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“Against The Wall” goes Against All Odds The “Can do Kids”, Rodney Luis Aquino and Cody Foltz of Left Digital Media in Winter Park, FL dream big! Left Digital Media is an award winning Production Company formed in 2009 by Full Sail University graduate Cody Foltz. Alongside his partner Rodney Luis Aquino a 2008 Full Sail University graduate. Rodney and Cody have taken part in a number of successful projects. Making great contacts along the way and building lasting relationships. In early 2011 Rodney and Cody embarked on their most ambitious project to date, “Against The Wall”. The film (currently slated for release as a short) stars, Michael Santi (Mr. M), Walter Garcia (Johnny), Andy Mackenzie (Damian), Andrew Roth (Syrus) and Frederic Doss (Colt). This film shows great potential for creating the next Jason Statham, Jean Claude Van Dam, Chuck Norris, Bruce Lee, and Stephan Segal. Michael Santi and Walter Garcia have trained almost non-stop to produce the fantastically choreographed fight scenes. Even watching the training videos on the website at gets your blood pumping. Watching Michael and Walter go through their mat drills and choreography you’ll see a preview of the hand to hand combat that will be featured in this film.

Walter Garica (Johnny) shows off his gravity defying moves with co-star Michael Santi (Mr. M)

Walter Garcia and Michael Santi work well together. Typically, Walter Garcia with his amazing moves stands in for Michael Santi as his stunt double. Walter Garcia goes from being the stunt double for Michael Santi to his co-star in this film. Walter Garcia is the head fight choreographer and trainer for this production.

Michael Santi and Walter Garcia Funding for the film came about through the use of a website called is a website for independent film makers to raise money for their productions through sponsorship from visitors to their pages. Rodney and Cody used to raise $8,557 dollars in pledges for their film “Against The Wall” exceeding their original goal of $8,000. Offering sponsors everything from stickers, t-shirts, signed scripts to film credits, storyboards and set access.

“Against The Wall” storyboard

The film with the small budget and big dreams will feature the big budget 2011 Cadillac CTS-V Wagon driven by Bishop’s Extreme Stunt and Driving Team. After assisting in the filming of “Test Drive” for the SPEED channel Rodney and Cody were able to secure the Cadillac 2011 CTS-V Wagon which will have plenty of screen time.

“Against The Wall” has a great cast of talent and a strong storyline. Imagine a world of super soldiers capable of super human feats. The military has designed a formula, a super serum if you will, turning the average soldier into a super-human massacring machine. Every government leader wants to get their hands on this technology, this could mean world domination. Johnny (Walter Garcia) is hired by the twisted Mr. M (Michael Santi) to steal this formula for his own agenda. Johnny agrees but, soon finds that the money is not worth the weight on his shoulders and has a change of plans. That’s not going to fly with Mr. M and he’s got a vendetta with the soon to be late Johnny. You’re messing with the wrong guy Johnny Boy! Mr. M sends Syrus (Andrew Roth), Damien (Andy Mackenzie) and Colt (Frederic Doss) to rip Johnny apart. ‘I guess if you wanna get something done right you gotta do it yourself. Am I right?’

Left Digital Media and "Against The Wall"  

We have just wrapped up filming for "Against The Wall" now for the post!

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