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Red Swastika School P5 & 6 Checklist Oral Communicators Programme (OCP) Name :

Class : JJJJ Demonstrates strongly

Pronunciation and Articulation Oral Delivery

Rhythm and Fluency


Interpretation and Explanation Picture Discussion Language


Date :

JJJ Demonstrates adequately

JJ Demonstrates to some extent

J Needs improvement

Student reads with clear and consistently good pronunciation.

Student reads with clear pronunciation with occasional errors that do not affect intelligibility.

Student reads with clear pronunciation, with several errors that are noticeable.

Student reads with very unclear pronunciation, somewhat difficult to understand, with numerous serious errors.

Student reads fluently with appropriate pauses and without hesitations.

Student gives a smooth delivery with almost no hesitations.

Student gives a reasonably smooth delivery with a number of noticeable errors.

Student gives a very slow and jerky delivery, with almost word-by-word pronunciation.

Student delivers reading passage with appropriate variation of pitch and tone.

Student delivers reading passage with some variation of appropriate pitch and tone.

Student attempts to vary pitch and tone slightly, but reads mostly in a monotone.

Student reads entirely in a monotone.

Student gives very good explanations to support interpretations.

Student gives good interpretations and is able to link interpretations with acceptable explanations.

Student gives simple descriptions without much explanation and interpretation.

Student gives almost no relevant response.

Student uses a wide range of appropriate vocabulary.

Student uses an adequate range of appropriate vocabulary and accurate structures.

Student uses basic but limited and mostly inappropriate vocabulary and inaccurate structures.

Student uses very limited vocabulary and gives mostly one-word or short-phrase responses.

Personal Response


Clarity of Expression

Engagement in Conversation

Student gives and develops intelligent responses.

Student gives adequate personal responses with some development.

Student gives some personal responses with little development.

Student gives little or no personal response with no development.

Student speaks very clearly with confidence, using appropriate vocabulary and accurate structures.

Student speaks clearly using generally appropriate vocabulary and accurate structures.

Student makes responses that may be unclear. Student speaks with a number of false starts and often with inappropriate vocabulary and inaccurate structures.

Student makes a number of long and awkward pauses and is restricted by very weak vocabulary and inaccurate structures.

Student interacts well and shows initiative in introducing ideas. Good eye contact.

Student interacts reasonably well and has generally good eye contact.

Student is able to interact but depends heavily on examiner for encouragement. Little eye contact.

Student is unable to interact and requires constant assistance to engage in a conversation. Very little or no eye contact.

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Oral Checklist  

Oral checklist

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