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OCT 23

NOV 21

SCORPIO Scorpio needs to be immersed in experience. Travel is no different. Scorpions will not do anything lightly. It will not be a 20 capitals in 20 days European tour. It will not be a hit and run holiday. It will be intense and they will want to emerge having learned or discovered something. And they will most likely want to stay in just one place. They are very curious and love to dig into all matters, no matter how small. You might catch them questioning the local fishermen about their catch, their boats, and all their seafaring tales. The Scorpio traveler also relishes extreme environments. A long walk along the beach, a hike through the woods, or a journey packed with exploration is what the little scorpion needs. They do not want to rush through anything. Their ideal holiday would be dropping out of civilization for a bit. Scorpios do not want to dress up or put on airs on their break either, but an intense love affair might be a strong possibility. Scorpio is a water sign, so an idyllic cottage at a beautiful seashore such as the Hawaiian Islands, Maine, Newport, or Prince Edward Island, all make a great vacation. Scorpio enjoys memorable sunrises and sunsets, not to mention the beautiful stars. Their destination could be Aztec ruins, The Great Pyramids in Egypt, or the search for the beginnings of civilization in Turkey. They might book an intensive scuba adventure on the Great Barrier Reef in Australia. Whatever it is, they will come home having discovered something about the world and themselves.

Scarlett Leithold Photographer Hudson Taylor 2 4 | L E FA I R MAG AZI NE