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The Legacy Unit

Priscilla McPheeters Soon-to-be Million Dollar National Sales Director 785-841-5858

March 2010 Edition

WOW!! We were ranked #2 in February in the Diamond Seminar and #5 in the Nation!! That moves us from the #17 spot to the #10! We are going for the NUMBER ONE SPOT!! “Welcome New Consultants!� New Consultant 1. Danielle Dobsch 2. Sara Barajas 3. Kristina Gaylord 4. Andrea Sedlacek 5. Sarah Dai 6. Candice Sellers 7. Lisa Heigert 8. John Saunders 9. Lynda Johnson 10. Debbie Sanderson 11. Cynthia Rivera 12. Abby Crowe 13. Nina Fisher 14. Liz Bates

From Festus, MO Topeka, KS Topeka, KS Omaha, NE Omaha, NE Oklahoma City, OK Topeka, KS Courtland, KS Wichita, KS Wellsville, KS Omaha, NE Hutchinson, KS Ottawa, KS Clarinda, IA

One who shared Kallista Parker Kallista Parker Kallista Parker Angela Kucera Angela Kucera Sara Schneberger Eileen Bowling Angel Johnson Angel Johnson Shari Hicks Merna Abernathy Christie Gardner Sharon Johnson Christina Bedsworth

Pearl Stars

Ruby Stars

Sara Schneberger Kallista Parker

Reach for the moon and you will land among the STARS!!

Angela Kucera Shari Hicks

Sapphire Stars Andrea Bernard Merna Abernathy Jen Werner Jennifer Christensen Julie Macenski Sharon Johnson Ginni McMahon Gina Taylor Sandy Cooper Amanda Banks

Michelle Barragan Diane Diekman Christie Gardner Jenny Holcomb Dana Woolery Sara Reimer Jill Hedger

Mary Kay Ash’s favorite Bible verse: "When I am afraid, I will trust in Thee" Psalm 56:3

March Chix Mix!!

Kallista with her GOLD Medal!

Elizabeth, Sara, Jennifer, Kallista, Angel and Priscilla

Kay, Priscilla and Edna Kay has been a consultant in the unit for 19 years!! She brought her friend Edna to Chix Mix for some girl time!!

Kay and Gina “cuttin’ a rug” to a little country music! Ya’ll need to join us in April!!

March into RED!! There is a spot waiting for YOU!! RED Jackets and Above in the Legacy Unit! 1. Sandy Cooper 2. Sharon Johnson 3. Tami Landis 4. Patti Hughes 5. Judy Overton 6. Kallista Parker 7. Cynthia Tuttle 8. Jennifer Werner 9. Merna Abernathy 10. Marcia Aguiar

Congratulations Kallista... our NEWEST Red Jacket in the Legacy Unit!

12. Diane Diekman 13. Alissa Garcia 14. Shari Hicks 15. Melody King 16. Angela Kucera

Congratulations for Registering for Career Conference 2010!! 1. Merna Abernathy 2. Jen Werner 3. Sandy Cooper 4. Jennifer Christensen 5. Diane Diekman 6. Christie Gardner 7. Jill Hedger 8. Jenny Holcomb 9. Michelle Baragan 10. Andrea Bernard 11. Angel Johnson 12. Sharon Johnson 13. Shari Hicks 14. Ashley Guise 15. Alissa Garcia 16. Alicia Hawes 17. Angela Kucera 18. Susan Washington 19. Tami Landis 20. Priscilla McPheeters

21. 22. 23. 24. 25. 26. 27. 28. 29. 30. 31. 32. 33. 34. 35. 36. 37.

Shawna Meyer Kelsey Montgomery Elizabeth Holz Sara Barajas Abigail Stewart Megan Pieper Kallista Parker Amanda Paul Sara Reimer Myrna Schwartz Gina Taylor Liz Vostrez Joany Whitesell Sara Schneberger Shandalen Rudd Dana Woolery Vivian Caughey

Congratulations to Kallista! She is an On-Target Car Driver!! Kallista Gold Medaled & recruited 5 women in February. Her Team had a total of $5,000 wholesale!

From page 1 in Miracles Happen, Mary Kay writes: "There are four kinds of people in this world: *those who MAKE things happen *those who WATCH things happen *those who WONDER what happened *those who DON'T KNOW that ANYTHING happened! I knew from a very early age that I wanted to be in the FIRST category!"

Choose your style!! There are THREE Gorgeous styles to suit YOU!

First Line Legacy Directors

Future Executive Sales Director Teresa Lischwe

Sr. Sales Director Barb Fishman

Sales Director Angela Jacobson

Sales Director Holly Mardock

Sales Director Heidi Norton

Sales Director Heather Baker

Our Goal is to have 6 MORE 1st Line Directors by July 1st, with a total of 12. There is a place waiting for YOU!! Second Line Legacy Directors Please email a photo Sales Director Sheila Hipp

Sales Director Julie Oltjen

Sales Director Susan Turner

Sales Director Lisa Chamberlin

Sales Director Laura Romero

Sales Director Sales Director Marina Garcia Maria Sandoval

Our Goal is to have 5 MORE 2nd Line Directors by July 1st, with a total of 12. There is a place waiting for YOU!! Legacy unit, we are committed to debuting as a BRAND NEW NATIONAL AREA by November 1st 2010. This means that we must have all of our directors in place NO LATER than JULY 1ST!!!

Legacy Area DIQ’s

We desire to go into qualification with TWELVE FIRST LINE DIRECTORS AND TWELVE SECOND LINE DIRECTORS! If you have the commitment and the determination to be a SERVANT LEADER and carry on Mary Kay's mission to empower and encourage women on the leadership level, NOW IS YOUR TIME!!! The future Legacy area is one of the most RESPECTED in our WONDERFUL COMPANY!! Call me NOW if YOU HAVE DECIDED TO JOIN US AS A LEADER!!!

DIQ Sara Schneberger

DIQ Sheila Markley

"The happiest people in the world are those who have learned how to serve others." With love and BELIEF IN YOU, Priscilla, your SOON TO BE MILLION DOLLAR NATIONAL SALES DIRECTOR!!

March 2010 Legacy Unit Newsletter  

The March 2010 edition of the Legacy Unit Newsletter

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