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Speakers & workshop leaders in chronological order Avtar Sadiq, National Secretary, Association of Indian Communists GB, & National Vice-President Indian Workers’ Association GB Robert Griffiths, General Secretary, Communist Party of Britain Harsev Bains, Secretariat member Association of Indian Communists GB, & General Secretary, Indian Workers Association GB Navid Shomali, International Secretary, Tudeh Party of Iran Nick Lowles, Editor, Searchlight magazine Bill Greenshields, Derby Branch & Executive Committee of the Communist Party, and education union leader

Midlands Communist University West Indian Centre, Derby Carrington Street, DE1 2ND

Sunday 27th May 10am – 5pm

Imperialism, racism & class …‘globalisation’, war and the struggle for sovereignty & peace

Graham Stevenson, Head of the T&GWU national transport sector and longstanding Midlands based Communist. CPB Executive Committee member.

Organised by o Communist Party of Britain o Association of Indian Communists GB (Marxist) o Young Communist League

Dyal Bagri, Secretariat Member, Association of Indian Communists GB, & National President, Indian Workers Association GB Carol Turner, CND Andrew Murray, National Chairperson, Stop The War Coalition Rob Miller, Director, Cuba Solidarity Campaign. Ben Stevenson, General Secretary, Young Communist League

£5 waged/£2 unwaged Food and refreshments provided – contributions welcomed

Andy Goodall, Venezuela Solidarity Campaign Joginder Bains, Derby branch & National Women’s Secretary Indian Workers Association and Secretariat member Association of Indian Communists GB Joanne Stevenson, Women’s Organiser, Young Communist League ASSOCIATION OF INDIAN COMMUNISTS GB

For more information or to register for a place, contact CPB Ruskin House Coombe Road Croydon CR01BD

Imperialism, racism, class

AFTERNOON SESSION 1.20pm Plenary 2 Imperialist ‘globalisation‟ and war…

‘globalisation’, war & the struggle for sovereignty & peace

and the struggle for independence, sovereignty & peace Chair: Robert Griffiths General Secretary, CPB

9.30am -10am

Registration & welcome


MORNING SESSION 10.15am Plenary 1 Imperialism, racism & class...


Chair: Avtar Sadiq National Secretary AIC-GB Marxist o

o o o





British imperialism, past & present and its continuing effect on the world and British society Harsev Bains, AIC-GB Marxist US Imperialism „Greater Middle East‟ Navid Shomali, Tudeh Party of Iran Racism: divide & rule Nick Lowles, Editor ‘Searchlight’ Class in Britain: class antagonisms & working class unity. Bill Greenshields, CPB

1. The nature of British & US imperialism Graham Stevenson, CPB Navid Shomali, Tudeh Party 2. Imperialism & religious fundamentalism Dyal Bagri, AIC-GB Marxist 3. Fighting racism, building class unity Nick Lowles, Searchlight





Imperialist globalisation: national & international effects and resistance Carol Turner, CND Imperialist war in the 21st century Andrew Murray, Stop The War Coalition Latin America – fighting for sovereignty Rob Miller, Cuba Solidarity


4. Imperialist „globalisation‟, “social movements” & youth Ben Stevenson, Gen Sec Young Communist League Andy Goodall, VIC and Venezuela Solidarity Campaign 5. Women & class Joginder Bains, AIC-GB Marxist 6. The anti-war & peace movement Carol Turner, CND



3.30pm Workshop reports, discussion, concluding remarks Chair: Joanne Stevenson Women‟s Organiser, YCL Rob Griffiths, Avtar Sadiq & speakers panel


The Internationale

Midlands Communist University 2007 final  
Midlands Communist University 2007 final  

West Indian Centre, Derby £5 waged/£2 unwaged Harsev Bains, Secretariat member Association of Indian Communists GB, & General Secretary,...