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==== ==== How to Loss Weight Naturally ==== ====

The quality fat blocker is an extract of the Opuntia ficus-indica cactus plant and is a hundred percent natural organic compound. This product is available as pills and aids in weight loss. It acts as a soluble fiber compound and binds to the fat preventing it from getting digested. Furthermore, it also acts as a non-soluble fiber compound and prevents the digestion of harmful glucose molecules. In order to understand how fat blockers work, we need to understand how our bodies work and how the digestion process is carried out. Digestion begins in the mouth and not in the stomach as many people think. In the mouth, food gets broken down so it can be swallowed and saliva aids in the digestion process as well as in lubrication. Food particles start dissolving in the mouth and once they become small, they pass through the esophagus into the stomach. In the stomach, food is further digested and identified as one of the three different compounds which are carbohydrates, proteins and lipids. The body needs to function at its best and for that it needs all the three different compounds in the right proportion. People think that carbohydrates and fats are bad but it is true that the body requires this. The problem in America is that people consume more carbohydrates and fats that are needed by their bodies and this is why they suffer from problems such as obesity. Fats and carbohydrates are the fuel for the body and when the body has used enough, it tries to metabolize the rest. Sometimes, overconsumption of fats and carbohydrates prevents it being metabolized and the body stores this as fat and after some time, it results in weight gain. The good thing is that, these days there are products available which can help to prevent weight gain safely. These products are known as fat blockers (aka fat binders) and are hundred percent natural and organic. There are two steps involved in the operation of fat blockers. Firstly, the nonsoluble fibers isolate the lipids by attaching to them in the stomach. After attaching, the lipid molecules become really large for digestion and are expelled from the body. Secondly, a thick solution is formed by the soluble fiber molecules which the body is able to digest. This solution makes you feel that you are full and therefore you do not feel the need to consume large amounts of food. In other words, the amount of food eaten is controlled. Digestion of other lipid molecules and harmful carbohydrates is also slowed down by the soluble fat binders. When the food is about to be passed from the stomach to the small intestines, fat finders attach to bile which is a chemical produced by the liver. Normally, when bile is secreted into the small intestine, they help to break down fat so they can be directly absorbed in the bloodstream. When fat blockers are present, they prevent this from happening by neutralizing bile and preventing absorption of harmful carbohydrates and lipids. This results in these harmful compounds being expelled out of the body safely with the fat binders.

Natural and 100% organic fat blockers are all derived from plant extracts, organic, and are clinically proven to aid in weight loss. Although, these are clinically safe and really effective in helping you to lose weight, they shouldn't be substituted for exercise and healthy balanced diets. Clinically proven fat binders are a great way to lose those extra pounds, but before incorporating such things into the daily routine, it is highly recommended to seek advice from a health professional.

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==== ==== How to Loss Weight Naturally ==== ====

The Natural Way To Loss Weight