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The Legacy Unit Newsletter

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August 2010 Edition

Hello to  my  beautiful  Legacy  Unit!    

As you  can  see  from  the  pictures  our  Seminar  was  AMAZING!!  Our  unit  was  cele-­ brated  as  the  NUMBER  FOUR  UNIT  in  the  Diamond  division  (out  of  over  2,500!)   We  were  the  Number  ONE  unit  in  our  National's  area  and  we  had  the  third  highest   attendance  at  Seminar!!    

This Seminar  was  unique  since  it  was  the  first  one  in  thirteen  years  without  our   precious  Eileen  Huffman  who  passed  away  last  December.  What  a  BLESSING   that  her  husband  Scott  chose  to  attend!  It  was  almost  like  having  Eileen  with  us.   Priscilla  representing   YOU..the  #4  Unit!   THANK  YOU  SCOTT  for  your  generosity  and  kindness,  knowing  that  we   needed  you  by  our  side!  We  thank  God  for  you  and  will  pray  always  for  you  and   for  your  beautiful  children,  as  Eileen's  legacy  CONTINUES  ON  throughout  future     generations.    

Highlights for  me  personally  were  Dalene  Hartshorn's  National  area  banquet  and  re-­ ceiving  the  "Courage  Award"  presented  to  me  by  Scott.  What  a  deeply  humbling  ex-­ perience  that  was,  and  I  shall  remember  that  evening  for  the  rest  of  my  life.    Price-­ less!    When  our  beautiful  and  generous  national  Dalene  presented  to  me  a  BRAND   NEW  TWELVE  STRING  GUITAR  I  almost  fainted  from  excitement  and   Scott  Huffman   shock!    I  had  the  great  privilege  of  singing  Eileen's  favorite  song  "Forever  Young"   to  my  dear  friends  at  our  banquet.  What  a  moment....  again  we  felt  so  close  to  Eileen   (LOHHQ¶VKXVEDQG  and  Jeff   and  I  remembered  singing  that  song  at  her  director  debut  thirteen  years  ago.    

I watched  with  great  pride  as  many  of  our  consultants  and  directors  in  the  Legacy  Family  were     honored  again  and  again  on  stage........what  a  thrill  to  see  Cadillac  Sales  Directors  Teresa  Lischwe  and   Heidi  Norton  TEACHING  at  Seminar....      

I watched  with  deep  joy  as  Julie  Oltjen  who  was  on  dialysis  for  three  years,  now  with  a  healthy  body   due  to  her  kidney  transplant  last  July,  DANCE  at  our  National  banquet!!    Eileen  was  her  personal     recruiter  and  one  of  the  primary  reasons  Julie  is  now  reminded  me  once  again  that  the  Lord   is  at  work  in  all  our  lives  and  to  be  grateful.    

Legacy unit,  this  year  we  will  claim  the  position  of  COMPLETING  OUR     NATIONAL  GOAL  as  well  as  the  NUMBER  ONE  UNIT  when  we  debut!     It's  our  highest  calling  to  ourselves,  our  company  and  to  Eileen's  legacy.      


THANK YOU  for  making  the  journey  SUCH  A  JOY.   arms  around  you  with  love  and  gratitude,      


Eileen and  Priscilla   6HPLQDUµIULHQGV for  ETERNITY!  

Queen of  Unit  Retail  Sales!! Sandy  Cooper  with  her  husband   Jim  

Sara Schneberger  and  Angela  Jacobson   just  picked  up  their  BEAUTIFUL   rings!!  

Directors earned  the  opportunity  to  ride  in   style  to  Awards  Night!  

Gina Taylor,  our     Miss  Go-­Give!!  

Queen of  Unit  Recruiting!!     Sara  Schneberger  with  her     husband  Richard  

Seminar is  so  Glamorous!  

Priscilla representing  the  Legacy  Unit   as  the  #4  Director  along  with  the  #1   Director  LaRonda  Daigle,  #2  Marsha   Morrissette  &  #3  Amy  Allgood  


Our  Beautiful  Legacy  Area  Directors  walking  across  stage  on  Awards  Night!   Angela,  Sheila,  Laura,  Teresa  and  Sara  

Priscilla  with  Dalene   :KLWH0DU\.D\œV first  consultant!  

Sheila  Markley  was   Queen  of  Sales  in     'DOHQHœV$UHD  


Teresa  Lischwe  was   Queen  of  Recruiting  in   'DOHQHœV$UHD  

n!! Actio  n i   e llenc


They  found  a  way!!  

Follow  your   dreams!!  

Julie  Oltjen  dancing  for   JOY!!  

Celebrate  Success!!  

First Line Legacy Directors

Future   Sr.  Sales     Exec.  Sales     Director   Director  Teresa     Barb  Fishman   Lischwe    

Sales Director   Angela     Jacobson  

Sales Director   Holly  Mardock  

Sr. Sales     Director   Heidi  Norton  

Sales Director   Heather  Baker  

Sales Director   Sara   Schneberger  

Second Line Legacy Directors

Sales Director   Sheila  Hipp  

Sales Director   Julie  Oltjen  

Sales Director   Susan  Turner  

Sales Director   Lisa  Chamberlain  

Sales Director   Laura  Romero  

Sales Director   Maria  Sandoval  

First Line DIQ

Sales Director     Sheila  Markley  

Sales Director     Marina  Garcia  

Sara and  Sheila  on  stage  with  the   #1    National  Sales  Director    Barbara  Sunden!   What  a  THRILL!  

Brand New   Sales  Director   Ulvia  Martinez  

Exce llenc e i Acti on!!   n  

Heidi introducing  NEW   Sales  Director  Sheila  !!    

Sandy Cooper   ”‹•…‹ŽŽƒǯ•‹–  

Priscilla introducing  New   Sales  Director  Sara!!  

August 2010 Legacy News  

Monthly publication by Priscilla McPheeters for the Legacy Unit consultants.

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