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MR: Is there a specific experience you try to create for your audience when you perform? HB: I really want people to have a good time and be entertained. I want to take them away from any problems they have in their lives, out of that reality and make them feel good and happy. That’s why I love what I do and it’s the reason I do what I do.

MR: How did you learn to DJ? HB: Years ago, it feels like another lifetime, I lived in London and I was part of a group. One of the guys in the group was a DJ. We were signed to a big label but it fell apart. After the group broke up, I started clubbing every night and I fell in love with the idea of DJing. I didn’t pay rent for three months. I bought a pair of decks and I just practiced. I learned the basics from the guy in the group and I taught myself the rest. Then I got out into the clubs and figured out what sounds I liked most.

MR: Are there any DJs you look up to or admire? HB: DJ AM was a huge inspiration to me. I love all kinds of music and I don’t want to play just one genre. He played everything. He always had surprises and would throw in something you wouldn’t expect to hear. He’d drop an AC/DC track after he’d been playing hip-hop for 15 minutes. He’d play EDM, hip-hop, trap, anything and everything. It sounded great in the club. He really changed me as a DJ. When I started DJing in Australia, you either played hip-hop or dance music.

For some reason you didn’t combine the two genres. But I really wanted to! It wasn’t until I discovered him that I built up the courage to mix the two. When I started to do it, my following grew and I developed a name for myself nationally and internationally. I had this mix that started with Lady GaGa's "Just Dance” and then mixed with Lenny Karvits & Daft Punk. Everyone was so shocked. It went down very well. That’s when I thought, “That’s it! I’m going to be myself and play how I want to play!”

MR: Who are some of your favorite brands and designers? HB: Sass and Bide, Manning Cartel, there are a lot of great Aussie designers. My favorite designer of all time is Balmain. I’ve been obsessed for the last eight years. Every collection has been incredible and they’re always different. If I could just dress in Balmain every day, all day, I’d be a happy girl. It’s sexy but it’s a little masculine. It’s very rock-star. I’m not a soft floral girl. I like strong lines.

MR: What are you wearing right now? HB: Hood by Air jacket, Fendi boots, and a Country Road Australian t-shirt. I wear black hats all the time and I lose them so I have a whole bunch of black trucker hats that are all the same. Any other hat doesn’t really suit me. My partner gave me this chain for Christmas and he gave me this Cartier ring for Valentines Day. I don’t like taking on and off jewelry so I wear the jewelry from the people I love every day.

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