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“I want to work more with


military families and share with them.”


MR: Do you have any aspirations to be behind the camera? MP: I want to produce. It’s been a dream of mine to have a production company with my mom. I’m not sure how short term or long-term that goal is but it’s definitely something I want to do. I’ve had a lot of ideas being on set for so long. My mom was on set with me all the time and she made a lot of observations over the past 13 years in this industry. Now I have my own perspective. MR: Do you have any specific role models in the business? MP: Kerry Washington, our executive producer on Five Points is a huge role model for me. She really brings stories to life and it is so inspiring to watch. Working with her has been an honor. Viola Davis is one of my favorite actresses. Reese Witherspoon has her own production company similar to Kerry. It’s so great to see women behind the camera and I hope to be part of that one day as well. MR: Did you have any favorite actresses growing up? MP: Raven Symone was my favorite actress. I loved The Cheetah Girls. I would reenact it on the playground and direct my friends. I’d tell them which Cheetah Girl they were. Being on Cory in the House was a dream come true for me because that was basically all I watched back then. Kyle Massey has always been like a big brother to me. Everyone in that cast felt like a big family. When Raven would guest star, I was so star struck by her. I saw her a year ago and I was still star struck!


MR: What is a cause you feel strongly about? MP: My brother is in the military. He’s been in the army for about ten years. I have worked with the USO in the past, traveling to different military bases, in Germany, Hawaii, all over… sharing my experience with having a loved one in the service. I know how hard it is for military families and how emotional it is to go through the experience of deployment. Sharing those feelings and stories with families who are going through the same thing is something I feel super passionately about. I want to work more with military families and share common ground with them. There are so many military families all over the world. I think it’s nice for some of them to see someone on TV going through the same things as they are. The traveling and moving from place to place is very stressful alone. My brother and his wife just moved from North Carolina to Japan two weeks ago. MR: What are some of your favorite shows and films? MP: I love feel good cinema, movies you can watch over and over. 13 Going on 30 is one of my favorite movies of all time. I love Atlanta, which isn’t always “feel good” exactly… I think Donald Glover he is a genius… He’s so talented that it’s crazy! I love Insecure on HBO Issa Rae wrote and created it. It’s fantastic and hilarious. My mom and I are Law and Order junkies. I’ve watched every episode of SVU. Coming back to your role model question, Mariska Hargitay is wildly inspiring to me. She has been doing the series since the very beginning and is now an executive producer. When I guest starred, I saw how hands on she is. She knows her character and the show so well and she makes sure everything is perfect.