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Le Brix War of the West Flying Machine Living, Dining Room

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Digital Modelling Sofa Model Pop up Store: The Hanging Chair Fray Of Fighter

Concept Design Scences Form Theathre: Wind Whisperer Clockwork Stories: Frentic Fingers Scooping Window The Heart Of Quarry

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Internship: Warner Wong Design

Le Brix Augest-September 2014 Model making The design of Le Brix is inspired by the traditional Tetris and Jenga game. It evokes an intresting and fun element of cube stacked up in random positions with certain units he luxury of basement or an additional level. Le Brix consist of 26 levels. A sky gym, high level playground and more. It stands out in a crowd with its bizarre structure. This project is accomplish by a class of 26 student. Each taking a floor of the building then assemble to form Le Brix. We first complete the assigned level floor plan on paper. After checking all the plans we then proceed making the model itself. With base and wall done furniture are to be made too.


西游大战 February 2015 Model Making The concept of this bored game is inspired by the story of journey to the west and the three kingdom war. As journey to the west have many character and elements. Each player have a war leader and an element team. The strategy of the game is to collect troops and attack as a team. Only one element will win the game. This project is accomplish by a team of 5. Two to complete the graphical part of the board game and three working on the construction and packaging of the board game. As one of the construction member I design the mechanism of the reveal of the board. Creating opening and closing of the board. Also the 8 parts of the octagon board.

This project aim was to create a flying machine from a 2D drawing drew before starting to produce the model. The next aim is to build the whole model out with only machine part. This project is accomplish from a pc. After dismantle the old pc and a vacuum cleaner. All of the parts are put to useful use to build the flying machine. The over all of the flying machine are built with pc metal casing with a vacuum core along the core are different parts of mother board and old cooler system are built on. This project allow a drawing to go from 2D to 3D realising. Allow me to create a unique piece of model.

Flying Machine December 2014

Model Making

Original Photo

This Scale 1:20 model is started from a original photo, the model is complete by analysing the photo. The model required real lighting and furniture as detail as possible. This project is accomplish by a group of three. One taking care over all painting and lighting as well as making the wall and base of the whole model, two detail furniture making. I have made dining area furniture and living area chair, television and lighting detail and fan.

Living, Dining Room April 2016

Model Making

GoLi – The Moving Theatre is a travelling theatre that’s going to be touring Singapore, she will be a spectacle wherever she goes, activating the space she inhabits, transforming it into an iconic and vibrant place for arts and culture. Wind whisperer, created with hundreds of spoons wind-mail and “spoons tree” design to interact with the wind pass by the field. For each wind-mail the spoons are bend then tie together with cable ties. Using familiar item such as spoon bring audience closer to the place. The wind-mails are place all around the field creating spaces and boundary for the event bringing people to the field of grass. Wind whisperer is open with ‘Behind-The-SCENES 幕后花絮 SCENES: FORUM THEATRE 《戏聚现场:论 坛剧场》 3’ to interact with the audience walking pass the event locating at Open Field next to NEX on 5 - 10 Jul 2015

Scenes Forum Theatre

Wind Whisperer May-June 2015

Concept Design

A playground and bubble machine in one, Clockwork stories are structures which breathe out bubbles when roused. Interact with it through different contraptions and watch the bubbles come out. The bubble come in different way as different audience approach. The Frantic Fingers react as the hands are pulled lifting up fingers like pole creating giant bubble and bubble foam reflecting the spectrum of color light on it. Using old playground structure creating new bubble playground. The Frantic Fingers are accomplish by a partner and I, starting from the design concept of a hands playing on piano, we have a total of 77 poles and strings attach to each of it securing on to the structure. Wrapping poles with strings to soak the bubble solution. This project allow me to learn more on different strings and how people react to foreign structure.

Clock work stories

Frentic fingers February-March 2016

Concept Design

Scooping window started from a Youtuber vlog using their route translating it to the route into Singapore going with the same route locally and create a device in the area the route was in. The device, scooping window consist two part of element. Window and cracks. Windows create by having windows after window bring image view farer from where it was. Crack create by a thin gap in-between lines, giving clearer view as lesser light able to pass to the eye give it more forces. A new story is to be inspire from scooping window called the fairytales. Writing this story at the same time creating story boards telling the story and the world. The stories summaries a explorer going truth a tunnel leading it to another world that trees are living structure that give living space as it grows with the world.

Scooping Window December 2015 - February 2016

After story created a useable space is to be bring out from the story and place in the real world in the area of where we have route.

Concept Design

The Hindhede Quarry, Granite mining in the quarry took place in the 1900s and ended only in the 1980s. From the lookout point at the far end of the trail, visitors can admire the now flooded quarry with its open escarpment. Kids will have fun looking out into the water for terrapins and fish, with the occasional brightly-colored bird flying by over the water. The hut of the quarry is design for people to live in the quarry that uses no form or electricity. Recourse are harvest at the quarry because the resource are everywhere in the quarry. Fishing for food, cooking food using fire and clean water harvest from the air. The fog harvester is made out from mesh fabric that take in the moist in the wind and collect it by dripping water droplets on to a plate. This plates are link to tubes that connected to a water tank. The shower point is made to collect water for harvester with a bowl. In the shower a string can be pulled to open a hole on the bowl to release the water. Releasing the string will let down the rock and block the hole of the bowl.

The Heart of Quarry Augest 2015

Concept Design

The origin of the chair is Rhomboid 2 seater, in this project we are require to choose a chair and model out. The reason I choose this chair is because is a new thing for me to model unlike normal sofa chair. This has thin iron frame as a chair structure. Therefore I took up the challenge to model this.

Sofa model December 2015 Digital Render

Three container pop up store, this project was started from a product invented from a group of four using a part of random object each of us brought on the day. We have a chain, book, basket and lock. We next draw out the hanging chair, model it digitally. Individually create a pop up store using three containers. To show case the product. The design of this pop up store is too allow people to go through the process of the product first and going to the next level to test the product.

Pop up store

The Hanging Chair December 2015 Digital Render

Fray of fighter was a project giving new idea for Nan Yang poly T-junction PlayStation game room. The concept of this design is to bring in the old arcade controllers game where game origin started before PlayStation. This very first fighting game Street Fighter and the next fighter game Takken was the concept of the design as the new Streetfighter x Takken game is coming up. Deigning one side of Streetfighter theme with sandstone flooring to give the street feel. The other side of a void and abandon industry building follow the theme of Takken. Giving player favorite one side of the game a better isolated area. The central of the space is made to held competition of Streetfighter against Takken. With the both theme merge together

Fray of Fighters Augest 2015

Digital Render

In April 2016 I join Warner Wong design as an intern and have participated in this project. I have done plan rendering, CAD editing and digital modelling with sketchup.

WOW Architects Warner Wong Design Intenship April-Augest 2016


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