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Chairman’s Letter This lovely town of Fleetwood has the most stunning views across Morecambe Bay and in its day, was the only place in the world to have three lighthouses. Two of these are on land and one is out at sea. So, if it is vintage vehicles that you like then this is the place for you; if you like shopping then this is the place for you and if you like ‘the arts’ then this is the place for you. Robert Brown Chairman

Well, here we are again 32 years on from the first Tram Sunday which was held in 1985 and how we have evolved! Back then it was all about transport but now with the introduction of ‘the arts’ we have moved the event on to a different level.

Are you able to help as a volunteer for 2018? If so, then contact us at

A huge thank you to everyone who makes the festival possible including the committee, directors, volunteers, sponsors and artists.

Run entirely by volunteers, the town of Fleetwood is very lucky to have a group of people willing to give up their spare time to host such a prestigious event. The Planning Team would like you to go away with nothing but happy memories and ask that you ‘like’ us on Facebook, Twitter etc.

Tram Sunday future dates are: 15th July 2018 21st July 2019 19th July 2020

Fleetwood Festival of Transport

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Visitor Information Thank you for coming to Fleetwood Festival of Transport’s Tram Sunday 2017. As you will be aware, the event is self-funding which is why your donations matter so much. Thanks go to the Sponsors including the Main Sponsor Chris Allen Garages Ltd, to all exhibitors and stallholders, all advertisers and the many local people who help create such a wonderful event. OPENING CIVIC PARADE The morning parade will commence at 11.00am from Fisherman’s Walk/Ash St and will include vehicles of many types. The Festival will be opened by the Mayor and the Town Crier. The parade will include Fleetwood Lifeboat Crew and the Old Boys Band. The parade will proceed down Lord St towards North Albert St and on towards the North Euston Hotel. Please keep back from the road as the parade goes by. SPAREPARTS PARADE The SpareParts parade will start at The North Euston Hotel at 3.00pm and will go down Lord Street, finishing in Memorial Park at the end of Warrenhurst Road. Again, please keep back from the road as the procession goes by. At 4pm, in Memorial Park, the finale will take place with CRASH


performing a high octane musical set to round off the day. Please follow the parade for this marvellous finale. TOWN CRIER There will be a Town Crier in attendance who will happily pose for photographs. FESTIVAL CONTROL AND PUBLIC ADDRESS Festival Control is situated in Albert Square (Rowntree Clock Tower). The staff are there to help you in any way possible including locating exhibits and amenities, locating/looking after lost children etc. MEDICAL ASSISTANCE Should you require medical assistance, please ask the nearest Steward. STALLS, CHARITY STALLS AND SPONSORS Please support the stalls, charity stalls, advertisers and sponsors where possible. They have all contributed to this Festival. Please support those local shops that support the event (shops displaying the Tram Sunday 2017 Retail Supporter window sticker).

Visitor Information SOUVENIR FESTIVAL PROGRAMMES Further copies of the Festival Programme as souvenirs, are available from Festival Control and from stewards or, after the event, from www.fleetwoodfestivalof MUSIC AND ENTERTAINMENT We have a wide variety of music and entertainment at the Festival including the Old Boys Band, Majorettes, and many children’s rides and entertainment. SAFETY PRECAUTIONS Please take note of the following to ensure that you, your family and others enjoy the day. • Look out for moving buses and other vehicles at all times. • Please obey any instructions when given by a Marshal or Steward.

• • • • • •

Do not stand too close to vehicles running under their own power. Keep behind the barriers at all times – they are there for your safety. Ensure that children are kept well clear of vehicles and other machinery at all times. Please keep dogs on a lead. Do not climb onto vehicles or other machines. Please respect the care our exhibitors have taken to prepare the exhibits and keep prams and children well clear.

If you have any problems, look out for the Stewards or Marshals who are there to help. Many have radios to contact Festival Control near the Rowntree Clock Tower. We hope you enjoy your day.


happy to be supporting a fabulous family day out in


amounderness View, Copse road, fleetwood, fy7 7pe

01253 872292

aldon road, poulton business park, poulton-le-fylde, fy6 8Jl Quality Driven Service

01253 887040

Tram Exhibits Synonymous with Fleetwood Festival of Transport ‘Tram Sunday’ is the Blackpool to Fleetwood Tramway and its fleet of heritage trams. This year the festival welcomes three beautifully restored heritage trams which you can find at the Pharos Lighthouse and learn about their history here. FLEETWOOD ‘BOX’ 40 Box Car 40 was built in 1914 by the United Electric Car Co. of Preston for the Blackpool & Fleetwood Tramroad. The Tramroad Company operated a separate route from Blackpool North Station to Fleetwood from 1898 to 1919 and amassed a fleet of 41 cars; 15 enclosed ‘box’ saloons for year-round use and 26 open-sided cars for summer work. 40 was one of the last four box cars – the original eleven dated from 1898/9.


WHEN THE TRAMROAD COMPANY was taken over by the Blackpool Corporation in 1920, ‘Box’ 40 was renumbered 114 in the Blackpool series and continued to operate its existing route. The box cars later appeared on the Promenade and Lytham Road services when newer cars took over Fleetwood trips. Following the modernisation of the fleet 114 was withdrawn from service in 1937 but restored for the 75th anniversary of the tramway and operated once again from 1960 to 1963 when it moved to the National Tramway Museum in Crich. Eventually, the restored ‘Box’ 40 returned to Blackpool on long term loan in 1995 and has been an active member of the heritage fleet ever since. BALLOON 711 With the advent in 2012 of the new upgraded tramway with its brandnew fleet of 16 Bombardier “Flexity 2” type tramcars, it was felt that from time to time when demand grew, such as at half term or during the famous Illuminations, that the Flexity fleet might not always be able to cope. Therefore, a programme of rebuilding some of the spare 1930s Balloons was commenced. In total, some nine cars were earmarked for conversion which mainly involved fitting a different type of “plug fit” doors, to enable


them to pick up passengers at the newly constructed LRV style platforms on the upgraded system. Despite their conversion however, the changes, while quite dramatic looking, are in fact, very easily removed and so if in future it is deemed desirable to restore any of the three numbered above, then this should not pose too much of a challenge. That said, with the plug doors, fitting of a pantograph and new striking livery that mimics the Flexity corporate style, the trams do despite their 80 years age quite well, it has been said.


FISHERMAN’S FRIEND ILLUMINATED TRAWLER The Fisherman’s Friend Trawler that we know today can be traced back almost 80 years. Starting out life at number 296, built by the Brush Electric Engineering Company in Loughborough in 1937, it was initially a standard tram used on Lytham Road, Promenade and Fleetwood services up until 1940 when they


moved to the Blackpool North Station to Fleetwood route and then back to the Star Gate to Fleetwood route from 1963. Renumbered in 1968 as 633, the tram went on to make history when it became the world’s first Post Office tram in 1982 having a repaint into Royal Mail red and being fitted with a counter selling stamps and its own post box. Fast forward to September 2001 and it was relaunched with a special run to Fleetwood to meet the Lofthouse family and invited guests waiting for their new illuminated trawler tram. It went on to be an integral part of the autumn illuminations being out on display every night. In 2008, it was renumbered to 737 to be in sequence with the other illuminated trams and then in 2015 was restored thanks to a donation from the Lofthouse family and the hard work of the Blackpool Illuminations team who fitted around 24,500 low voltage LEDs to the tram. The refreshed Fisherman’s Friend Trawler is now without a doubt the brightest star of the illumination fleet.


Special Timetable (Fleetwood Tram Sunday Event) Operates Sunday 16th July 2017 ONLY

Northbound Departures Pleasure Beach North Pier/Tower Cabin Bispham Cleveleys Fleetwood (Ash St)

D … 0938 0944 0950 … …

E … 1008 1014 1020 … …

A 1000 1012 1018 1024 1034 1047

B 1020 1032 1038 1044 1054 1107

F … 1038 1044 1050 … …

C 1040 1052 1058 1104 1114 1127

D 1100 1112 1118 1124 1134 1147

E 1120 1132 1138 1144 1154 1207

F 1140 1152 1158 1204 1214 1227

A 1200 1212 1218 1224 1234 1247

B 1220 1232 1238 1244 1254 1307

Pleasure Beach North Pier/Tower Cabin Bispham Cleveleys Fleetwood (Ash St)

C 1240 1252 1258 1304 1314 1327

E 1300 1312 1318 1324 1334 1347

D 1320 1332 1338 1344 1354 1407

A 1340 1352 1358 1404 1414 1427

F 1400 1412 1418 1424 1434 1447

C 1420 1432 1438 1444 1454 1507

B 1440 1452 1458 1504 1514 1527

D 1500 1512 1518 1524 1534 1547

E 1520 1532 1538 1544 1554 1607

A 1540 1552 1558 1604 1614 1627

F 1600 1612 1618 1624 1634 1647

Pleasure Beach North Pier/Tower Cabin Bispham Cleveleys Fleetwood (Ash St)

C 1620 1632 … … … …

B 1630 1642 1648 1654 1704 1717

D 1640 1652 1657 … … …

C 1700 1712 … … … …

… … … … … …

… … … … … …

… … … … … …

… … … … … …

… … … … … …

… … … … … …

… … … … … …

Southbound Departures Fleetwood (Ash St) Cleveleys Bispham Cabin North Pier/Tower Pleasure Beach

C … … … … 1000 1012

D … … 1000 1006 1012 1024

E … … 1030 1036 1042 1054

F … … 1100 1106 1112 1124

A 1053 1106 1116 1122 1128 1138

B 1113 1126 1136 1142 1148 1158

C 1133 1146 1156 1202 1208 1218

D 1153 1206 1216 1222 1228 1238

E 1213 1226 1236 1242 1248 1258

F 1233 1246 1256 1302 1308 1318

A 1253 1306 1316 1322 1328 1338

Fleetwood (Ash St) Cleveleys Bispham Cabin North Pier/Tower Pleasure Beach

B 1313 1326 1336 1342 1348 1358

C 1333 1346 1356 1402 1408 1418

E 1353 1406 1416 1422 1428 1438

D 1413 1426 1436 1442 1448 1458

A 1433 1446 1456 1502 1508 1518

F 1453 1506 1516 1522 1528 1538

C 1513 1526 1536 1542 1548 1558

B 1533 1546 1556 1602 1608 1618

D 1553 1606 1616 1622 1628 1638

C … … … … 1640 1652

E 1613 1626 1636 1642 1648 1700

Fleetwood (Ash St) Cleveleys Bispham Cabin North Pier/Tower Pleasure Beach

D … … … 1658 1704 1716

A 1633 1646 1656 1702 1708 1718

F 1653 1706 1716 1722 1728 1740

B 1723 1736 1746 1752 1758 …

… … … … … …

… … … … … …

… … … … … …

… … … … … …

… … … … … …

… … … … … …

… … … … … …





Steam Exhibits at Tram Sunday This year the Festival is delighted to have three steam exhibits on display for visitors to marvel at. The Shand Mason C is a brilliant example of a steam pump while the 272 Locomotive is a beautifully restored engine. We’re also thrilled to have the Whitfield Light Railway located in Warrenhurst Road offering free rides for all to enjoy. 272 LOCOMOTIVE LOCATION: NORTH EUSTON HOTEL No 272, was built in 1894 and was the 14th loco built by Grant Ritchie of Kilmarnock and is the manufacturer’s sole surviving 0-4-0 saddle tank. There is a 1914 built 0-4-2ST preserved at the Prestongrange Mining Museum in Scotland. No 272 was delivered new to Kinglassie Colliery Leslie in Fife and carried the running number 21. Then little appears to be known about it for a long period of time until it went to Cowdenbeath Central Workshops in 1949 and on to Mary Colliery Fife in 1951, back to Cowdenbeath in 1955, to Fordell Colliery in 1957, Rothes Colliery in 1966 and finally to Thomas Muir’s famous scrapyard in Easterbalbeggie on 25th November 1969. Here it was to be joined over the


years by a further ten Industrial steam locos, ironically including No 6 Andrew Barclay No 2261, which was also restored at Preston. No 272, left Scotland for the first time, when it moved into store near Shrewsbury. The loco then arrived at Riversway on 22nd July 2004 for long term restoration which was fully completed last year.

Steam Attractions SHAND MASON C – HISTORICAL FIRE ENGINE LOCATION: ALBERT SQUARE This Shand Mason single cyclinder was one of three purchased from London Fire Brigade in 1916 by the Posnett Family who owned the Highfield Tannery, Runcorn. It was then donated to Runcorn Town Council.


Enjoy a FREE train ride on this 10.25” gauge portable miniature steam railway, with 60m / 200’ of track. A trainset on a trailer available for events, open days, galas, fairs, fetes, and parties bringing the joy and pleasure of steam to children of all ages.

It was inherited by Cheshire County Fire Brigade some years later and was renovated during the winter of 1995-1996 by Mr Bill Davies of Wrexham. It is shown at many rallies in Britain and Europe by the kind permission of the Chief Officer of Cheshire Fire and Rescue Service.

The usual steam for the railway is in the form of a vertical-boilered 0-4-0 steam tram, using a 1906 Locomobile steam car engine, with a boiler built by ColebySimkins in the 1990’s. The company operates out of Cheshire and is a member of BGLR - Britain’s Great Little Railways.

It is believed to be oldest original Shand Mason single anywhere in the world still in full working condition.


ROLL UP, ROLL UP COME ONE, COME ALL For one day only, the Winter Gardens Film Festival invites you to step back in time and discover a world of archive film showing beautiful, breezy Blackpool through the ages. Come and see bustling beaches, bathing belles and all the fun of the fair in the Pavilion of Blackpool Winter Gardens. There’s something for everyone, with:

Walk-around screenings • Deckchair Theatre • Live side-show performers • Penny Farthing Experience Seaside-themed creative workshop • Parasol Parade • Edwardian dress-up photo studio Vintage Illuminations and much more!

Take a trip down memory lane and feel the past come to life through the magic of film.

Winter Gardens Blackpool Saturday 29th July 2017 11am to 4.30pm

Advance tickets available from

ADMISSION: Adults £2 • Children (under 12) FREE must be accompanied by an adult

@WGFilmFest @WGFilmFest @WGFilmFest | Email Artwork by

Welcome THIS YEAR SPAREPARTS IS ON THE MOVE. Fleetwood Festival of Transport were successful in getting an Arts Council England strategic touring grant to take this Fleetwood born festival to two other transport festivals in Sandbach and Crewe. Now we are proud to be bringing SpareParts home to Fleetwood. Not only have we expanded to other spaces but this year we have travelled to space. ‘Future Journey’s’ was the theme that all artists and communities responded to this year. We have set in motion many fantastic arts projects across the communities in Fleetwood, from creating a mobility scooter armada with residents of Welbeck House (watch out for them in the parade) to creating Giant Space Puppets with local youth.’. This is also the second year that Maureen Blair has curated some of the best local musicians on the music stage on outside the Post Office so make sure you make a stop there to hear some transport inspired tunes.

‘Soundavan’ in Memorial Park and at Euston Gardens. The Fleetwood Festival of Transport team are an incredible bunch to work with and have really helped to ensure that the spirit of Fleetwood has remained as the festival had its outings in Sandbach and Crewe. We are also grateful this year for all the sponsorship, support and new partnerships that have ensured we are able to showcase the best of Fleetwood and beyond at this year’s festival. So, immerse yourself in the ‘Future Journeys’, whether at the ‘Junk Yard’ in Memorial Park, with the younger travellers in ‘Euston Gardens’, at surprise locations throughout the footprint of the festival or in our newest performance location in Fleetwood Market. Get ready for lift off, enjoy the ride and enjoy SpareParts and Tram Sunday 2017.

This year we have gone galactic with a SpareParts QUEST, which will see young people across the town using their arts maps to help them find the clues in the art and help save the world. The Quest maps are being given out at the


Great SpareParts Parade and Junkyard CRASH Finale THE GREAT SPAREPARTS PARADE Starting at 3pm at the North Euston Hotel and snaking its way down Lord Street and Warrenhurst Road until it arrives at Memorial Park, the Great SpareParts Parade will astound and amaze.

The JunkYard Crash & Little Scrappers.Closing the Festival and closing the 2017 strategic tour, the JunkYard Crash will be performing space and transport inspired pop-rock classics with a twist, ensuring a closing party that will go out with a CRASH.

Stand well back as all of your favourite SpareParts performers including Festive Road come together in a stunning celebration of all things transport that will make your eyes pop. Follow the parade to the park to experience our live and loud musical finale from CRASH‌

Enjoy a twist on your classic pop/ rock anthems from the 60’s right up to present day as the musicians and performers wow you with their stage display and bring together the worlds of music and art with a CRASH. Make sure you look out for the Little Scrappers at the end of the parade, whizzing around on their rocket bikes, these little rebels will guide you back to Memorial Park for the ultimate closing party!

THE JUNKYARD CRASH & LITTLE SCRAPPERS FINALE ALittleKhaos Creative Producer, Kay Trayford, in partnership with CRASH, an experimental band of performance musicians, bring you


They put the ART in PARTY!

Walkabout Shows BEHOLD THE TIME MACHINE BY BELL AND BULLOCK Behold the Time Machine; an incredible piece of eccentric engineering. Let Professor Warp and Miss Weft, our two intrepid Victorian time travellers, show you their box of cosmic secrets. Originally from 1888 they will be astounded to hear from you what the latest inventions of today are. Hear the sound of the universe, learn how long a piece of cosmic string is and even what the winning lottery numbers are going to be! (Numbers may not be correct for this universe.) BOBBINS BY MOLLY ORANGE Bobbins! Two tiny people one giant bobbin. They have it but they’re not sure what to do with it. Watch as our borrowers try to control, wrangle, cajole the bobbin in a direction they can all agree on. Featuring acrobatic feats as well as a truly unique mode of transport.

Location: Walkabout Times: Various through the day

Location: Walkabout Times: Various through the day

FLOCK BY FOOLSIZE THEATRE The Flock are an absurd gang of bikers who are coming to your town to recruit new members, were you born to be wild? You may find yourself in the thick of their raucous rituals, catching a ride on the back of a Darley Havidson or being wowed by their daring feats.

Location: Walkabout Times: Various through the day

FUTURE GRANNIES BY GRANNY TURISMO The Grannies are on a mission to connect with outer space. Armed with colander space helmets, aerials, space cover and, for extra protection, space gun water pistols. They are on the move and ready to cause havoc.

Location: Walkabout Times: Various Location: ?? through Times: ??the day


FUTURE SONGS BY THE BOBBYSOCKS The Bobbysocks are an alt country folk group with a heady love for gorgeous harmonies and an uplifting energy. Based in Manchester and Hebden Bridge, they first met in 2012, originally performing Andrews Sisters’ classics that celebrated their mesmerising vocal medley. Today, they serve up a mix of vintage favourites with a stunning collection of originally composed and arranged songs that show their love of country, folk and a good old knees up. THE HOODS BY EGG PEOPLE ‘The Hoods’ is a walkabout act that turns stereotypes on their head. Three Hoodies on their bikes are let loose, as they explore their only goal – to make you smile. The Hoods are lovingly exaggerated youths who promote play on the streets while subverting their social stereotype by performing good deeds in this vibrant, energetic and unpredictable act. Take a ride on the friendly side as they skid into your hearts and wheelie into a better future.

Location: Walkabout Times: 11am

?? Location: Walkabout Times: ?? Various through the day

LOLLIPOP ‘CYBORG’ LADIES BY LOLLIPOP PATROL Cyborg Lollipop Ladies malfunctioning after accidentally downloading out-of-date software: Windows 95 with a ‘Northern Nonsense’ add-on. Artificial intelligence isn’t all that bright after all as they’ve been short circuiting and displaying erratic behaviour ever since! Location: ?? Walkabout ?? Times: Various through the day


The Junkyard at Memorial Park MARIE CELESTIAL BY RUBY AND JULIET The Marie Celestial is a mechanical, vintage spaceship. It has swivelling eyes that watch you. It houses a science-fiction, aerial circus of gravity-defying beauty and elegance. For brave, young explorers amongst you; climb aboard to enter the cockpit! There you’ll find the ship’s controls and a collection of curious, extra-terrestrial critters to explore.

Location: The Junkyard Times: 10.30am & 1pm

A beautiful piece of mechanical art in its own right, the structure stands 5 metres tall. Join us for an adventure-packed set of aerial dance and storytelling performances, which bring to life the strange and wonderful world of the Marie Celestial and the widgets inside. Mysterious secrets will be revealed and audiences may be asked to take part! PRE HE MEN BY MUSICAL RUTH Definitely the most ancient mix and mingle chaps around, this duo of cavemen come straight from the Neolithic era to a street near you. They’ve travelled millions of years in their time travelling caveman car from the stone age to the present. They were out hunting woolly mammoth and drove into a large cave. When they came back out they found themselves in the middle of SpareParts 2017! Not knowing anything about the future world, they have to interact with the strangely dressed humans of 2017. Come and say ‘UG’ and teach our nutty Neanderthals about the future!

Strolling Location: Walkabout Times: Various through the day


SAVE OUR STORIES BY SAVE OUR STORIES The S.O.S Rescueship is a stunning construction featuring elements of land, sea, air and space travel. Around the ship there is a fast-paced inter-galactic, interactive storytelling journey taking place with ‘Dr New’ and his Robotic helpers. The search for the missing Ipig and Dr New’s favourite stories fuses immersive storytelling and contemporary dance, against an original soundtrack that has all ages up on their feet dancing. Think Tim Burton meets Roald Dahl meets (wo)Man in Black! A story of loss, suspicion of otherness, reconciliation and finding friendship in unexpected places. SOUNDAVAN BY BUZZ BURY The ‘SOUNDAVAN’ is a mobile and selfsufficient sound system pumping out the perfect soundtrack to your SpareParts experience. With transport themed tunes and astronaut and monster selfie cut outs, this is the beating heart of the SpareParts village.

Location: The Junkyard Times: 11am, 12.45pm & 1.30pm

Location: The Junkyard Times: All day

THE ASTRONAUTS’ CARAVAN BY ANDY PLANT The Astronauts’ Caravan is an amusing journey through space and time, cosseted in a sumptuous 70s décor and sensitively piloted by two ex-astronauts. Will you experience weightlessness or see the Milky Way? Either way it’s an ideal way to get low cost Astronaut training! Location: The Junkyard Times: All day


STEAM BY THE URBAN PLAYGROUND TEAM Urban explorers go on a voyage of discovery beneath the skeletal remains of a machine that changed the world. Inspired, they shovel coal on the fires of the past. Drivers hurry back at the sound of a whistle’s blast, and the passengers begin to dance. The UPGTeam is the original performanceparkour company. In STEAM they take a tour through the imagined life of a Locomotive from the silent movies of Buster Keaton and hijackings of the Wild West, to the heartbreak of WWI, the rooftop stunts of James Bond, and the dark future of Inner City commuting.

Location: The Junkyard Times: 12pm & 2pm

HOW DO WE GET FROM A TO B? BY WINDMILL PLAYERS The Windmill Players invite you on a brief history of moving from one place to another – with added umbrellas. Performing between Memorial Park and the North Euston throughout the day, the players invite you to spend five minutes experiencing a (very) reduced history of transport. Location: The Junkyard Times: 11.30am

BLUE LIGHT ZONE BY FYWINGZ FYWingz are a HipHop Dance Theatre Company based in Blackpool, Fylde and Wyre. The company specialise in all forms of urban movement and physical theatre. They produce pieces of dance theatre for a variety of professional events. The company thrive on creating narrative dance theatre with their varied collective of artists, and compete nationally with a record of championship wins.

Location: By the Ambulances in Warrenhurst Road Times: 10:30am, 12pm & 1:30pm


Off The Rails Youth Zone at Euston Gardens TIME TRAVELLERS BY EGG PEOPLE A couple of optimistic, futuristic time travellers, who need your help to create the ultimate mode of transport, in their quest to get back to their time. Time Travellers is an engaging, interactive, playful arts and storytelling drop-in workshop for all children and their families.

TRAM DRIVERS GUIDE TO THE GALAXY BY PETITE ULLALOOM / TRAVELLING COMPANIONS Are you brave with a belly full of adventure? You are! Ever dreamed what it would be like to shuttle into Space? You have! Then meet “Tram Driver Jones”, join forces with him and travel to different planets that desperately need your help. Can you help Jones save the Galaxy?

SPACE REBEL PRINCESS BY SPACE REBEL PRINCESS A fearless young princess raised for royalty but not for rocketry, dreams of becoming an astronaut. In a land where reading has been banned she is called on an amazing adventure... and she needs YOUR help! Suitable for children and families, this interactive show combines clowning, physical theatre, dance, crafting and poetry in a joyful genre-bending performance. Performed by Jennifer Essex and written by Harry Man.

Location: Euston Gardens Times: 11am - 3pm

Location: Euston Gardens Times: 11am, 12.30pm & 2pm

Location: Euston Gardens Times: 11.30am & 1.30pm


Fleetwood Market STRICTLY BICYCLE BY BICYCLE BALLET Strictly Cycling is a high impact, visual performance & cycle-about choreography, which explores the everyday events & experiences of riding a bike with a hint of the surreal & comical. Performers in yellow take over the streets, creating epic human/bike sculptures, parking their bikes in the hands of passers-by & battling in slow motion races, celebrating cycling, life & yellowness. Celebrating the highs and gritty lows of cycling. ROADWORKS BY ETTA ERMINI DANCE THEATRE Roadworks is a 25 minutes quirky and humorous engagement between a dancer and a BMX rider devised and directed by Etta Ermini Dance Theatre. The dance theatre piece incorporates acrobatics, B-Boying, Contemporary dance, BMX-ing, music, clowning and physical theatre. Through a sequence of humorous events, an entertaining engagement unfolds between two characters that use their ‘ art-form’ as a technique to communicate. Inspired by the Hip Hop ‘battle’ format - a multitude of creative expression is brought to life as they battle for their place on the road. Surreal and comical performers erformers in yellow take over the streets, creating epic human/bike sculptures, parking their bikes in the hands of passers-by and battling in slow motion races, celebrating cycling, life and yellowness. Celebrating the highs and gritty lows of cycling.

Location: The Market Times: 2pm

Location: The Market Times: BMX displays from 12pm Performance 12:30pm

SPACE CYCLE SAFARI WORKSHOP BY TMESIS THEATRE’S ELI RANDAL Bring you bicycle and join us to create a gigantic flashmob for the Great SpareParts Parade at 3pm. No previous experience necessary, just turn up with your bike and bags of enthusiasm. Help us create Fleetwood’s first Space Cycle Safari. Location: The Market Times: 10am-12pm


Live Music Stage Once again the Festival will feature a live music stage outside the Post Office building near Ash Street. The stage has been organised by local Maureen Blair and will feature performances throughout the day from 10.30am right up until 4.30pm. On the bill are Molly’s Chamber, Bosh Claret, Cartoon Food and Anthony Holden, plus many more, all providing a great soundtrack to the day. This year’s live music stage is dedicated to the memory of Keelan Groves, “Fleetwood’s Drummer Boy”, who recently passed away.


Arts Award Quest Luna, Cosmo and Nova are time travellers from a rebel force gang called ‘Voltage Resistance’, who have travelled here in something that looks like a caravan and uses sound and music to travel. Our intrepid adventurers are here to collect as much evidence of art as possible so that it can be secured for the future. They need your help. This is your QUEST get as much information as you can. Watch out for the nasty Zorgons who will try and steal your maps! The SpareParts Space Quest gives children and young people the opportunity to complete their Arts Award. This is a range of unique qualifications that support anyone up to 25 to grow as artists and arts leaders, inspiring young people to connect with and take part in the wider arts world through taking on arts related challenges.

Maps are available at Euston Gardens and the S oundava n Memoria l Park



Cat Smith MP

t r o p p u s o Proud t y a d n u S m Tra I’d like to offer my congratulations to all those who make the Fleetwood Festival of Transport the amazing event it is. I’m here to stand up for the people of Fleetwood, so if there’s any way I can help, please do get in touch:

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01253 490 440 - please leave a message @CatSmithMP 50 Lord Street, Fleetwood, FY7 6DT

SpareParticipation This year, we have been able to grow the participation programme and engage with even more young people, groups and communities in the lead up to the festival. We’re delighted that many more schools have opened their doors to us and our futuristic Voltage Resistance crew who have been spreading the word about how bleak the world could be without arts and asking young people to help them find evidence today via the Arts Award (find out more on the Arts Award page.) Last year, we got so much brilliant feedback from the mobility scooter project, which was the brainchild of Dave at Mobility 2000, we just had to open it out to a larger group of scooter owners. This year, you’ll see a fleet of these beautifully decorated vehicles in the parade - the designs have, once again been inspired by local stories of the past and interpreted by the children who listened to these tales and then developed by artists at Festive Rd. Proving that there are no barriers to taking part in SpareParts! We’ve been able to link up people of all ages with the bicycle ballet, the little scrappers and the BMX plus some emerging performers with the Parkour crew Urban Playground. We hope this will lead to people thinking about their chosen pastime maybe a little bit differently and seeing the potential for linking up with creativity. Local dance crew FY Wingz have linked up their young people with the Blue Light Zone and listened to their tales from the frontline and created a specially inspired dance piece that will be performing throughout the day as part of the festival; this has provided a great opportunity for these young artists to respond to different source material through movement. We’ve had great fun going out and about, meeting Fleetwood residents and finding out more about what they’d like for the future of the festival, we’ve tried to connect as many local groups with artists who are visiting as possible and each year it feels more and more like the brilliant creativity of Fleetwood folk is bursting out in all kinds of ways. If you have any ideas for activities that we can support with for next year, or you’d like to talk about how we could help you realise a vision you have for your group, of any age, then please do get in touch with Melanie on



Fleetwood Town Centre P P





9 15 8 13






30 30


1 FOOD Upper Lune Street; Warren Street and Warrenhurst Road (Ash St end)



11 13 1 5

6 12 C







TEMPORARY TOILETS 2 CAROUSEL – London Street – Mount side 3 BIG WHEEL – Preston Street – Mount side 4 STAGE Post Office Sorting Depot, next to Mike Sanderson’s; Memorial Park entrance area 5 STATIC TRAMS – Pharos Street 6 FESTIVAL CONTROL – Albert Square 7 THE SAINT’S VOLVO – near Euston Hotel 8 STEAM TRAIN RIDES - Warrenhurst Road 9 BALFOUR BEATTY EXCAVATOR – Warrenhurst Road 10 CHRIS ALLEN GARAGES – St Peter’s Church 11 CHILDREN’S AREA – Euston Gardens 12 FIRE ENGINE – Opposite Library 13 RAILWAY LOCOMOTIVE 14 CENTURION TANK 15 BLUE LIGHT ZONE BUS STOPS to Freeport and back – Freeport, Car Park (Dock Street), North Euston Hotel P P CAR PARK/DISABLED CAR PARK – Dock Street and on Promenade BTC TRAM TOUR TERMINUS Fisherman’s Walk PARADE ROUTE Morning and Afternoon CV CRAFT VILLAGE C ROWNTREE CLOCK TOWER Meeting point for disabled visitors HF HEALTHIER FLEETWOOD SPAREPARTS PERFORMANCE ZONES JUNK YARD MEMORIAL PARK WALKABOUT ACTS OFF THE RAILS, EUSTON GARDENS FLEETWOOD MARKET Locations are approximate and for rough guide only.

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Telephone: 01253 875 484 Email: Web: Crown House, Warren Street, Fleetwood, Lancashire FY7 6JU



Sunday 16th July 11am Morning Parade starting at Ash Street VENUE: EUSTON GARDENS ACTIVITY





11am, 12:30pm, 2pm

Travelled Companions/ Petite Ullaloom

Tram Drivers Guide to the Galaxy


11:30am and 1:30pm

Jennifer Essex & Harry Man

Space Rebel Princess


11am- 3pm

Egg Men

Time Travellers


11am- 3pm


Rhythm workshop


11am- 3pm

Fleetwood Town Football Club

Future Fitness





Aerial / Circus Performance


Liberty Rocks Arts

The Marie Celestial performs



The BobbySocks

Rocket Ship Captain



Save our Stories

Save Our Stories



The Windmill Players

How do we get from A to B?

Walk around


Liberty Rocks Arts

Left Luggage

Urban Dance / Free Running


The Urban Playground Team

STEAM: All Aboard



Bicycle Ballet

Strictly Bicycle



Save our Stories

Save Our Stories

Aerial / Circus Performance


Liberty Rocks Arts

The Marie Celestial performs ‘ARC’



Save our Stories

Save our Stories

Urban Dance / Free Running


The Urban Playground Team

STEAM: All Aboard



Sunday 16th July Etta Ermini Dance Theatre

Urban Dance





Music Finale


CRASH band

Junk Yard Crash






12:30pm and 2:30pm

The Urban Playground Team

Free Running




Crash little scrappers



Etta Ermini Dance Theatre

Dance/ BMX Skills



SpareParts Space QUEST

Arts Map Adventure



VIP Puppets

Sandbach Space Queen



Festive Road

Pop up Carnival





SpareParts Parade







Bike Workshop


Tmesis Theatre’s Eli Randal

Space Cycle Safari FLASHMOB

BMX Skills

12pm, 1pm, 2:30pm

Flatland BMX Skills with Mario

BMX - Skills

Urban Dance


Etta Ermini Dance Co




Bicycle Ballet

Strictly Bicycle


Poulton Road, Fleetwood, FY7 6TF Tel 01253 771991

10 Real Ales, Ciders and Continental Beers

BBQ Tram Sunday Meals served Mon 5 to 8pm Tues - Thurs 12 to 8pm Frid & Sat 12 to 9pm Sun 12 to 6pm



c rien e p x e ping p o h es asid e s A Cash e in Mach te on si

A traditional market with over 200 stalls. A shopper’s paradise for gifts, clothing and household goods. Bag a bargain today. Open Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday all year round, 9am - 4.30pm Also open all Bank Holidays and Tram Sunday Victoria Street / Adelaide Street, Fleetwood, Lancashire FY7 6AB

/FleetwoodMarket Call the Box Office 01253 887693


Friday 13 October, 8pm £12pp or £10pp for tables of 10+ Over 18S Only

THE GRUMBLEWEEDS LAUGHTER SHOW Saturday 5 August 7.30pm, £16.50


Saturday 4 November 8pm, £17.50 Over 15S Only 39


Programme images courtesy of CJGriffiths Photography, Yannick Dixon and Jay Clapp

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