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Anti-fascist fact sheet - the BNP

The BNP… …is a fascist organisation Fascism stands for the murder of millions, the annihilation of entire communities and the destruction of democracy and human rights. The BNP has its roots in the neo-Nazi group the National Front and has links with the white supremacist, violent group Combat 18. The Channel Five documentary Neo-Nazi Hate Rock showed that the BNP receives money from the sales of neo-Nazi hate music and fundraising. Leading BNP member Mark Collett was caught on Channel 4‟s Dispatches documentary in 2002 praising Hitler and claiming that Nazi Germany would have been a better place to live than some parts of Britain.

…hates freedom and democracy BNP leader Nick Griffin, a life-long Nazi, argued: “The electors of Millwall [backed] what they perceived to be a strong, disciplined organisation with the ability to back up its slogan „Defend Rights for Whites‟ with well directed boots and fists. When the crunch comes, power is the product of force and will, not of rational debate”.

…has terrorist and criminal connections David Copeland, who carried out the London nail bombings in Brixton, Brick Lane and Soho said: “My aim was political. It was to cause a racial war… then all the white people would go and vote BNP.” At the last general election, the BNP stood gang rapists and drug dealers as candidates in some seats, only removing them when they were exposed as criminals.

…is racist The BNP stand for an all-white Britain, which could only be achieved using violence.

…denies the Holocaust Six million Jewish people were murdered in the Nazi Holocaust. In total over 15 million Jews, trade unionists, gypsies, Slavs, black, lesbian, gay and disabled people were murdered as a result of Nazi Germany‟s murderous policies. Nick Griffin was convicted for inciting racial hatred after a BNP magazine he published denied the reality of the Holocaust.

The BNP … In their own words “Honestly now, would you prefer your kid growing up in Oldham and Burnley or 1930s Germany? It would be better

for your child to grow up there.” Mark Collett, leader of the Young BNP on Channel 4 in 2004 “Meanwhile, the indigenous side in the low-to-medium level civil war brewing in this country is getting its training… It‟s all going to get very messy.” Nick Griffin’s blog on BNP website “Rape is simply sex. Women enjoy sex, so rape cannot be such a terrible physical ordeal… [It] is like suggesting forcefeeding a woman chocolate cake is a heinous offence.” Then BNP London organiser and GLA candidate, Nick Eriksen AIDS is “a friendly disease because blacks, drug users and gays have it.” Mark Collett, leader of the Young BNP on Channel 4 in 2004

UAF- UNITE AGAINST FASCISM- MODEL MOTION This union/conference/region/branch notes: 1. The BNP’s politics of hate and division threaten the freedoms and safety of those they would see annihilated — Jews, black people, trade unionists, Muslims and all ethnic minorities, gays and lesbians, disabled people and anybody who stands for a democratic society. 2. That the fascist BNP through its acolytes supports the Redwatch website which contains photos, names addresses and personal details of trade unionists and anti-fascists and those opposing the BNP, along with threats of violence against them. Some of those targeted by Redwatch have been attacked and intimidated. 3. That the full membership list for the fascist BNP was released on the web and this list identifi es that some of the fascist BNP members are teachers, lecturers, prison offi cers, serving police offi cers, nurses and other public sector workers. 4. The BNP now has 55 Councillors across Britain and in the recent May elections gained a seat on the London Assembly polling 130,174 votes - 5.33% - just crossing the 5% hurdle needed to get elected. 5. That Unite Against Fascism has called for there to be no place for fascist and racist BNP members in public services and that they should be sacked. This union believes: 1. That it is in the public interest to identify BNP members if we are to prevent abuses. Not least that these people may have access to sensitive information and are in positions of infl uence 2. It is important that every BNP member is identifi ed because of the nature of this organisation that espouses the

politics of race hate and division and targets communities with its vicious race hatred. 3. It is not acceptable to have fascists who deny the Holocaust and want to see a race war teaching in our schools, working in the police force or in the prison service and there is no place for them in public services. 4. That racism divides workers and has no place within the trade union movement. Trades union organisations that have expelled fascists from membership are to be congratulated. This union resolves: 1. To call on the union nationally to campaign for the removal of BNP members in public services. 2. To affi liate to Unite Against Fascism 3. To support Unite Against Fascism campaign to Stop the fascist BNP in the forthcoming European election in June 2009. 4. To make a donation to the Unite Against Fascism 5. To circulate Unite Against Fascism leafl ets and other materials and co-operate with other trades unions and organisations in providing resources and support Unite Against Fascism, PO Box 36871, London WCIX 9XT 020 7833 4916

Anti-fascist fact sheet - the BNP  

“Honestly now, would you prefer your kid growing up in Oldham and Burnley or 1930s Germany? It would be better David Copeland, who carried o...