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Communist Party Somewhere Branch Model Plan of Work 2009 Membership 1/1/08: 20 Membership 1/1/09: 22 Waged 7, R/Waged 4, Unwaged 8, R/Unwaged 3, DD payees 11 Male 16, Female 6, Under 29 2 Lapsed 1, Deceased 1, Transferred out 1 Transferred in 2, Recruits 3 Activists/Cadres: 9 Enquiries/potential members 2008: 8

Main objectives for the year Membership

Recruit 4 new members by end of year Increase DD payees to 75% of members Hold regular monthly branch meetings Ensure functioning branch committee Ensure branch nominations for relevant party advisories Mobilise for Regional Communist University & CUB09 Hold Introducing Marxism sessions to launch Marxist Discussion forum (bi-monthly) Assist in establishment of local YCL group/activity on university campus Invite local YCL members and supporters to party events Establish housing campaign through Trades Council Establish a working relationship between Trades Council and Morning Star R&SG Affiliate to local PSC group

Party Democracy M-L education Youth & Student Local Mass movement

Timetable Month




Town Centre Stall (publicise Cuba 50 mtg) Raise Housing campaign at Trades Council

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Public meeting on 50 th anniversary of Cuban revolution Send branch members to Trade Union & Political Cadre School (Ruskin House, Feb 7 th & 8 th )

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Regional Communist University


Establish local newsletter & Branch website Publicise Trades Council Workers’ Memorial day (Apr 28 th )event Preparations for District Congress

AN Other


Distribute May Day leaflet Contest 1 seat in CC elections & support anti-BNP initiatives

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Introducing Marxism sessions & launch Marxist Discussion forum Assist YCL members/potential members to attend YCL Camp Organise 3 city centre stalls during period

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Freshers’ Fair stall (publicise up-coming local events)

AN Other


M Star mtg (Global Warming & Nuclear Power) Send branch members to CUB09 (6 th –8 th November)

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Other CP/Morning Star public meetings/activities to examine mid 2009; Local Economy & Unemployment, Party Month of Action on Trident Replacement; Left Wing Programme; Tel; 07000000000 e-mail:

Model Branch Plan of Work 09  

Tel; 07000000000 e-mail: Timetable Main objectives for the year Other CP/Mor...

Model Branch Plan of Work 09  

Tel; 07000000000 e-mail: Timetable Main objectives for the year Other CP/Mor...