD) it was half-day. I didn’t like that option so I was exploring what else was out there,” she said. Mrs. May found the National Association of University-Model Schools (NAUMS) and decided that’s what she wanted to do. Continued on p.18

Lions Take First Win! p.8

And the Lord said, “Whom shall I send? Who will go for me?” And Isaiah replied, “Here am I. Send me!” Isaiah 68

Caroline Shook

Kaitlyn’s Promise:

Mrs. May’s Message


So Many Firsts

hat an incredible to start to our school year! In my six years as the head administrator for Legacy, I don’t know that I’ve ever been more proud of who we are and who we are becoming. We have some wonderful new families and students, incredible new instructors, a capable and dedicated staff, and another year of “firsts” that I will treasure forever. Our first football team began competing this year and has already scored its first win, along with our first interception, first touchdown, first completed pass, and first

When the chief engineer was asked where the electricity was stored, he replied, “We don’t store it, we just make it. When a light switch is flipped in Dallas, a hundred miles west, it places a demand on the system, registers at the plant and prompts greater output.” God’s power is much the same way. It cannot be stored; it only comes in the measure required, at the moment of need, and as our faith places a demand on it. How do we release the power of God that is already within us? We must: 1. Decide that material things will never

Thank you for your prayers and faithfulness to this wonderful model of education and school. May God bless each of you with jewels for your crowns! quarterback sack! We even had our first ever cheerleader-led pep rally prior to our first home game. Legacy is large enough now to need its first portable building. We have our first gym, and our first partnership with a church who has agreed to house us for more than a year! God is SO good and more good things are coming. How do I know this? Micah 3:8 says, “I am filled with the power, with the Spirit of the Lord.” My family calls this Holy Energy! When you are in God’s will and doing what He has called you to do, his power is what keeps you going when you really should be tired, keeps you trying when you’ve made a hundred attempts and failed, and spurs you on when you fill persecuted. I know God has great things in store for us and we will continue to rely on His strength and his faithfulness as we move forward. As I think the power of God, I am reminded of an article I read about a generating plant in East Texas. House-sized scoops of coal are loaded into railroad cars and taken to this generating plant in East Texas. It is crushed and super heated into a powder. This powder ignites like gasoline when blown into giant furnaces that crank three huge turbines. The turbines whir at 3600 revolutions per minute and can generate enough electricity for entire cities. October 2010

be our first pursuit. The Bible says, “Seek ye first the kingdom of God...and all these things will be given to you as well” (Mt 6:33). 2. Realize that God cannot move where there is no faith. “Without faith it is impossible to please God” (Heb 11:6). So, begin using your faith, even in small things. 3. Keep in mind that God will always use something you already have. So, look within yourself, acknowledge what He’s given you and put it out there! 4. Don’t forget to give God the glory. When the praise comes, pass it on to Him! “Every good and perfect gift comes from above...He chose to give us birth through the word of truth, that we might be a kind of first fruits of all he created.” (James 1:17-18) My friends, God has wonderful things in store for us. And, if He is for us, who can be against us! James 5:17 says. “The prayer of a righteous man is powerful and effective.” Legacy has been built on the backs of the prayers of many righteous people and through the power of a loving and faithful God. Thank you for your prayers and faithfulness to this wonderful model of education and school. May God bless each of you with jewels for your crowns! PFT Serving Him and You, Audra May • 936-273-4511 2

Paws for Thought The Official Student Newspaper of


Volume IV • Issue II Audra May Executive Editor Daron Jones Managing Editor

8th Grade Editors & Photographers Meggy Brown Sarah Cruthirds Keegan Ellis Darby Goodwin Adele Mouna James Pirkle Rebecca Schardt Travis Wilson 7th Grade Editors & Photographers Amber Condley Gabby Hogan Kasen Jones Jake Koppelman Jessica Lawrence Chandlyr Mickan Ben Portilla Caroline Shook Jenna Williams Tray Wright

LPCA exists to cultivate parental involvement in the educational process of their children, to instill students with a biblical worldview and the passion to stand firm and articulate boldly in defense of their faith, to prepare them for the rigors of college to guide them into independent learning, and to train our students to always give themselves fully to the work of the Lord, because their labor will not be in vain. Truth is revealed by God through Christ “in Whom are hid all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge.” Colossians 2:3

Legacy Welcomes Forester Family By Tray Wright


rs. Tiffany Forester is Legacy’s new 4th grade and keyboarding teacher. She has two boys of her own here at Legacy: Hayden, who is in second grade, and Houston, who is enjoying his first year of school in Pre-K. Mrs. Forester was born and raised in Houston. “I came to Legacy because of an interest in private, Christian education for my two boys,” she said. Mrs. Forester grew up with a Christian foundation, but really felt a strong calling from the Lord after 8th grade. “My mother had been in a tragic car accident and overcame some serious medical procedures. That played a huge impact, to make a long story short, on my decision to accept Christ as my Savior.” She received her undergraduate and graduate degrees from Sam Houston State University. “I am currently working on my doctoral degree at Lamar University. With me returning to school to complete this program, I quit my job in administration in schools to work part-time.” She learned of an opening at LPCA while attending an information meeting. “I learned that Legacy was hiring and at that time I submitted my resume. What would be better than working and going to school with my boys, the loves of my life?’’ PFT

LPCA’s new 4th grade teacher, Tiffany Forester, is all smiles with son, Hayden (2nd grade).

Legacy Student Ambassadors Will Blanket Them with Love By Sarah Cruthirds


egacy Prep’s Student Ambassadors are launching a Blanket Them with Love program to help the area’s homeless. The Legacy Ambassadors are eighth graders Rebecca Schardt and Sarah Cruthirds, and seventh graders Jake Koppelman and Tray Wright. The Blanket Them with Love program runs through the end of October. Please bring your new or gently used blankets in the carline to drop off in the box under the portico. The Legacy Ambassadors are collecting the blankets to donate to the Breakfast in the Park effort, which serves breakfast to Conroe’s less fortunate. The Lions will be hosting Breakfast in the Park on Saturday, November 6th, where they will distribute the blankets from the Legacy community. The class that brings in the most blankets will receive a pizza or popsicle party! Please help the Ambassadors support those that are less fortunate than us. Should you have any questions or suggestions about the Ambassador program or Blanket them with Love, contact sponsors Becky Hogan at or Julie Hauser at PFT

Lions Celebrate See You at the Pole

By Jake Koppelman


n Wednesday, September 22, LPCA students and parents gathered at the flagpole in front of our school for See You at the Pole. This is a tradition where, at every school across the nation, students and parents gather at their school’s flagpole for prayer. We had a good turnout, with more than 70 people showing up. They all gathered around the flagpole in a circle and each took a turn praying to God. The See You at the Pole tradition has been going on for 20 years. Mrs. DePrang, Legacy’s 2nd grade teacher, has attended all 20. It is not always a sanctioned school event. At public schools, the students have to promote it and make it happen because the teachers aren’t allowed to. Legacy students should consider it a privilege to be able to pray publicly in our school. We hope to see all the Lions at See You at the Pole next year. PFT 3

October 2010

Character Trait of the Month



By Stephanie Koppelman, Dean of Family Ministry


ope, this doesn’t stand for crime scene investigators, although they certainly have it. It doesn’t stand for College of Southern Idaho, although students there (like anywhere) need it. Nor does it stand for Chi Sigma Iota, though surely an honor society that promotes academic and professional excellence in counseling would value it. What is “it”? The ability to act on your own. The enterprising spirit needed to take that first step. The ingenuity to imagine how to solve a problem. SEEING what needs to be done and DOING it. In short, initiative, Legacy’s Character Trait of the Month. I think we can all agree that a Texas-sized initiative was exercised by all the administrators, coaches and students who came together to start our football and cheer programs this year. Or take the Board of Directors. An amazing amount of initiative was needed to move all of us and our stuff to our new location and get the new place up and running. Clearly, every LPCA teacher and co-teacher applies initiative in order to plan and execute daily lesson plans and learning activities. And here’s an example: what does it take for a mommy of three (and one on the way!) to start Houston’s first University Model School? You’re right – initiative, and lots of it! Now, when you think of God’s myriad virtues, does initiative come to mind? It should! What but a God-sized initiative could have seen the potential of a universe then created it? Who but someone God-sized is ingenious enough to craft each and every one of us by hand and make us each unique? Could someone other than God care enough to lean into our lives, see what needs to be done, and do it – for each one of us, at the same time, on an ongoing basis? No doubt about it, God has God-sized initiative, and He wants to work initiative into us as well. It’s a key ingredient for becoming the kind of people He wants us to be and for taking part in His big plan. Nehemiah’s life story is a good example, and how appropriate that we will be studying him this month! You may already know that Nehemiah has been our collective focus for the past two years. Just as he rebuilt the wall around Jerusalem, we at Legacy see each student and family as part of a community that we are building, one “brick” at a time. Here are some things we think kids need to understand and start putting into practice when it comes to initiative, and each one of these is modeled in Nehemiah’s life: When there’s a job to be done, first you have to see it. Nehemiah recognized there was a problem in Jerusalem (Nehemiah 1). When there’s a job to be done, don’t wait for someone else to do it. Nehemiah stepped up to the plate, even though it wasn’t his “job” (Nehemiah 2). When there are people in need, don’t wait for someone else to help them. Nehemiah did something about other people’s problems (Nehemiah 5). When you’ve done what YOU can do, trust God to do what He can do. Nehemiah consistently did everything he knew to do and relied on God to do the rest (Nehemiah 6; 8). So that’s what CSI stands for: Can See It. You can see it; you can do it. Can See It + Can Do It. PFT Written in part by Melanie Williams. ©2010 The reThink Group. All rights reserved. Used by permission. ( October 2010

Quinn Helps Students “Get it” By Meggy Brown


s many of you may know, Legacy has a new science and Spanish teacher this year, Ms. Elise Quinn. I recently had the opportunity to learn a little bit more about her. Ms. Quinn attended McNeese State University in Lake Charles, Louisiana, where she obtained a degree in Spanish. She was not always there for a Spanish degree, though; She actually started as a meteorology major. Ms. Quinn fell into teaching science at her previous school, Lucas Middle School in Willis, where she was an aide the year before. “I love to see a student ‘get it’ and see the light bulb go off,” she says as to why she loves teaching. “As a teacher, I am still learning all the time. When I was a little girl, I would line up all my dolls and create worksheets for them to do,” she says about deciding to be a teacher. “Then, I would get so mad if they didn’t do it, I would put them in the corner.” Outside of school, Ms. Quinn loves to sing and was once a member of The Woodlands’ Faith Bible Church praise team for a while, but now she is in the choir. She also loves to read, go to the movies, and watch her favorite TV show, Lost. Hopefully you will all get the chance to know Ms. Quinn better as the year progresses. PFT

Hogans Explore French Culture By Gabby Hogan


n March 15, 2010, my mom and I boarded a plane to visit friends in Paris, France. On the 10-hour plane ride I imagined what Paris would be like. I was expecting there to be poodles everywhere and for everyone to wear berets. But it’s not like that at all! Paris is a lot different from our state of Texas. However, it is one of the most gorgeous places that I have ever seen. But by far the most beautiful thing was a very well-known church there called Sacre Coure. When I stepped inside I was amazed by the intricate architecture and paintings all over the walls and ceiling. There were people everywhere lighting candles or kneeling in front of very old but very treasured statues of Jesus, and praying for a long time. This was a comforting feeling, knowing that even though I was in a different environment I was still surrounded by people who love the Lord just as much as I do. But my favorite memory of the beautiful church was walking up the narrow curving stairway to the highest dome. It was an amazing view of the magnificent city I will never forget. PFT 4

Seventh-grader Ben Portilla with father Tulio, mother Kara, sister Abby, and the newest addition to their family, Berhanesh.

Portilla Family Finds God’s Love in Ethiopia By Ben Portilla


round a year ago, my family adopted a three-year-old girl from Ethiopia, Africa. My parents went to Ethiopia while my older sister, Abby, and I stayed with my aunt and uncle. Upon my parents’ return, they spoke of what a life-changing trip they went on. My new sister was going to be named Ava. But she did not receive this well. She wanted to be called by her Ethiopian name, Berhanesh. I thought that Berhanesh would not like American food because she never had anything but Ethiopian food, but boy, was I wrong! She loves American food, any kind. In the last year she has gained 20 pounds and grown 9.5 inches. Good nutrition and love is what she needed. Berhanesh is now Americanized because she loves to watch television and eat snacks. I like to call her “Little B,” because our names both start with the letter B. She calls me “Big B.” Berhanesh came to us with very little hair. Her head had been shaved in the orphanage. I never dreamed she would have so much hair now. It is crazy in the morning – her hair is so big in the morning! Adopting a child from another country has opened my eyes to others less fortunate than me. It has changed my life and I am better for it. At the beginning of the adoption I wasn’t really liking God, but then something spoke to me and changed me. Even though we are not biological siblings, I love her the same as my older sister. Around four months later my parents and some friends decided to create a website for kids and babies in Ethiopia. It’s a non-profit organization that buys formula, medicine, food, etc. If you’d like to donate, or just find out more about it, go to their website at PFT

Carlson Answers God’s Calling Wrights Explore Big Bend National Park Story and photo by Jenna Williams


ack in August Legacy hired a new 5th grade science teacher, Jennifer Carlson. When Mrs. Carlson first began college at Minnesota State University Moorhead, she wanted to be a physician’s assistant. After her sophomore year, she became what God intended her to be, a teacher. When Mrs. Carlson was younger she thought she knew God. However, after attending a few different churches with her husband, Josh, she says she finally developed a real relationship with God. For the past eight years Mrs. Carlson has been a stay-at-home mom. Teaching at Legacy is her first contracted teaching position. She has three children here at Legacy: Cole, who is in seventh; Emilie, who is in first; and Jenna, who is in kindergarten. Mrs. Carlson and her husband came to Legacy because they wanted to be more involved with their kids’ education and desired their children to learn from a biblical perspective. She considers herself adventuresome as long as the adventures are relatively safe. “I would love to sky dive,” she says. She likes to read, go for walks, and go to museums and art galleries. Legacy Lions, let’s welcome Mrs. Carlson! PFT

By Tray Wright


ur family went to Big Bend National Park this past summer. This was one of two major trips we usually take throughout the year. A little known secret is that although it is hot in the summer the park is virtually empty. One afternoon it was 108 degrees outside in the desert part of the park! The reason we were not dying in the heat was because there is no humidity there, unlike in Houston, where there is a ton of humidity. There were warning signs that said to watch out for mountain lions and bears! We also went to the hot spring over by the Rio Grande River that divides the border of Texas and Mexico. On the way to the hot springs we found beautiful artwork made by the Mexicans that live nearby. The trinkets were for sale, but it was illegal to buy it and it was illegal for them to sell stuff to us. We had a trail guide drive us to different places, such as the Boquillos Canyon. We also went on a trail called the Lost Mine Trail. I was expecting to go into a lost mine or at least see one, but it was just a view of the mountains and the town. On the last night my family and I went stargazing and it was wonderful. All the stars in the night sky were so bright and shiny. Our stay ended with a long drive through the middle of absolutely nowhere on our way back to Houston. PFT 5

October 2010

Nehemiah of the Month

Darryl Quinn

Internet Technician By Jessica Lawrence How did you come to Legacy? My former manager and I were discussing schools on a business trip to Maryland. He mentioned the universitymodel schools (UMS) because he was considering one in Austin for his children. I immediately researched it online and found Legacy. Our daughter, Sarah, is in Mrs. DePrang’s second-grade class. Where do you work and what do you do there? I work out of my home office for a Virginia-based company called Infused Solutions. I am a computer software consultant and training instructor. Do you have an official title? I have many! Husband, daddy, son, Enablement Manager, and Senior Solutions Architect. What is your favorite part of your duties? Assuming you are speaking of my work duties, I would say it is two-fold. 1) The challenge of creating new solutions to problems, and 2) having the opportunity to share my expertise and teach others. What is your least favorite part? Traveling across the country and being away from my beautiful family. How did you learn all this technical stuff- creating websites, networks, etc? I started learning about computers in the 7th grade when computers were new and had names like TI/99-4A, Vic20, and Commodore 64. After I graduated high school, I went to college and earned a degree in Computer Science. Then, I went from paying my dues working the night shift as a computer operator, through various other God-led job opportunities, to where I am now. It is amazing to look back and see the hand of God in placing me in the right job positions at just the right times! If you were to win the lottery what are the first three things you would do? 1) Give God his portion through the tithe. 2) Give God a gift through an offering. 3) Pay off debts. PFT October 2010

Becky Hogan Takes Over as Dean of Student Life Story and photo by Caroline Shook


rs. Becky Hogan took over as Legacy’s Dean of Student Life this past summer. She previously taught upper school history. In addition to her new administrative role, she was able to sneak in teaching 8th grade Leadership and Pre-K art electives. I interviewed Mrs. Hogan about her new job, and her answers are below. How do you like your job as Dean of Student Life so far? So far, I have to say, it’s a dream job! The more time I get to spend with the students at Legacy, the more the job satisfaction quotient rises. How is it juggling your new role and co-teaching? Juggling my new role and co-teaching is really not that much different than it was to teach and co-teach. Do you have any new plans as Dean of Student Life? There are a few new plans in the making, but you will just have to wait and be surprised! What are your favorite things about Legacy? My favorite things about Legacy are the students, the staff, and the parents. Our school is a place where you can be authentically you, and feel loved because of it. What is your favorite movie from when you were a child? The only movie I remember seeing when I was a child was Star Wars. Going to the movies was a BIG DEAL when I was growing up, and so I don’t really remember going very often. Who is the new mascot, Roary the Legacy Lion? We are proud to formally announce that the new mascot is Miss Hannah Hart, and I have to say, she is going to be a fantastic mascot! She displayed such creativity and enthusiasm during her interview. PFT

Legacy Welcomes Riley: “It Was a God Thing!” Story and photo by Darby Goodwin


achel Riley is Legacy’s new upper school English teacher. She came to learn about Legacy through some people she knew at WoodsEdge Church. As she said in our interview, “It was a God thing!” Before Legacy, Mrs. Riley taught at a school in Austin, Texas and a school in Casper, Wyoming. She has taught 9th through 11th grade, and even a college class. Here at Legacy, she is teaching 6th, 7th, and 8th grade language arts. She told me the reason she teaches theses classes is because, “I love language arts and the things we can learn about ourselves and each other from reading and writing stories.” Mrs. Riley got her Bachelor’s Degree in English from the University of Texas in Austin. She came to know Christ after her Grandfather passed away from cancer. She prayed for her Grandfather and God answered those prayers. She said she knew than that He was Lord. Outside of school, Mrs. Riley is interested in cooking, going to museums, traveling, and spending as much time as possible with her husband, Sean, and their two dogs, Sender and Heidi. PFT 6

Local Hero Reflects on Experiences in Iraq By James Pirkle


n May of 2004, William Dunning, of the 1st Battalion, 5th Marines, in the First Marine Division, answered his call and was sent to Iraq. He kindly allowed me to interview him via email about his experience. He said that going to Iraq has changed him in both good and bad ways. The good change is that no matter how bad his day is going, he remembers that it is not as bad as some of the time he spent in Iraq. A negative result of his experience is that he still has nightmares about the things he saw and did. Mr. Dunning served in Iraq twice and came back for the last time in June of 2008. He hopes that the people in the United States never have to see what he saw there. War must be a really horrible thing to experience because he still does not like to talk about his time in Iraq. I remember that my grandfather did not like to talk about when he fought in World War II. I am grateful that soldiers like Mr. Dunning are willing to serve to protect our freedom. Next time you see a soldier, stop and thank him for his service! PFT Julia Koppelman, Janet Mylin, Amber Condley, and Maci Williamson enjoyed the Secret Keeper Girl event. (We miss you, Maci!)

Pssst... Can You Keep a Secret? Mother-Daughter Event Turns out to be... (gasp!) FUN! By Amber Condley


ow, the Secret Keeper Girl event was so much fun! I thought we would have to listen to some boring lecture about how you need to wear turtleneck shirts and jeans to stay modest, but it is so much more than that. Secret Keeper Girl was created by Dannah Gresh. Their traveling tour came to Spring First Church on September 17 to teach girls ages six to 12, and their moms, the true meaning of beauty and how the

Bible says to dress modestly. This was an amazing experience with dancing, skits, games, verses about true beauty, and a fashion show teaching girls and their moms how to dress modestly while staying stylish. Secret Keeper Girl makes a fantastic mother-daughter date. The hosts of the show were Melanie Cherland, Janet Mylin, and Dannah Gresh. Dana and Janet had been talking about starting Secret Keeper Girl for 10 years. When Janet said she would do it with Dana, they got to work. This is the sixth year for 7

Secret Keeper Girl and they love it. Melanie Cherland was working with pregnant teenaged girls, but it was just too sad for her because she felt like they didn’t have a second chance and she wanted to work with younger girls. When she found Secret Keeper Girl she was so excited because she got to work with younger girls. Melanie loves being on stage, so this was the perfect opportunity for her. For more information on the group and future events, visit them online at www. PFT October 2010


Lions Make School History!

Ty Koumonduros crosses the goal line for one of his two touchdowns against Chester.

Come From Behind Effort in Chester Leads to Legacy’s First Win, 27-26 By PFT Staff


n September 23, the Legacy Lions got their first win, coming from behind with a pair of fourth quarter scores to beat the Chester Yellow Jackets on the road 27-26. It was a tight game, with the score tied 13-13 at the half. The Yellow Jackets led 2613 with just 6:49 left in the fourth quarter. Ty Koumonduros scored two fourth quarter touchdowns to put the Lions ahead. The coaches were encouraging the defense to “build a brick wall like Nehemiah” on the sidelines. Koumonduros and Ryan May then combined on a fourth-down tackle to seal the win. Head Coach Rodney Manning was very proud of the way the boys performed. “I’m really excited for the boys,” he said. “They were getting to the point where they were really down. But I think this is really going to help them a lot for the rest of the season.” Even though it was a road game, there was a large Legacy crowd. It got a bit dusty in the stands. Tears of joy were shed. The Chester players and cheerleaders were very good sports and showed great hospitality. On the long ride home after the game, cheerleaders Makaila Bender and Kasen Jones called in to Radio Disney and announced Legacy’s first win on the air to a riveted nationwide audience! PFT

October 2010

Coach Manning and his men thank the Lord for his blessings, with the historic scoreboard under the full moon behind them.




Preseason Scrimmage

By Jake Koppelman The Lions football team had its first scrimmage on August 28, against Tomball Christian at Legends Sports Complex, where Legacy is playing its home games this year. Each team played 15 plays on offense and defense, twice. It was a close one as both teams scored two touchdowns. Ty Koumondourous got the player of the game award, as he ran for a long touchdown and caught another. The Lions might have won if it wasn’t for a rather unusual play. Ty fumbled at the one yard line on his way to his would-be third touchdown of the day.

St. Anthony of Padua 57, Lions 31

By Chandlyr Mickan On September 2, 2010, Legacy played its first official football game. Even though they were down 32-0, the Lions worked great together as a team, coming back to make the loss a respectable 57-31. Ty Koumonduros scored two touchdowns and Travis May had three. There wasn’t a moment of silence during the whole game as the cheerleaders and the crowd cheered on our Legacy team. Coach Manning stated afterwards, “I think that overall for the season we’re going to see a bunch of big teams compared to our guys. Bigger in size, but not bigger in heart. I think our guys really fought today. They did a great job not giving up and fighting. They could’ve just given up. But they didn’t. I’m real proud of them.”

Rosehill 41, Lions 7

By Rebecca Schardt The Legacy Lions lost to the Rosehill Eagles 41-7 on September 9th. Legacy’s only touchdown was scored by Tyler Koumonduros. The team’s performance was hurt by an injury to running back Travis May. Travis sprained his ankle runningthe ball. A Rosehill defensive player grabbed Travis’s jersey, which caused him to twist. The defensive player landed on Travis’s ankle. He would remain sidelined for several weeks.

Faith Academy 58, Lions 13

By Sarah Cruthirds The Faith Academy Knights handed the Lions their next loss on September 16, beating LPCA 58-13 in Bellville, Texas. The boys played their hearts out, but the mercy rule was called. It was a grueling game – two hours away, injured players, and a tough loss. But Coach Rodney Manning was proud of the boys and said the score didn’t matter. “Basically this game is about blocking and tackling and from the beginning of practice to now we’ve gained so much,” said Coach Manning.

Tomball Christian 64, Lions 40

By PFT Staff The Lions lost the game, but may have found their offensive rhythm in a 64-40 loss to the Tomball Christian Warriors that was closer than the final score indicates. Coach Rodney Manning and his offensive staff opened up the aerial attack in the second half, and the Lions began moving the ball more efficiently than they had been most of the season. Quarterback Jake Koppelman Quarterback Jake Koppelman tossed the second, third, and fourth TD passes of the year, hitting Ryan May twice and also Gabe Locke, who looked like quite a threat at receiver. The defense played well, with stellar plays by Bobby Cruthirds, T. Scott Hart, and Keller Houston, who forced a fumble and recovered it on the goal line. Travis May got in on the act with the first interception in Lions’ history. PFT

REMAINING SCHEDULE Oct. 14th Saint Anthony’s Padua Legends Sports Complex, 6:30 pm Oct. 21st Tomball Christian Legends Sports Complex, 6:30 pm 9

October 2010


Coach Manning Provides Godly Example By Jake Koppelman


PCA put together its first football team over the summer and is midway through its first season. The man behind all the madness is Rodney Manning, the Lions’ first head football coach. I was lucky enough to interview him recently and shed a little light on the coach. “As a team, we have been working extremely hard physically and mentally all summer and every day after school,” he said. Coach Manning came to know Christ at an early age. He has taught the players that no matter how things are going in life, that if they trust in God and live by his word, anything can be accomplished. His favorite moment so far, aside from the first win at Chester, has been seeing the excitement on the faces of individual players as they acquire a passion for the game. “I have been teaching the players that football and life have a lot of similarities. I stress discipline most because you need to have it in both life and football,” he said. When asked about coaching the team again next year, his response was, “At the end of the season, me and my family will pray and discuss how our family life is during football season. That will determine if I will coach the team next year.” I hope everybody will get to be good friends with coach Manning as the year goes on. PFT

Coach Rodney Manning with his quarterback, and PFT staffer, Jake Koppelman.

Coach May Makes Special Teams Special

Coach Brandon May gives some tips to his son, Travis, against Tomball Christian.

By Rebecca Schardt


Hey! Where’s the 50 Yard Line?

By Tray Wright Have you been wondering what the differences are between regular 11man football and the six-man game that Legacy plays? Six-man football in Texas mostly follows NCAA rules, but there are several rule changes. The most obvious is that the field is just 80 yards long and 40 yards wide. You need 15 yards for a first down, and all players are eligible receivers. There must be a “clean exchange” of the football. The quarterback must hand-off, pitch, or throw the ball before it can cross the line of scrimmage. Scoring is a bit different, too. A six-man field goal is worth four points, a kicked point-after-touchdown (PAT) is worth is two, and a run or pass PAT is worth one point. And as we saw against Faith Academy, if a team leads by 45 points or more after halftime, the game is over. PFT October 2010


randon May is the special teams coach for the Legacy Lions football team. He is, in fact, married to LPCA Executive Director Audra May, and they have four boys who all attend school here at Legacy. Coach May started playing football when he was in sixth grade, about the age of the boys on the Legacy Lions football team. He played football through the 10th grade, when he was as a linebacker and running back. However, he did not play in college while attending Texas A&M. Coach May says that everyone in his family is a Dallas Cowboys fan, but he also roots for the Houston Texans. Mr. May was raised in a Christian home where there was a strong biblical foundation. At the age of seven he accepted Jesus into his heart and was later baptized at Fellowship Baptist Church. When he was at church camp at the age of 12 he came to fully understand the full price Jesus paid for his sins. When asked about how he thought our Legacy football team would do this year, he said, “I think we will get better and better. We have committed coaches and the team is showing good progress.” Coach May started coaching football as an assistant three years ago with his son’s little league football teams. “Some parts of coaching are easy, but the difficult part is making sure you have the right people in the right positions for a good result.” PFT

Pep Rally Pumps up Lions!

Makaila Bender Amber Condley Gabby Hogan


Kasen Jones Julia Koppelman Abigail Kruppstadt

Adisyn Mickan Megan Murray Stephanie Pierce

Annie Shook McKenna Smyth Kyra Wright


And last but not least... Roary the Lion (Hannah Hart)

By PFT Staff ednesday, September 29th, was full of spirit and green hair. Legacy had its first pep rally in the gym after morning assembly. The celebration was part of a “Green Out” in preparation for the Lions’ first home game against Tomball Christian. The cheerleaders put together a special presentation for students, parents, and staff. In addition to their exciting cheers they did a skit called “black out Tomball Christian.” Eighth grade football players Gabe Locke, James Pirkle, and Ty Koumonduros were wrapped in black party streamers by their teammates. Roary the Lion, Legacy’s mascot (played by Hannah Hart), was also there to spread the spirit. “It was like a green wave,” said Tray Wright. Many kids showed their spirit with green and yellow face paint. Students and families then went to Chick-fil-A after school to continue the celebration. PFT



October 2010

Australian Graham Brings International Flair to LPCA By Travis Wilson


lister Graham is one of many new teachers at Legacy this year. He is currently teaching four classes: two 5th grade history classes, an 8th grade history class, and boys Leadership for 5th and 6th grades. Mr. Graham’s favorite part about teaching is getting to be around his students all day. “It’s because I’m still a big fifth grader at heart,” he says. When asked why he teaches social studies, and not something else, he replied, “I love studying the stories of what happened in the past and comparing them to what happens today.” Mr. Graham’s teaching background is quite large, including some experience in coaching sports teams. He started teaching in Australia, where he is from, teaching 9th through 11th grade social studies. He also coached 8th grade field hockey and 12th grade cricket. When he came to Texas, Mr. Graham began teaching as a substitute teacher in Conroe I.S.D. for grades K-12. Through friends and family he found his new home at Legacy. He is a great addition to the LPCA staff. He will hopefully be here for years to come. PFT

DePrang Joins Daughter on LPCA Faculty

The Browns at the Tower of London: Matt, Ron, Beefeater Guide, Tricia, and Meggy.

Story and photo by Kasen Jones


Meggy’s European Adventure

By Meggy Brown


ladiators and castles and long flights! Oh, my! This is how I would describe my family’s European adventure in June 2010. Rome is filled with historical buildings and beautiful artwork. For some, the Sistine Chapel, part of the Vatican Museum, is a favorite. The ceiling is just one big painting! But others find the Coliseum, where people used to gather to watch chariot races and gladiator fights, much more interesting. However, if you are looking for a building that takes your breath away, visit Saint Peter’s Basilica. It’s gargantuan! London is very different than Rome. It is much more modern. Personally, the Tower of London was my all-time favorite. Royalty has been using the Tower of London as a castle and a prison for hundreds of years! I loved hearing all the execution stories told by the Beefeaters, who were also our tour guides. Others prefer the Tate Modern, a museum with modern art. Or simply cruising around Leicester and Trafalgar Squares, where you can visit local shops and dine at restaurants along the way. To sum the trip up, Rome is basically ancient and historic buildings with legendary backgrounds, which some find fascinating. London, on the other hand, is more contemporary and fun. The long the flights were definitely worth it. PFT October 2010


ndrea DePrang, 2nd grade teacher, is a new here at Legacy. She has gone to church all her life, and accepted Christ when she was 14 years old. Mrs. DePrang truly began a relationship with Christ during college. She and her family go to Crossroads Baptist Church in The Woodlands. She went to Texas State University in San Marcos, Texas, though it was called Southwest Texas State University while she went there. After retiring from 29 years of teaching this May, her daughter, Leah Ford, who happens to be a 1st grade teacher at Legacy, thought it would be great for them both to teach at the same school. She convinced her mother to apply as a 2nd grade teacher. Although she has taught 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th grades, she says she enjoys teaching 2nd grade the most. “I have always felt that I was called to teach, and it is my mission field. Teaching at Legacy allows me to teach and talk about God and how each subject has an application to the Bible and God’s design,” says Mrs. DePrang. PFT

Legend of the Guardians a Fun Romp

Darby (third from right) and her fellow Rebels!

By Caroline Shook


Earth to Rebelbase By Darby Goodwin

Live to Love!


outh group at The Woodlands United Methodist Church is always a blast. We call it Rebelbase. There is a junior high Bible study that meets weekly on Sunday nights. This is probably one of my favorite times of the week because I get to hang out with friends while worshiping and learning about God. About once a month, we will take a break from doing Bible study and do something fun, such as have a party or go to a drive-in movie. Some people tend to think church or youth group is just something you do weekly to hear a sermon or sing a song or two. But to me it’s much more than that. It’s about going because you want to, not because you have to. It’s about worshiping God, not just going through the motions. It’s about living to love and please God, not living to be loved and be pleased. That’s why I am so excited to see God work in me and through me this school year. You can find out more about the Rebelbase student ministry by visiting them online at PFT

egend of the Guardians, a new animated movie, takes place in the forest of Tyto, where brothers Soren and Kludd accidently fall from their tree and are kidnapped by the evil Pure Ones. Kludd is destined to be a warrior of the Pure Ones, while Soren picks apart pellets to find flecks, all because he stood up for an elf owl named Gylfie. Soren and Gylfie work together with the help of Grimble, to escape and warn someone of the evil doings of the Pure Ones. The two young owls meet up with Digger, a burrowing owl, and Twilight, a great gray. Together they go in search of the Guardians of Ga’Hoole. There is nonstop action, which might be a little scary for younger kids. Several characters are killed, and although the deaths aren’t bloody, they are sad. The owls say “Glaux” instead of God and one describes war “like hell.” An echidna tells the band, “I foretold you,” and other prophecy-like things. Vampire bats are evil warriors for the Pure ones and can look a bit scary and the flecks have a destructive power over the owls. This is a movie about courage and believing in something although you may not be able to see it. Funny and full of lovable characters, battle scenes, and a heroic story, this is a perfect movie for older kids. It isn’t called the “Lord of the Rings with owls” for nothing. PFT

Grimaldi’s Gets Good Marks By Travis Wilson


rimaldi’s Pizzeria is a truly phenomenal restaurant. It is located on Waterway Square in The Woodlands. Service here is great. The four or five times I have been I have had friendly and attentive service. The menu only has a few food choices, but every one is amazing. Some of their choices are: calzones, pizza, and, as an appetizer, antipasto. I would recommend Grimaldi’s to anyone. This is by far the best pizzeria I have ever eaten at, and I know you will think just as highly of it once you try it. PFT

Mouna Family Enjoys Merry Olde England Story and photo by Adele Mouna


uring the summer, my family and I took a visit to England to see our family and friends. We met up with our grandparents, cousins, aunts and uncles, and our best friends. After arriving in England, we hired a car and drove up to a city called Norwich to see our grandparents that were due to visit with us on the boat as well. We then drove to a boat rental place, as we were due to hire a boat with our family. We stayed on a three-bedroom boat for a week, with different family members coming and going. We toured all over the Norfolk Broads. After the amazing time on the boat, we then drove up to Naphill to see our cousins Isabella and Claudia. We stayed there for one night before driving to Winchester to see our best friends. We were with our best friends, James and Emma, for two nights and then we had to leave for the airport but our trip wasn’t over then. Our cousins, Charles and Olivia, came to Texas to stay with us for two and a half weeks. We showed them all over The Woodlands, and we also drove up to Yogi Bear Park with them. We all had such a great time! PFT


Adele and her brother in England. October 2010

McCall First in First Graders’ Hearts Story and photo by Chandlyr Mickan


his 2010 school year Legacy Preparatory Christian Academy was blessed with quite a few new teachers. One of those teachers is Windy McCall. Mrs. McCall learned about Legacy from fellow LPCA teacher, Jennifer Carlson. After being an accountant for 10 years, she stepped into teaching, feeling that was what God wanted for her. Mrs. McCall now teaches the first grade math, science, history, language arts, and Bible. So far Mrs. McCall’s favorite thing about LPCA is the freedom to talk about God and the biblical integration. She has no children, but has been married for one year and eight months. Mrs. McCall thinks that Legacy is mostly different from other schools because it is a University-Model school and has smaller classes. “Which makes it easier to get to know the students you teach individually,” she stated. She feels that she is going to learn a lot about teaching this school year. PFT

Seventh Graders Relive Tragic Storm of 1900 in Galveston

Story and photo by Amber Condley


n Thursday, September 9th, Mrs. Manning’s 7th grade history class went on a field trip to Galveston. The class was reading Galveston Summer, a book about of the hurricane of 1900, on the 110th anniversary of the great storm. The students visited places characters Abby Kate and her cousin, Jane, loved to go. They tried to guess which house on Avenue L Grandma Linden lived in. They passed the mansions Abby Kate and Jane would admire. The class watched a 27-minute documentary at the Galveston County Historical Museum that explained how things were back then. The documentary said the men tied weights to the dead bodies and threw them into the ocean so all the bodies would sink. But the bodies washed back onto the island, so they had to burn the bodies whether they liked it or not. After all the debris was burned they started to raise the island with concrete and built a 16-foot sea wall to protect the city from the wild waves that killed and destroyed thousands. The Legacy group finished out the trip by stopping at La Kings, the candy and ice cream parlor that Abby Kate and her family loved to go to in the book. PFT

Third Graders Learn How to Keep Fit at Gold’s Gym

Legacy’s 3rd graders went to Gold’s Gym on September 9 to complete a unit on health. They had been learning the importance of nutrition, sleep, drinking water, and exercising to having a healthy body. At the gym, they completed an obstacle course, a nutrition station, a step class, a relaxation class, and learned how to do proper push-ups, crunches, and stretches. Kristi Murphy, mother of Grayson Murphy, led the step and relaxation classes and organized the field trip. She had eight personal trainers on hand to instruct the students. It was so much fun!

October 2010


LPCA News & Notes THE LIBRARY IS OPEN! The Legacy Library is open for business for both parents and classes. Thanks to all the volunteers who came to clean and move shelves. Classes have been given times when they can come to the library to check out a book. These times will be utilized at the teacher’s discretion. Students may check out one book and it is due within two weeks. There are no fines for late books. However, the school will withhold progress reports and/or report cards until the book is returned or paid for. The library will be open on Friday’s from 8 am to 3 pm for parents to bring their students to the library to return or check out another book. STAY AND PRAY AFTER DROP-OFF Stay and Pray is Wednesday, October 6, at 8:30 in room 221. Please bring a Bible and a pen. Mothers of preschool children, please allow a friend or neighbor the privilege of caring for your child during this time. YEARBOOK PICTURES The pictures are now available for viewing online. Please follow the link and use the user name and password given on your order form. Orders are due on or by October 6, and will be distributed on October 25. Retakes will be on Wednesday, October 27. COME TO COFFEE CONNECTION This month’s Coffee Connection is Wednesday, October 13th in the cafe. This is a great time of fellowship and will definitely be a celebration marking the completion of the first quarter! Breakfast – and coffee, of course – will be served. Staff and board members will be present to address topics that you have questions or concerns about. We will share our highlights and lowlights of the first nine weeks of school. It should be a great time of encouragement and community.


4 Tix go out Mane Event 4 Chapel 6 Stay and Pray 13 Coffee Connection 15 End of Q1 16 Real World Parents 18 Q1 Grades due 20 Co-Teacher Training 25 Vision/Hearing Screen 27 Report Cards released 27 Pumpkin Decorating Contest 27 Themed Class Pictures

Seventh-grade girls show a nice sense of symmetry during morning assembly.

REAL WORLD PARENTS Mark your calendars for Real World Parents, Saturday, October 16, from 9 am to noon. Registration forms went home this week. Childcare will be provided by reservation only for children up to 6th grade. It is going to be a great time of fellowship and encouragement. Spouses are highly encouraged to attend together! Please send your registration and payment in by October 11. CHARACTER TRAIT: INITIATIVE Do you know anyone who lives in his own little world? Never seems to notice what’s going on around her? Can step right over something that needs to be picked up, without even noticing it? Maybe we’ve all had moments like these, but living that way can cause problems. That’s where some initiative comes in. Initiative is SEEING what needs to be done and doing it. God, the Creator of all virtues, exhibits initiative all the time. Creation is an obvious example, but His initiative is ongoing, even when it’s not completely apparent. God wants us to have initiative, too. This week, focus on helping kids discover that when there’s a job to be done, first you have to SEE it. God can help them use their eyes to make a difference.

Eighth Graders Ty Koumonduros and Gabe Locke (above), along with Keegan Ellis and Meggy Brown (below) give it their best shot during a coordinate graphing lesson. See? Math CAN be fun after all!

TEACHER APPRECIATION Wednesday, October 27th, is the Fall Soup and Salad Bar for Staff and Teachers. Please contact Jennifer Freeman at if you would like to help out as we honor our teachers and staff. SCRIP FUNDRAISING PROGRAM The Lions’ Den PTO recently rolled out a new fundraising program that won’t cost you any extra money and requires just a small amount of your time. It is called SCRIP and involves purchasing gift cards for items and services you normally buy and use. Legacy receives a percentage of the gift card amounts purchased. Keep a look out throughout the year for various opportunities to place your order! KEEP TRACK OF YOUR VOLUNTEER HOURS Don’t forget to Log your volunteer hours. You can do this at the front desk or on the form you were given at co-teacher training. PIERCES WELCOME YET ANOTHER PRINCESS! Rade and Liz Pierce, parents of seventh-grader Stephanie, had their newest little girl last week. This is their fifth beautiful girl. Help us welcome Elise (“Ellie”) into the world with prayers and wellwishes. She weighed eight pounds and was 19.5 inches tall! PFT


October 2010

A Surprise Visit to Canada

Caroline and her father, Brent, in Banff, Canada.

Story and photo by Caroline Shook


his summer, for my 13th birthday, my dad and I went to Banff, Canada. The destination was a surprise to me. I had to guess where we were going. Right before we arrived, Dad pulled out a map and showed me where we were going. Our first stop was Kalispell, Montana. We stayed at a hotel at Glacier National Park with no air conditioning or television. We spent about three days in Montana riding bikes, white water rafting, and hiking before we drove to Canada. Banff is a little town about three or four hours away from Kalispell. In Banff we got to go horseback riding, go up a gondola and hike back down, and take the red bus tour. We saw all kinds of wildlife: two mother elk with calves, two bull elk, a mother mountain goat and her calf (my dad and I got about four feet away from her), and a bunch of cute ground squirrels. For a present my dad gave me a wolf’s claw necklace that I still haven’t taken off. We saw all these different lakes with water an unreal blue from the glaciers melting into them. At Lake Louise it started snow-

ing, in July! We had to go buy hot chocolate to warm up. During that time I read the Inheritance series (Eragon, Eldest, and Brisingr) and I am now waiting for book four. I just now found out the author lives in Montana! At the end of our trip, dad and I went fishing. It started out great. We rented a canoe and paddled out to what we thought was a good spot. It then started raining, and hard. We began to paddle back but the wind was freezing so we could not feel our hands, plus the wind was playing with the water in a way that made you see all sorts of things in its depths. The current carried us past the deck and on down the river. If we kept like that we would

have gone over rapids and waterfalls. Dad finally paddled us to a rocky shore and we landed not so gracefully on dry, not moving out from under you, land! We made it back alive in the pouring rain. I don’t know if I’ll be able to ride in a canoe again. The next day Dad and I flew back to Houston. We were glad to be back to our house and family, hot weather, and friends. But we had a lot of fun in Canada and I would like to go back someday. PFT

Pastor Soto Shares Native American Message By Gabby Hogan and PFT Staff


ative American pastor Robert Soto came to speak to Legacy students Friday, September 17. He gave a speech to the sixth and seventh graders about his Indian culture from a Christian worldview. Ironically, Soto didn’t actually know he was of Indian descent until he was eight years old. He and his grandmother were watching a John Wayne movie with a neighbor, who made a disparaging remark about an Indian character in the movie. Soto’s grandmother surprised him by objecting suddenly, saying, “I am an Indian, and if you don’t like it you can leave my house!” And that’s how Soto found out he was a Native American. Soto’s church is called Son Tree Native Path. He stressed how important it is that he preserve his culture for future generations. He also takes this message around the world. Some of the places he has been include Switzerland and Germany. In fact, he drove over six hours to speak at Legacy. He was dressed in an elaborate costume, with feathers and colorful native decorations. The students enjoyed his cultural dances and songs. PFT October 2010


7th-Grade Poll Name a Place You Have Not Yet Been to, But Would Love to Visit.

Amber Condley: Paris Megan Murray: California Gabby Hogan: Italy Jenna Williams: Rome Maddie Crowder: China Stephanie Pierce: Germany Chandlyr Mickan: Switzerland Caroline Shook: Scotland or New Zealand Garrett Chevalier: California Travis May: Italy Ben Portilla: Cuba Jake Koppelman: New York Tray Wright: Germany Hope Rutledge: Italy Jessica Lawrence: Italy Kasen Jones: Italy Cole Howden: France, Germany or England

Getting Set for MANE EVENT! The Lions’ Den PTO Needs YOU to Solicit Products or Services for LPCA’s Annual Fundraising Banquet


hat time is almost upon us! Yes, it’s time for our fall fundraiser, the Mane Event. For those of you who are new to Legacy, Mane Event (purposefully misspelled... you know, like a lion’s mane?) is vital to our annual PTO fundraising effort, covering critical school expenses throughout the year. With this summer’s move, your Herculean efforts at getting ultra-cool items and services to raffle off is more important than ever before. Each family is given a set of 20 tickets to sell to family and friends. The tickets are worth $10 each, and each person who purchases one is entered into a raffle for some really fabulous prizes at our Christmas Banquet in December. As a NAUMS school, we are limited as to the amount of tuition we can charge. Therefore, our school literally depends on these fundraisers, especially this one and the Race for Education in the spring, for our very existence. But we have added some really interesting twists to this year’s event! The Mane Event Committee is looking for raffle donations valued around $200 or more from stores or businesses in the area. Specifically, we are looking for any of the following items: • 42” or larger Flat Screen Television • iPad • iPod Touch • Newest Gaming Systems (PS3 “Move” or latest XBox, etc.) • Tickets to Sporting Events • Vacation Get-Aways Remind the businesses that you are courting that donations for the raffle are tax-deductible. If you are able to get one or more of these items donated, we will wave UP TO ALL of your parent volunteer hours. • If you donate an item with a value of $150 - $499, we will wave HALF of your parent volunteer hours. • If you donate an item with a value of $500 or more, we will wave ALL of your parent volunteer hours. Donations must be received no later than November 15th. Contact Lions’ Den PTO Chair Nicole Bender ( any questions or ideas. Get to it, Lions! PFT

Sixth Grade Science Loves the Lava By Sarah Cruthirds


iss Quinn’s 6th grade science class made a volcano erupt while they were studying a unit about natural disasters. “We were mainly studying about Mt. St. Helens and Mt. Vesuvius,” said Bobby Cruthirds, who took the photo at right. The students thought it would erupt all over their teacher. But they were disappointed when all it did was bubble over. “It wasn’t supposed to blow up,” said Mrs. Quinn. “It was like a Hawaiian volcano – slow.” “I wanted it to blow up in our faces,” said a disappointed Landon Davis. Overall the learning experience was a good one for Miss Quinn’s science class. PFT

Jonas Brothers Camp Out at Pavilion By Kasen Jones and Maci Williamson


he Jonas Brothers performed at the Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion in The Woodlands on September 11. The show was part of a tour promoting the Disney movie, Camp Rock 2. The Jonas Brothers opened with their first hit song, “Year 3000.” During the concert, Demi Lovato and Joe Jonas did a great job on their duets, “Wouldn’t Change a Thing” and “This is Me.” Nick stopped the show for a brief 9-11 tribute, saying how proud he was to be from a country where we can be free and celebrate God. The show closed with “Burnin’ Up” as an encore. The opening act was the cast of Camp Rock 2 and Demi Lovato, went on for about two hours. In our opinion, that was too long. This was a fun show that was very appropriate for all ages. PFT 17

October 2010

We’ve Come a Long Way, Baby!

Our new home, Woodland Place Baptist Church.

Continued from p.1 In 2005 she opened Legacy with 43 children enrolled. The second grade class only had five kids with one boy, Travis. Debbie Pirkle and Kristan Williams are the only faculty members that have been with Legacy since the beginning. Mrs. May’s favorite part of being the school’s Executive Director is the students. “I love getting to know the kids and their families and I love hearing all of the stories about how families are coming together and spending more time with one another.” There are occasional bumps in the road, she says. “My least favorite part is dealing with gossip. I have seen first-hand how gossip can tear down something wonderful.” The school has moved three times. It started at WoodsEdge Community Church, then moved to Gateway Baptist Church in its second year. In February 2009, it moved to Crossroads Baptist Church, before moving to its current home, Woodland Place, this past summer. There has been growth in athletic programs, as well. In the fall of 2009 Legacy introduced its first basketball teams. Although the girls team didn’t win very many games, they did win Legacy’s first trophy. The boy’s team won its first game against Trinity Lutheran church, and had many other wins against other teams. The school has continued to grow since its launch. After going through a very challenging process, the school became accredited on June 11, 2010. This year Legacy has its first-ever football team and cheerleading squad. Mrs. May is hoping to add a girls volleyball team and a boys baseball team soon. PFT

October Birthdays Kai Nelson 10-1 Grace Wiley 10-1 Lanah Burkhardt 10-2 Jamie Jones 10-3 Adisyn Mickan 10-4 Peyton McConnell 10-5 Abbie Powell 10-9 Grace Lewis 10-15 Hayden Forester 10-17 Gabby Hogan 10-17 Gabe Hart 10-20 Maya Lazzaro 10-20 Rachelle Medema 10-28 Genin Levang 10-28 Sela Thiessen 10-28 Wesley Kuykendall 10-29 Cody Centilli 10-30 October 2010

Lions Welcome Melissa Brown By Adele Mouna


elissa Brown is now teaching the third grade Language Arts, History, and Bible classes in our school. She heard about Legacy from a few of her friends that have their children enrolled in our school. Mrs. Brown has an Elementary Education degree from Sterling College in Sterling, Kansas that she has put to use by teaching for one year in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and then four years at Ford Elementary before deciding to teach at Legacy. “I taught third grade for five years before I had my daughter, Baleigh. This is one of my favorite ages to teach,” she says. Mrs. Brown decided to devote her life to God in the summer before her freshman year in high school, at a Christ in Youth camp in Colorado. Her favorite Bible verse is Colossians 3:17. She is a huge Oklahoma fan, and loves to read, run, and watch all sports. We wish Mrs. Brown, and all the new teachers, God’s blessings in their first year at Legacy. PFT

K-Life Equals Fun, Friends, and Fellowship By Jessica Lawrence


ow would you like playing games with pie getting thrown at your face or a shopping spree in Galveston and spending a fun day at the beach? This is just a small part of K-Life, which is a nondenominational Christian organization with 39 chapters nationwide from Florida through Colorado. They have one here in The Woodlands for 6th to 12th graders. K-Life is a place for kids to go and be in a safe Christian environment. It’s a chance to hang out with friends and young adult mentors. They have skits, worship, devotion, and plenty of fun. There are opportunities to join a small group bible study. It’s also a fun club night and there is no pressure. It is connected to Kanakuk, a Christian athletic camp in Missouri. Rudy Littler, a former area director at K-Life for four years, thinks that it is a great place for junior and senior high school students. As he put it, “K-Life is fun, exciting, and cool!” For more information check the website at PFT 18

Pastor Tim Keith and WPBC Share God’s Vision for LPCA By Sarah Cruthirds


t the end of last year, the Legacy family was praying that the Lord would lead us to a wonderful new home. God answered our prayers in the form of Pastor Tim Keith and Woodland Place Baptist Church (WPBC). Keith has been senior pastor at WPBC for six and a half years, and spent the previous ten as a youth pastor. Woodland Place has been in this location since 1975 and was started in 1974. “With what Legacy is trying to accomplish and what Woodland Place is trying to accomplish – together we could do just that. This is the whole reason we partnered with Legacy,” said Keith. “It took a lot more than we thought to get Legacy here, but we did it.” Growing up in Haughton, Louisiana, Pastor Keith first came to Christ when he was 10 years old and was baptized a few weeks later in his hometown. He thought he would either be a professional athlete or a video game designer. But, he says, “God had better plans for me.” He received his undergraduate degree in computer science and his Masters in Business Administration at LSU in Shreveport. Pastor Keith attended seminary in New Orleans and got a Masters in Divinity. The vision at Woodland Place “is to take Christ outside the walls of our church.” Pastor Keith believes they have made a great effort to reach this goal by partnering with a church in Romania, where many of their mission trips have been. He says the most rewarding part about being a preacher is seeing people give their heart and life to Jesus and to watch it change their world. Pastor Keith has been a short-term missionary and has enjoyed trips to Mexico, Ethiopia, and several to Romania. “You really get to see God’s handiwork in your life and others, as well as encounter different cultures,” he says. He is the proud father of 10-year-old Abigail, eightyear-old Gabrielle, and four-year-old Jacob. Pastor Keith has been married to his wife Kim for 14 years, and they moved here in 2004. His hobbies include playing golf, watching LSU football, and reading. He looked up to Celtics legend Larry Bird for most of his youth, but now likes Kurt Warner for his Christian attitudes displayed on and off the grid iron. He doesn’t have a favorite author, but enjoys reading the Bible and books about God reviving his people. “My pet peeve is complacent Christians, when they want the blessing of Christ but not the responsibility,” he says. When asked if there is something others don’t know about him, he said “I am an introvert,” meaning he is shy and doesn’t desire to be the life of the party. He wrapped up by saying John 14:6 is the Bible verse he shares a lot with people and is his favorite for now. In this verse Jesus says, “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.” PFT

The vision at Woodland Place is to take Christ outside the walls of the church. The Legacy family can help them do exactly that. 19

October 2010

Second Grade is Bad to the Bone!

Texas RenFest Marks 36th Year By Keegan Ellis

By James Pirkle


he Texas Renaissance Festival is coming back to Plantersville, Texas! Join in an awesome wave of events, where dragons, fairies, pirates, kings and queens come together to entertain you for their 36th year. From October 9-h through November 28th you can come and overwhelm yourself with excitement as you eat great food, play lots of games, and watch stage shows on Saturdays and Sundays. More info is available at PFT


his year at Legacy we have several new teachers, including second grade teacher, Jennifer Bone. Mrs. Bone found Legacy during a job search this summer when she learned of a second grade opening. This is her first full-time job as a teacher and she loves it. She especially loves English and says it is her passion. I asked her what she would cut if she could cut one subject – surprisingly she said she loves all of them. Mrs. Bone, Legacy thanks you for your time and devotion to the second graders! PFT

ATTENTION PARENTS AND TEACHERS: SEND US YOUR STUFF! Parents, are your children doing something interesting, different, fun, or exciting? Teachers, is your class doing a project, going on a field trip, digging a hole directly through the Earth to China?

Jaime Hulbert’s fifth grade math is getting into some hot water with school administrators. Instead of, you know, working, rumor has it they have been actually having fun assignments like a perimeter lab (above) and even a scavenger hunt (below)! Mrs. May is wise to their little tricks, though, and has vowed to get to the bottom of this!

WE WANT TO KNOW ABOUT IT! Whether it is in class or outside of school, we want your photos and notes about what Legacy Lions are up to! Send us pictures of what you kids are doing and they could be in the next Paws for Thought newspaper for everyone to see! Email your photos and writeups to the PFT staff at October 2010


Paws for Thought October 2010  

October 2010 edition of Legacy Prep's Student Newspaper, Paws for Thought

Paws for Thought October 2010  

October 2010 edition of Legacy Prep's Student Newspaper, Paws for Thought