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Photographer Heather Hazzan @heatherhazzan


the products I use at my station. We just got this new line called Christophe Robin—they’re amazing. The hair care line is designed specifically for color treated hair, even their volumizing shampoo. You can use it on non-color treated hair too. They have this salt scrub that has actual chunks of salt in it. It’s very exfoliating. We’re going to use that on you today!

MR: Where did you did you go to beauty school?

My education began with Laura Denny (@ldizzzy) who applied a gloss to my then fine, greasy, knotted hair. LD: Normally, a gloss would be a really fast color but we do a gloss differently here. We use Framesi it’s an Italian brand. They have a demi-permanent line that has the same effect as a gloss but it’s better for your hair with its fatty acids, amino acids, and coconut oil. It’s like half treatment and half color. You’ll really feel the difference.

MR: Do you get to pick the products you use? LD: Yes. I get to pick

LD: I went to Paul Mitchell in Connecticut. As far as education goes, they’re one of the best. Their curriculum is more concerned with the whole person and the whole look rather than just hair.

MR: Wonderland works with a lot of social media influencers, models, and creatives. How did it get this kind of following? LD: Michael Angelo got the name “model whisperer”. I don’t really know who coined that or how he got the name, but he can visualize what someone’s overall look is and he can see it intrinsically. When styling models, you have to know who their audience is. It can’t just be, “Okay, this person needs to be blonde!” Their look has to be perfect right down to the tone and shade. We also have a knack for being able to do a turn around really quickly. But we don’t just work with models and bloggers. We see a lot of creative directors, film industry professionals, and artists. You can’t really live in New York City without interacting with loads of creative people on a daily basis.


LEFAIR Magazine Spring 2017  
LEFAIR Magazine Spring 2017