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The Legacy Unit Newsletter Priscilla McPheeters Soon-to-be Million Dollar National Sales Director

February 2010

“Welcome New Consultants!” New Consultant 1. Jennifer Snyder 2. Rachael Coffey 3. Penelope Hale 4. Ginnie McMahon 5. Lynda Todd 6. Greta Weaver 7. Gena Bauer 8. Alma Flores 9. Valerie Good 10. Brittnie Gifford 11. Alexis Pettit 12. Maria Sanchez 13. Benita Vasquez 14. Beth Banzet 15. Alice Hughes 16. Christine Istas 17. Danielle Davis 18. Julie Carrick Davis 19. Tracie Luttrell 20. Christina Bedsworth 21. Elizabeth Holz 22. Jennifer Kolarik 23. Lauren Johnson

From Indiana, PA Emporia, KS Oklahoma City, OK Excelsior Springs, MO Bella Vista, AR Spring Hill, KS Yukon, OK Houston, TX Hiwasee, AR Offutt A F B, NE Bellevue, NE Omaha, NE Bellevue, NE Ottawa, KS Clyde, KS Frisco, TX Gilbert, AZ Nevada, MO Harlan, KY Clarinda, IA Topeka, KS Topeka, KS Wentzville, MO I Believe in YOU!!

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Future Director, Sara Schneberger from Oklahoma City!

“Legacy Unit, Our mission is to live authentically, give joyfully, take risks, show respect for others, encourage one another, challenge each other to grow and become all that God created us to be!”

Dear Legacy unit member, What a remarkable year 2009 has been! As is often the case , it was a year of joy and sadness, victory and challenges….and a year to give thanks for our many blessings . Our unit had one of our best years yet and was recognized in the Top One Percent of the Mary Kay world...we had offspring Sales Directors debut and many consultants start their businesses to build their families dreams and accomplish their goals. The most significant loss of course, was that our precious Eileen Huffman, one of our dearest friends, and a top leader in Mary Kay. Most of you kn0w that Eileen was my personal recruit whom I trained and mentored for thirteen priceless years. One of the bright spots for Eileen this past year was the joy and satisfaction she gained when her personal recruit and offspring Sales Director, Julie Oltjen, received a NEW KIDNEY after there years on dialysis. In July of 2009, Julie and I (the happy and fortunate donor) underwent surgery at St. Lukes, In Kansas City. What a joy it was to hear Julie call and inform Eileen that both her Mary Kay daughter (Julie) and her Mary Kay Mama (me!) were doing great and the transplant was a resounding success! In spite of having terminal liver cancer, for the last four years Eileen led her unit to the prestigious Circle of Excellence FOUR TIMES. Out of over $15,000 Mary Kay directors she was tin the TOP ONE HUNDRED!! Her heart’s desire and greatest professional goal was to lead her beloved unit, THE ENERGIZERS across the stage at Seminar in the Million Dollar unit club. I have no doubt that it God had given her the time and health she would have accomplished her goal. With Eileen’s passing, her unit, “The Energizers”, and my unit, “The Pace-Setters” have merged and become one unit. Our unit is now called The Legacy, out of respect for the legacy that Eileen wanted to leave and that I will carry forward. We are now one of the largest units in all of Mary Kay. We have been given the very important and humbling responsibility of accomplishing the Million Dollar Unit Club victory that Eileen so passionately desired for her team of consultants. My prayer is that I will be given the privilege of speaking in Eileen’s behalf at Seminar, with her husband Scott present to watch her beloved consultants walk across stage! THANK YOU for being a part of our record-breaking year! Thank you so much for your commitment to your Mary Kay customers, to your business, and to your dreams…. And most of all I THANK YOU for you faith in me as your leader, for your support and ESPECIALLY your prayers! Arms around you, with love and gratitude, Priscilla McPheeters, your SOON TO BE MILLION DOLLAR NATIONAL SALES DIRECTOR!! Psalm 20, verse 4: “May God grant you your heart’s desire and fulfill all your plans!”

Jenny with her “Magic” wand making wishes come true!

February Chix Mix!! Scott hosted it at his home. Thank you Eileen and Scott for all of the cherished memories!

Taste of Success February 2010 Jenny Holcomb was the Fairy Godmother passing our beautiful prizes to the audience!

The NEW Legacy Unit Jan Jam in Wichita!!

Courtney Huffman, Retired National Jessie Logan, Scott Huffman and Priscilla Scott was the Guest Speaker for Taste of Success in Lawrence, Ks. He did a remarkable job sharing his “I” story

Scott pointing us towards our DREAMS!!

Isaac, Priscilla’s son had the privilege of introducing Scott. He did an Amazing job!

Kelly and Julie making us smile!

Timothy, Courtney, Jessica, Scott & Eileen

Eileen at Seminar 2007

Eileen at Seminar 2009

A Tribute to Eileen

Our beloved Eileen Huffman, my personal recruit, offspring Sales Director and cherished friend passed on to Heaven on December 1st, 2009. Her goal was to lead her unit to the Number One position for the state of Kansas on their way to the Million Dollar unit club for this Seminar year. Above is a picture from our Leadership convention in San you can see, she reached her goal! Eileen's request and prayer for us all was to "be obedient, joyful and grateful....stick your face into the sun and count your BLESSINGS, and remember.....NO Un-Necessary Drama!" Thank you, precious friend. We will be FAITHFUL to remember.....

February 2010 Newsletter  

The February 2010 issue of the Legacy Unit Newsletter

February 2010 Newsletter  

The February 2010 issue of the Legacy Unit Newsletter