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The Legacy Unit Priscilla McPheeters Executive Sr. Sales Director Newsletter 785-841-5858 Daily Hotline 951-262-1059

May 2011 Edition

May Cover Girls!! Lisa Chamberlain Gold Medal!

Alissa Laub Gold Medal! (5 recruits)

(5 recruits) Julie Macenski Silver Medal! (4 recruits) Jessica Leese Silver Medal! (4 recruits)

Alicia Hawes Bronze Medal! (3 recruits)

HELLO, to my WONDERFUL LEGACY UNIT!! Thanks to YOU, our unit is currently ranked as the NUMBER TWO UNIT in the Diamond Seminar!! Our heart's desire is to be the NUMBER ONE UNIT! The next two months will be THRILLING as we continue to share our wonderful product and our un-matched opportunity with women everywhere whose lives deserve to be enriched. Please let me know how I can encourage you in your Mary Kay business! "May God grant you your heart's desires and fulfill all your plans!" Psalm 20, verse 4 With love and admiration, Priscilla

Follow your DREAMS!

Excellence In Action!! New Consultant


One who shared

1. Krissie Druen 2. Sara Mills 3. Keirra Sullivan 4. Samantha Brunell-Ghareeb 5. Cheryl Beach 6. Brittney Kauffman 7. Caitlin Krepel 8. Kira Pekarek 9. Ashley Mahoney 10. Amy Jones 11. Caroline Bradford 12. Tammy Pike 13. Mandi Michael 14. Katherine Mohr 15. Karen Engler 16. Christine Parsons 17. Debbie Foltz 18. Kristen Pedraza 19. Ashley Hook 20. Diane Browne 21. Crystalee Masarik 22. Tia Bacon 23. Sarah Feiden 24. Shannon Dugan 25. Lesette Perez 26. Carmen Reyes 27. Amanda Burns 28. Casie Wood 29. Holly Rye 30. Cariena Birchard 31. Yawa Agbedor 32. Lillian Armstrong 33. Shannon Shackelford 34. Stacy Cooper 35. April Jennings 36. Armetha Wynn 37. Brenda McGarry 38. Brandi Hartley 39. Debbie Sink 40. Jacque Durr 41. Sabrina Johnson

Lawrence, KS Baldwin City, KS Lawrence, KS Eldorado, KS Baldwin City, KS Shawnee, KS Kansas City, MO Wood Heights, MO Lenexa, KS Olathe, KS Wetumpka, AL Knoxville, TN Nottingham, MD Nottingham, MD Highlands Ranch, CO Aurora, CO Highlands Ranch, CO Highlands Ranch, CO Olathe, KS Shawnee, KS Lawrence, KS Beaverton, OR Houston, TX Rosenberg, TX Houston, TX Houston, TX Cleveland, TX Hurst, TX Omaha, NE Grand Island, NE Omaha, NE Omaha, NE Lawrence, KS Topeka, KS Odessa, MO Kansas City, MO Shawnee, KS Manter, KS Ottawa, KS Eudora, KS Hutchinson, KS

Lisa Chamberlain Lisa Chamberlain Lisa Chamberlain Lisa Chamberlain Lisa Chamberlain Alissa Laub Alissa Laub WOW!! Alissa Laub Alissa Laub Alissa Laub Jessica Leese Jessica Leese Jessica Leese Jessica Leese Julie Macenski Julie Macenski Julie Macenski Julie Macenski Priscilla McPheeters Priscilla McPheeters Priscilla McPheeters Priscilla McPheeters Alicia Hawes Alicia Hawes Alicia Hawes Judy Overton Judy Overton Judy Overton Angela Kucera Angela Kucera Dorian Partee Dorian Partee Shari Hicks Shari Hicks Jenny Holcomb Jenny Holcomb Julie Lane Andrea Bernard Rhonda Ryan Cindy Hollinger Christie Gardner


INCREDIBLE!! 42. Denise Early 43. Sarah Kies 44. Tesa Hedden 45. Amanda Temple 46. Tania Durre 47. Tiffany May 48. Shelly Clark 49. Pat Miller 50. Chamil Colton 51. Juliana Traynham 52. Brenda Brassill

Aurora, CO Baldwin City, KS Lecompton, KS Lawrence, KS Tecumseh, NE Garden Plain, KS Hutchinson, KS Wichita, KS Independence, MO Highlands Ranch, CO Gretna, NE

Shontell Perkins Suzy Kies Shelly Nichols Connie Flory Elizabeth Brase Saundra Harmon Patti Hughes Barbara Fishman Anabel Hovey Lenora Perkins Trish Girmus

In Honor of Eileen Huffman… This page is dedicated to the superstars in the Legacy family who are going ABOVE AND BEYOND and are ENERGIZING their business with a great attitude and work ethic! (Please send us your accomplishment sheets or call us with your achievements.)

Lori Keffer $218 class & 270 week! Rhonda Ryan, New Consultants 1st class $310! Debbie Sanderson $430 class! Jessica Leese $200 day (while on vacation!), $189 double facial, $163 class, $110 reorder, $100 facial & is a NEW Star Team Builder! Patti Hughes had classes of $315, $247, $127! Jenny Holcomb had a $509 facial and a $442 class! Cindy Currey $300 facial! Lisa Chamberlain had an $847 week & a $358 facial! Julie Macenski had $213 in reorders in one day! Sheryl Knoll $600 plus class! “Victory begins with hard work and sacrifice.” Eileen Huffman

Pearls of sharing winners in April include Lori Monroe, Lori Keffer, Shari Hicks, Lisa Chamberlain, Connie Flory, Laurinda Sobba, Keirra Sullivan & Samantha Brunell-Ghareeb.

May 2011 Legacy Newsletter  

The April Results published in the May 2011 Legacy Unit Newsletter

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