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Creativity is Connection

Writer Brooke Landon @mindartists


hen we are creative, we choose to connect to a larger part of ourselves that transcends the ego, labels, and physical world. We tap into this energy that creates magic and turns nothing into something that our senses can translate into a beautiful masterpiece. We were born to create. By neglecting our natural creative abilities and passions, we cut ourselves off from this connection. Furthermore, not using or finding a creative outlet, we cut ourselves off from happiness. If we want to find more fulfillment and happiness in our lives, we have to find a way to create and connect. To find the connections, there are a few questions to ask ourselves and reflect upon to get on track.

YOU ARE ALWAYS CREATING, BUT ARE YOU BEING CREATIVE? Are you consciously and creatively designing your life, or letting other people or circumstances create it for you? If we have been choosing the latter, and focusing and behaving in ways that cut us off from our connection based on what has already manifested, or worrying about something happening, we must find a creative outlet to change that momentum and energy. Life is an always-evolving masterpiece. Choose to be the artist, not the art consumer.

WHO'S TO SAY WRITING A GRATITUDE LIST, MEDITATION, OR TUNING UP YOUR CAR, IF YOU’RE INTO THAT KIND OF THING, ISN'T A FORM OF CREATIVITY? We don't have to be painters or musicians in order to be artists of life. Connecting through creativity is about producing or doing something that did not exist before, and in doing so, you make yourself feel better, and in turn, better the world.

“Creativity gives hope that there can be a worthwhile idea…gives the possibility of some sort of achievement to everyone…makes life more fun and more interesting.” -Edward de Bono

HOW CAN YOU RELEASE RESISTANCE? CREATIVITY IS A FORM OF RELEASING RESISTANCE. HOW IS THE HAPPIEST PERSON YOU KNOW LIVING THEIR LIFE? I think it’s safe to say they are creatively designing their life, not letting their life create them. Our happiness is a direct reflection of how creative and connected we are. If we cut ourselves off from that connection, we will feel a disconnect between who we are, or how we are living our lives, and how we truly wish to be. To find our place in the world, we must express ourselves creatively in ways that brings us as much joy as possible, so we can tap into our true potential, be the creators that we are intended to be, and find peace and fulfillment in our lives.

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The more we release resistance, the more we connect and align with the energy which was involved in the creation of all of the beauty, success, and joy, that has ever existed. The more we tune into that energy, the more creativity, clarity, and joy we will attract into our lives. With so many ways to be creative and connect, why not start today? What can you do to add more happiness and connection into your life? If you're looking for more connection, follow your joy towards a path of creativity, and enjoy the creation of your connection to a more fulfilling life. ■

LEFAIR Magazine Spring 2017  
LEFAIR Magazine Spring 2017