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Ware to Waltham Abbey

Waders and Waterfowl Route Summary:

A scenic route exploring the southern habitats and spectacles of River Lee Country Park. The route travels north along the Flood Relief Channel, passing the north of Hall Marsh Scrape, returning via the western edge of Bowyers Water.


2 miles


All surfaced pathways / Towpath, some bridges and kissing gates

Starting Point:

Vehicle access will be restricted from Highbridge Street during the construction of the White Water Canoe Centre for the London 2012 Games. The nearest car park is Waltham Abbey Gardens (10 minute walk), Abbey View, Waltham Abbey, Essex EN9 1XQ

 Follow the pathway north out of the car park.  Proceed up the steep incline and turn right onto the bridge over the River Lee Navigation.  Proceed through the kissing gate and continue along the pathway across the Showground area towards the Flood Relief Channel.  Pass through the kissing gate and turn left onto Waltons Walk, heading north along the river, passing Hall Marsh Scrape on your left and the Dave Stoker sluices on your right.  Take the first left after passing the sluices, along the north of Hall Marsh Scrape passing the bat hibernaculum, Plover Viewing Point and information panel.  Bear to the right at the end of the pathway, over a bridge, proceeding forward to cross a second bridge, following the pathway to Waltham Common Lock.  Proceed over the lock bridge and straight on over the next wooden bridge.  Turn left immediately off the wooden bridge and proceed to the end of the path, turning left again to cross another wooden bridge.  Off the bridge, turn right and then right again.  Turn left at the next pathway junction keeping Bowyers Water on your left, passing the Orchid Meadow and information panel.  Continue on the tarmac pathway bearing left over another wooden bridge, ensuring that the lake remains on the left and the railway on the right, passing a second bat hibernaculum.  Cross over the narrow wooden bridge.  At end of the lake and just before a gate, turn left over a wooden bridge, following the pathway around the lake.  Turn right at the next pathway junction heading south and then bear left at the next fork, heading in an east direction.  Follow the pathway towards the river, bearing to the right around the steep climb to the bridge and continue to the car park along the pathway.

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