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he’s electric: sparks were flying as Jean Watts, singer/songwriter and makeup vlogger, spoke with LEFAIR Magazine about her new up and coming makeup brand, Volt. Jean left all of our electric charges positive with her soulful voice and upbeat attitude.

MR: Jean, are you a Chicago girl or are you a California girl? JW: I would definitely say that I am both. Even before I knew what California was about, I was always very spiritual and very about energies—and there’s a lot of people in California that are like that. I’m definitely a Midwestern girl at heart though.

MR: You’re launching a new makeup brand called Volt. How did you come up with that name? JW: My last name is Watts and because of electricity I use lightning bolts in everything that I do. I thought that it would be very cool to use Volt. First it’s going to start as a makeup company. I have an entertainment group called Voltage Entertainment and I like to use electricity-based things.

MR: What products is Volt planning on coming out with? JW: First it’s going to be cosmetics. We’re going to start with lipstick and lip liners. Eventually, I really want to do a clothing line to keep making it a bigger and bigger thing. I want to keep branching and branching and make it bigger than that, so Volt becomes a huge entity.

MR: You’re really in to branding yourself and you’ve done an amazing job with that. How did you start getting in to makeup? JW: I’ve always been in to makeup! I used to wear glitter for lip liner in 4th grade and mascara just on the outside of my lashes. Mind you I was always a painter and a drawer and portraits were always my favorite thing. Actually, when I was a little girl, my mom had a make up girl called Making Faces. Every makeup person knows that book! It’s a very big 1990’s book and I used to retrace and draw all the faces in there and it’s a makeup book so I naturally developed a knowledge of how to do makeup at a very young age.

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LEFAIR Magazine Spring 2017  
LEFAIR Magazine Spring 2017