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Welcome to Nottingham Official Student Guide Media Pack 2020

Overview Welcome to Nottingham is one of our best received annual publications, providing the city’s 2021 student intake with the definitive guide to their new city. This guide is Nottingham’s only official student guide and is produced in partnership with: • • • •

Nottingham BID Nottingham City Council Nottingham Trent University The University of Nottingham

The guide also has plenty of room dedicated to championing our local businesses. It’s your best chance to raise awareness of your company or business to this adventurous, culture-hungry, new-to-the-city crowd.

Distribution 20,000 copies will be distributed the week before Freshers Week, to every halls of residence across both universities, allowing one copy for every first-year student. We’re also using our dedicated team of LeftLion distributors to cover freshers’ fairs, key student venues and city centre businesses.

Best of Notts Directory This year we are running a ‘Best of Notts’ directory featuring:

• Activities and experiences • Art Galleries • Bars and pubs • Cafes • Cinemas

• • • • • •

Festivals Food venues Music venues Nightclubs Shops Theatre and Comedy

Contact If you would like your business to be featured in this year’s guide please contact Adam Pickering Marketing and Partnerships Manager 0115 9240476


Best of Notts





A hidden gem in Hockley, 31K specialises in cocktails and meatballs – a winning combination. With buildyour-own meatballs, and a 144 hour long happy hour from Sunday to Friday, you’ll never have to overpay for your tropical cocktails again.

Home to the biggest burgers in Hoodtown, it won’t be long until you fall for the charm of the whoppers. There’s over thirty burgers on the menu, each of which can be made meaty, veggie or vegan, so it’s the perfect spot for a flat meal out. They also offer a cracking American style breakfast menu.

For a boujee evening out, Alto has everything you need for a classy yet affordable time. Tuck into one of their handmade pizzas, delectable small plates or snazzy salads. They do a range of classic and remixed cocktails – their electric blue iced tea is a must-try.

Bringing Barcelona to Byard Lane, Baresca is all about those tapas, nibbly bits that will give you sunny holidays in Spain vibes. Baby chorizo, mackerel escabeche and patatas bravas all feature, but if you’re veggie or vegan there’s plenty for you too. Get yourself a big glass of one of their Spanish wines.

Goose Gate, NG1 1FE

Broadway, NG1 1PR

Forman St, NG1 4DB

Byard Lane, NG1 2GJ





Ten wings and curly fries for £6.50. We repeat: ten wings and curly fries for £6.50. Get to Bunk any time before 10pm, and you can enjoy half price wings tossed in your favourite Bunk seasoning and all the house cocktails for £4.50 each. Don’t worry veggies, they do exactly the same with Quorn nuggets for you too.

From fit fish and chips to super bowl salads, Clean Cut Kitchen is Nottingham's one stop shop for all things healthy and delicious. Its modern and quirky vibe makes for a snazzy environment when tucking into your granola. If you're after summat refreshing, they also sell clean juices and scrumptious smoothies.

Das Kino is a super cool bar where you can tuck into some pizzas while trying your hand at ping pong. Their pizza names are filled with pop culture references, such as the Good Morning Vietnam, which is topped with a full English. Yep, you read that right. Other shiners include the tomato tikka-based Slumdog Millionaire, and garlicky delight Mutha Clucka.

Doughnuts like you’ve never seen doughnuts before. Some of our faves include the Homer, red velvet, vegan cinnamon sugar, and the one where they make it into a proper millionaire's dream, with shortbread and all of that caramel. You really have to see ‘em to believe ‘em.

Derby Road, NG1 5AA

Fletcher Gate, NG1 2FZ

Stoney St, NG1 1LP


In Nottingham we refer to our food as ‘snap’ or ‘nosh.’ Don’t ask why, we don’t know either. Anyway, here’s a list of some of our favourite places to grab a bite to eat in town…

When it’s time to give Netflix or Amazon Prime a break, go and check out a film on the big screen at one of these local cinemas...





An independent local cinema, situated in the heart of bustling Hockley, showing the best selection of independent and foreign films this side of Cannes. They do £5 tickets for under-25s for all shows. Check out the Paul Smith seats and the top-notch bar.

You know the drill with this one. The nation's favourite multiplex is situated in The Cornerhouse, so you can catch the latest blockbuster with an Ice Blast, and then make your way up to Fun Station for a round on the arcade games.

If you’re on a date, this ArtDeco treat is an absolute must. Not only can you bask in the glory of your romance in one of their snug loveseats, but you’ll be treated to proper popcorn in a bucket, so you can awkwardly brush hands as you both reach in. It’s also only £5 with an NUS card.

This classic cinema brings back fond memories of birthday parties as a kid, and Saturday morning movie sessions complete with film specific snack trays. Plus, as a “de Lux” cinema, it’s got fancy reclining seats.

Broad St, NG1 3AL

Burton St, NG1 4DB

Derby Road, NG7 1QN

Redfield Way, NG7 2UW

14 King St, NG1 2AS



STUDENTS WHO STAYED Rowena Sharps Performing Arts Teacher and Musician Music (Class of 2014) University of Nottingham During my time at university, I performed incredible music in impressive venues with the orchestras. A lot of the course was extremely academic in a way I hadn’t realised music could be, but I took a module called ‘Can classical music change lives?’ which started off my career in music through a work placement. A three-month placement turned into eighteen months helping with wholeclass string lessons in a Sneinton school. This lead to more teaching posts and an invitation to play cello in the genredefying Invisible Orchestra. A few years ago, I never would have imagined myself

teaching children drama or dance and I would have laughed if you’d suggested teaching recorder of all instruments! Volunteering is the best way to make connections in a new city – it makes me feel that in small ways I am giving back to the city that has made me feel so at home. I can’t imagine living anywhere other than Nottingham. It’s big enough to be exciting and small enough to be friendly, plus I love the diversity and creativity.

Alumni Profiles

Nick Strang Founder of City Beats Radio and Plates Records Film and Television Studies (Class of 2012) University of Nottingham I have really fond memories of being at university, and still think about it today! I loved Nottingham University and one of the things that stays with me was the campus itself, which is beautiful. Straight out of university I was inspired by film and went to work in almost every kind of job within the industry, so my time studying definitely drove my career path. I went from film into music but have constantly used my understanding of the creative industries to help drive my decisions, particularly in terms of the business side.

I knew nothing about Nottingham before coming other than that it didn’t have a reputation for greatness like Manchester or London, but it has less bravado and seemed a bit more appealing in terms as a cool city that’s not been ‘spoilt’. However, I grew to love the city during university and never wanted to leave. Make sure you explore and try to support some of the cities lesser-known and independent businesses, nightlife and initiatives, as there’s loads to choose from!

Hannah Pickard Singer/Songwriter Music (Class of 2019) University of Nottingham I had a great three years at university, and enjoyed making music within different societies. The first society I joined was Blowsoc (I swear it's not dodgy), which is a music society dedicated to playing wind and percussion instruments. I learned how to play lots of instruments through it, and made so many friends. As a student, I was bombarded with new people on a daily basis (in a good way!), meaning I came into contact with people doing different degrees and having different experiences. Doing the subsidiary modules in Psychology, I realised that I wanted a job helping

people with mental health difficulties. I'm currently trying to find work as a support worker, to help people with learning difficulties lead more fulfilling lives. Nottingham is a really great city with lots of history and culture! I have been to brilliant concerts in different genres, including jazz, popular, folk, and classical. There really is something for everyone in terms of music. Aside from music, Nottingham is just a really creative and welcoming city, with so many interesting people from different walks of life. @hannahpickstagram


AROOJ AFTAB interview: Faith Pring

Since graduating from Nottingham Trent University in 2018, Arooj Aftab’s life has been anything but average. After being nominated at the coveted Cosmopolitan UK Influencer awards, she has since made a documentary for the BBC and launched a new campaign combatting diversity in the fashion industry. She told us all about her time as a Fashion Communication and Promotion student and how social justice is a great move for students to make… What was your favourite thing about studying in the city of Nottingham? I just loved how friendly the city was. It was a very student-friendly city and I just felt welcomed everywhere. You could go out at 3am to McDonalds and people would still be just as friendly to you. I really liked all of it.


Do you have any stand-out memories? For me, my first time in a lecture theatre was really impactful, as it felt very surreal. It was a really big room and I remember thinking that I couldn’t quite believe I was there. What were your favourite places to go out? I really loved Nottingham Contemporary and places like that – there are some really cool places in if you know where to look. The Hockley Arts Club and Coco Tang are great as well – the food at Coco Tang was always amazing, so I’d definitely recommend that. What advice would you have given yourself? I would have told myself to make the most of university because it goes by extremely quickly, and to just take my time with everything. If I could go back and do my first couple of years at uni again, I would. What has been your highlight since leaving university and graduating? I would say doing the BBC Newsbeat documentary My Tumour Made Me Trendy, because it was my first presenting job and it was also a real turning point in my career. I felt like it was something really important to talk about because more people have NF (Neurofibromatosis type 1) than have cystic fibrosis in the UK but less people know about it. We had 1.3 million views on the documentary the day it was released and my social media got a lot of hits, with people from America, Canada, Spain, India, Pakistan, all contacting me and saying thank you for making it. Did you feel a lot of pressure before admitting you had NF1? I did because I felt like although I was this fashion ‘influencer’ and posting photos wearing baggy clothes, nobody really knew why I wore baggy clothes. The year before I had been nominated for Cosmopolitan

You’ll be spending at least three years in our city, so you’ve got plenty of time to try out our local pastimes. If, by the time you graduate, you manage to tick every box on this list then you can count yourself as “Proper Nottingham”...

Pay a visit to legendary Rock City

Have a stroll down the rainbow road on Broad Street

Take your parents to the Robin Hood statue

Meet a friend at the left lion statue in Old Market Square

See what’s occurin’ at Speaker’s Corner and say ‘ayup’ to the Brian Clough statue

Walk amongst the deer at Wollaton Hall park

Wrap your smackers around a tasty treat from Doughnotts

Go for a dip in the lake at Colwick Park

Read a copy of LeftLion Magazine

Buy yourself a vintage jacket in Hockley

Finish an entire Annie’s Burger Shack burger

Attempt a 360° toe flip on your skateboard at Sneinton Market

Jump on a tram, roll a dice, and see where you end up

Visit Nottingham Contemporary

Thrash your mates at the Lost City Adventure Golf course in the Corner House

Chill out at the Arboretum


Nottingham Bucket List


Why do you think it’s important for people to get involved with activism and social issues? These days it’s everywhere. You see people marching on the streets, and it’s not a parade, we’re not there for fun. It is a real issue and it’s happening now and if we don’t stand up and do something about it – nothing is going to change. You recently launched a new campaign called ‘Done with Diversity.’ Can you tell us a bit about it? It’s all about the companies – particularly in the fashion industry – who are using black and brown models simply to tick their boxes in order to be labelled as a diverse company. When I’ve worked with some people, they’ve told me that I was the first non-white or the first muslim person they’ve worked with, and that’s not diverse. When the Black Lives Matter movement was triggered earlier this year, all these companies were coming out and posting the black squares and photos with black and brown-skinned models in order to tick their diversity boxes, but as soon as that movement fizzled out they stopped doing it. Now that there’s been more shootings and more people protesting on the streets, the brands are doing it again. At the end of the day we’re people. Black and brown people aren’t temporary – we’re not going anywhere so why should people stop posting about it? What can students do to get involved and support these movements? I think if you’re a heterosexual and white, you’re not classed as diverse, so if you’re one of those people I think the best thing you can do is invite people who don’t fall into that classification onto your table. Listen to them and if you have a platform, give it to them to speak on. I think social media is an effective way of getting a message across, so even if you’re not in the position to post your own content, reposting what other creators or influencers are posting works just as well. @its.arooj @donewithdiversity



Nottingham Bucket List

UK Influencer’s Awards, but what was I really saying if I didn’t come clean about this? I had a platform, a following and I felt like I could use it for the better.

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Notes: • Measurements are in millimeters • Finished size is A4 • All prices subject to VAT

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Welcome To Nottingham 2021 Media Pack  

Welcome To Nottingham 2021 Media Pack  

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