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Don’t make the same mistake in Wednesfield. The performance of their nearby councilors reveals a shocking list of absence, incompetence, and violence:

an appeal to the voters of

Wednesfield North, please



“Yes to anti-social behaviour”? James Lloyd (Princes End), campaigned on a ticket to make parents responsible for the crimes of their children. What he failed to tell voters was that his own son was one of the area’s worst offenders. The Lagoon pub in Tipton has closed after a series of violent incidents involving a shooting, machete attack and mass brawls. The pub, which regularly held BNP meetings and fundraising events, was run by Lloyd.

In neighbouring areas, BNP councillors have been elected on Danesmore Park the promise to be different. They - are they bothered? criticised the “old gang”, and The BNP ignored the Save Danesmore benefited from being considered Park School campaign. It was local trade unions that came to support a “new” party that would look committed and concerned parents, after the interests of “local getting TV coverage for the campaign people”. on our Anti-Privatisation demonstration

But the reality is quite different. In every area that has elected their councillors, the voters have been let down.

and helping organise the demo in Ashmore Park.

Party of law–breaking & dis-order David Enderby (Redditch).was found guilty this January and fined for three counts of assaulting members of his estranged wife's family. His wife later told the local paper that Enderby had a history of domestic violence. He remains a BNP councillor. His agent, Kevin Hughes, was sent to prison for a vicious and unprovoked racist assault.

“No to the NHS”? New Cross hospital saves lives every day, relying on its multi-cultural workforce. Our NHS has been built by black, white and Asian people working side by side. The BNP is against this multi-culturalism that without which the NHS would collapse overnight.


STOP the BNP supported by

David Watkins, dubbed “possibly the worst councillor in Sandwell”, attended just 10 out of 63 meetings. He gave up being a councillor after just one year. Steve Batkin (Stoke) attended none of a possible 30 committee meetings and only spoke twice in his first two years. After being elected Simon Smith (Sandwell) ran a website that claimed that 9/11 didn’t happen, declared the Holocaust was a lie.

p&p Wolverhampton, Bilston & District Trades Union Council, PO Box 2917, Wolverhampton WV2 2YA

appeal to Wed N thurs may 3rd 07 leaflet A5 - 2  

But the reality is quite different. In every area that has elected their councillors, the voters have been let down. “Yes to anti-social beh...

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