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“Do Unto Others As You Would Have Them Do Unto You”

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Dear Senior Self, Ah, yes the past is back! So do you remember your strengths, weaknesses, goals and joys you had in your freshmen year? Well, do you? No? Come on they were great! Hmmm, strengths, yes, well you have a few. Reading was one of them. You loved to read and read. You would try to read whatever anyone put in front of you because you wanted to learn new words and push yourself a little. You even brought a book to every class just incase you got bored! Then there was writing. You loved explaining the details and writing about whatever came to your mind, you even started a book called “Everlasting”. Another strength was word problems. They weren’t your favorite but you normally got good points on them because you used the details. Back to details again. You were good at that. History you rocked at. It seemed so interesting. Well Mr. D made it that way. It was like you were actually there when he told his stories. Plus you were great at rewriting something for a story on someone. Yeah, you could do that fairly well I think. Biology wasn’t that bad. You liked learning about the body cells and plant structure. You also seemed to nail the tests and quizzes even if you didn’t have a clue what you learned. Ah, now time for weaknesses. You had your share of those too. Math was one of them. Or shall I say Algebra 1 honors. That was a big weakness for you. All the letters with the numbers and the little numbers above the letters just plan out hurt your brain. You tried though, sometimes you tried, I should say. The only thing in writing that was your weakness was a persuasive and expository essay. Well, and spelling, those got you every time.

Now your goals before your senior year ends: You wanted to get A’s and B’s. How you wanted to do that is try harder and maybe get a study partner. Have you done those things? Also, you wanted to be on a JROTC team thing. Yeah, that’s right I said team thing. That’s because you don’t care so much about the team thing it’s your mom. You think it would be okay to join one, but remember your mom will want you to stay on it and do good and blah, blah, blah. One last goal you wanted to complete was make a lot of friends. Ha, who are you kidding? You don’t like people. They are always in your bubble and bugging you but yes you wanted to have lots of friends. ARE YOU STUPID?! You have tons of friends. What’s wrong with them? Do they wear too much black? I think not, have you looked at yourself, too much black? Yeah, you got to be on crack. You have great friends. They love you for who you are and don’t talk behind your back. Last but not least your joys. The halloween party for JROTC was fun. With the flashing lights and awesome band. Plus you could play games in the other room. Remember Tinkerbell, your best friend? Yeah, she looked so silly jumping up and down to the music and sliding around without her shoes on. Then falling on her butt! That was great. She was like WOOOOO then thud. Yes, admit it you had fun hanging out with Andy too. Though, now the thought of him makes you want to puke. You dated or still might be dating Riely. Yes, he was an all right kid. Very sweet, funny, silly but smart too! He was mature and wasn’t perverted which was annoying sometimes because he would get mad when you and your friends joke about stuff and he would be all like “That’s gross” and “Let’s change the subject” but all in all he was awesome. Then there was the JROTC ball. You went your friend, Stephen. Yes, you hung out with Andy too but he just sat there and wouldn’t dance so you danced with Tinkerbell then he got up and enjoyed that a little too much. You had a good time and got to see your friends. Yes, even with Andy there is was great. Yes, that’s your freshmen year. I hope you have reached your goals and you are having a blast your senior year. Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do. Ha ha. Seriously, don’t do anything stupid or reckless. Stay away from those lying, cheating, losers who call themselves men. Yours Truly,

Freshmen Leetha Rowe

Dear Past Self, You will be pleased to hear that you have completed most of your goals. You have straight A’s and the teachers love you. You have a bunch of the same friends you did freshmen year, and they are still just as great. You are no longer in JROTC, so no drill team.But so far your Senior year is pretty great. You cannot wait to graduate and get on with your life. You still love to read and write and they are improving every day. You can now read 800 pages in one day (you have not tried to read more then that) and your writing is so good that a book you wrote, “Into the Future” has been published to Teen Ink. You have even acquired a new skill, ceramics. Mrs. Davis believes you should take art in College, and you will, you will have minor in Art.Your major, however, will be in Marriage Counseling. You are very excited to go to college. You want to learn and experience as much as you can. Now, you are not longer with Riely (that was a disaster!) you are single. Vernon Wright, your crush since freshmen year, has broken up with you. Don’t worry you are fine. Maybe you guy will work it out, you both hope you can. For now it is just you and you are fine with that. Of course you would be fine, you do not need people to make you happy because happiness is not just one thing, it is a million little things. Stay strong. I need to talk to you now. I wish you would have paid more attention in your classes and done all your work. I know it was hard to get motivated and you did not care about the classes you did not need, heck you even slacked in classes you needed, now your GPA is suffering because of it. Also you cannot take *DC World Lit for college credit. I wish you would have cared just a little more in class. I am disappointed, you are way better than that. I hope in the future you can care more and do what you need and should do.


Senior Leetha Rowe

Dear Future self, Right now i am going to sum up your senior year, in case for some reason you have forgotten. Your senior year was not super fun like you see on t.v. shows and movies. you DId not go to any wild parties, you weren’t like that. But you did enjoy your senior year. You were dating james williams at the beginning of year and you two were stuck like glue but eventually you guys broke up in november or end of october, some where around there. Then november 22 you started dating vernon wright again, yes again in case you forgot you guys dated for a year and two months the first time. you were so happy he had said yes to you and nothing would stop you two. well now it is April second and he had broke up with you on march 31st, on easter because you guys had nothing in common and could not communicate well. If you can’t remember why you don’t like easter that is why. He was the love of your life and maybe still today, who knows, maybe you two have worked it out, maybe not. Anyway, done with the sad part, because i did say you had fun. You hung out with duncan adrian and chad larabee most of the year, mainly chad because half way through you finally decided to be friends with duncan and he is the greatest friend you could have asked for. So is chad though, well most of the time. He would get kind of moody and be mean for a few weeks then he would be your best friend again. He was like a girl in a boy’s body. hopefully those two people are still with you today, they were great. You had other good friends too, like cheyenne dover. she was so funny and nice to you. she also had the most beautiful baby. chey was lesbian, and your most favorite person to say the least. she never talked bad about you, was never rude or lied and was always, always there for you. Towards the end of the year you too started hanging out more and it was great, no drama, no fighting, just smiles and laughs. There was dorinda chambers too, the sweetest girl ever, unless you made her mad. normally the teachers did that, oh how many times you had to calm her down in class. she was just like chey, always there, never rude, and never talked behind your back.

There was alex snyder too, for a while anyway. He was more your friend your junior year, he gave you rides to school every day and he was your best friend your junior year. you still talked to him when you saw him but you guys have gone different ways. You kind of became friends with riely snyder, yes him again but just friends. he was kind of a jerk after you two broke up but you still tried to be friends, you know how you are just so sweet. (haha) Hmm. . . there was mrs. lock, even though she is teacher she would definitely be a friend because you guys had so much in common and you could tell her anything and everything and she would understand. Plus, she was probably the coolest teacher at benton high school. Of course she was a writing teacher, she was very funny and silly too. she helped you with your work and let you work in the library. mrs. lock never got mad (maybe she did and didn’t show it..?) at you and was always understanding and helpful. She did not judge you like most adults did and she was just perfect. mrs. davis, your ceramics teacher, was just the same as mrs. lock. both great people and teachers. Mrs. Davis always sat there and listened while you ranted and raved to her about your sister, your mother, or any other people who had made you mad the night before or that morning. well that sums up most of your friends, you had others but the people named here were the most important people to you. You had a few hobbies in high school and a few dreams on where you were going. Your hobbies were: reading, drawing, ceramics, reading, sleeping, hanging with friends, reading and listening to music in your room. you mostly read, of course, and drew. you weren’t big on doing things, you were kind of lazy but still keeps A’s and B’s. as to what your dreams were you wanted to major in marriage counseling and a minor in art. you had planned to go to missouri western with your mother, aunt and cousin. hopefully you at least got your major and minor, as to where you went to get them let’s hope they taught you the best. That is all have to remind you of your senior year, so sit back and think back on when you were 17. not regrets though because those are pointless and you know it. do not cry because those years are over, smile because they happened. keep on keeping on. sincerely,

Leetha Rowe

Dear Mrs. Lock,

I have chosen to make you my signiďŹ cant adult. You have been there

for me to vent and talk to all of my Senior year. You are my most favorite adult because you do not treat us teenagers as children. How can people expect us to be adults and treat us like kids, right? Well I wanted to say thank you for not doing that.

Thank you for being understanding and caring towards me. Not

many people mean it when they say the will be there, you haven’t said that, you have proven it. You are funny and silly. You make a great teacher because you do not treat us as your job, you treat us like you care if we succeed or not. I would like to think you are one of the reasons I want to keep my grades up because I do not want to disappoint you. You have made me a better person too. You have been so sweet to me even when I have an attitude and it made me think I should do that for other people too even if I do not have to because maybe one day I will make a change or impact in someones life someday like you have made in mine.

Thank you for being there for, not just me but other kids too. You

heart is as big your brain. (That is a compliment. ) You are truly my favorite teacher, I love my other teachers too but you are not just a teacher, you are a friend and I thank you for that. I am glad I decided to take your class because if not I would not be a better a better writer, a better student or a better person. I enjoyed your class and I have enjoyed our conversations in the library, I will always remember what a big impact you have made and how you changed my look on everything. THANK YOU.


Leetha Rowe

This I Believe • I believe in second, third or 100 chances • I believe you are never too young to understand love • I believe in love at first site • I believe the man who says he can’t and the man who says he can are both right • I believe guys and girls can be JUST friends • I believe everyone deserves to be happy • I believe everyone needs a chance, at anything, no matter who or what they are or where and why they are • I believe there is three sides to the story, his side, her side and the truth • I believe honesty is the best policy • I believe if someone is honest and they tell you before someone else does then they deserve a second chance • I believe that you never stop loving someone, either you are lying about not loving them anymore or you never loved them • I believe to love someone and respect someone truly you must first love and respect yourself • I believe no one is worthless, everyone has a purpose even if they haven’t found it yet • I believe you should do unto others and you would have them do unto you • I believe reading can change you • I believe in fairness • I believe in lost causes • I believe you should do one good, unselfish thing before you die • I believe personality should come before looks • I believe you shouldn’t care what others think because someone will always have something bad to say • I believe if you love something set it free, if it comes back it’s yours, if it doesn’t, it wasn’t meant to be • I believe love can’t fix everything but it makes it better and worth going through the bad things • I believe that it can’t rain forever, some time the sun has to come out • I believe no one completely changes, some part of them is still the same • I believe communicating is important in every relationship • I believe to communicate you have to be patient and understanding • I believe you don’t have to have things in common to be in a relationship

Pole dancing is NOT for everyone We have all seen some weird and crazy things in our lives, yes? Some are funny, some are wrong. Well the weirdest thing I have seen at Benton High was wrong is so many ways. A rather overweight freshmen pole dancing, yes pole dancing, on a bar between the door way by room A1. I have now forever been scarred by this. Somethings can not be unseen. I was just walking down the bottom annex hallway and minding my own business when I see a freshmen boy sitting on the stairs by room A1. I know this kid and decide to join him and wait for the bell to ring telling me it is fourth period. When all of a sudden a larger freshmen runs from behind the stairs and starts dancing on the pole between the doorway. My friend busts up laughing and talking to this guy. I assume this is his friend. I have the most disgusted look on my face as this kid twists and goes up and down this pole, I am repulsed. My friend’s face is beat red from laughing so hard, he turns to look at me and laughs harder at the look on my face. The kid finally stops and looks right at me. My eyes go wide as my jaw is touching the floor, shocked at his immaturity. He bends his knees just a little and wraps one hand around the pole while the other is just hanging at his side and he starts acting like he is humping the pole. HUMPING. THE. POLE! What the heck?! My face turns red and I get up and stomp off to the library unable to get the image out of my head. How can Freshmen be so childish?

Grades Are Important Some of you may think, “Eh, I will just catch up at the end” or “I don’t really need this class, I will be fine.” Well, I am here to say that you should not think that way. I have learned the hard way that ALL of your grades in ALL of your classes are important. Do not make the same mistake I did. My freshmen year I did not care a lot about the classes I did not need. I just did what I wanted to and whatever else I just ignored. I wish I had not done that because at the time I didn’t know but it was going to effect my GPA. My Sophomore year I did not care at all about classes I did not need and hardly cared about the classes I did need. I had three F’s and about two D’s and the rest border line C’s and B’s. I know suffer for this because I cannot take my *DC World Lit class for college credit. Do not fret though, my Junior year I had all A’s and B’s and one or two C’s. Now my Senior year, even thought I cannot take that class for credit, I had All A’s for semester two, with a 4.1 GPA. I have learned my lesson a little late for high school but I will be going to College and I know understand the importance of having good grades, even for the classes that are boring or that I do not need.

“To be or not to be”

To change or not change something you have done or said in the

past, is something people think about regularly. I would like to believe I have no regrets about what I have said or done in my life because most things I do I think of before I do it, so to regret it is really my fault because I gave my actions thought. Though, if I really had to pick one thing I would change or like to do over it would be lying to my mom about stupid things over and over. There has been a few times that I have not lied to her and she kept true to her word and I did not get in trouble or as much trouble. I do not like lying, I am not sure why I did it. It is one of the few things I did not give thought to, I just did it.

I believe I can trust my mother with anything, she may be mad

about whatever I tell her at first but she have proven that she will forgive me and still be there. I feel bad for having lied to her, the things I lied about were stupid and would blow over in a few months and I would never give it thought again. Now I do because I lied. It would have been a whole lot easier if I just told the truth and gone from there, but I did not and I was punished far more severe then I would have been if I told the truth. This I do regret, I just hurt myself and my mother more. Trust is a big thing to me and how can I trust others if I lie too? I can’t, I must do unto others and I would have them do unto me. Fair is fair, I cannot expect people to honest with me if I am not, first honest with them. It is not how it works.

I believe people should not regret their choices, they should learn

from them. I have learned to be more honest because when you are honest you build trust and you will not have to remember anything.

They aren’t just pictures, they are a part of me.

The “Perfect” Day I have never given much thought about the “perfect” day because I do not have “good” days either. I mean, I am not saying my life sucks but what is a “good” day? To some people it is just being alive, to others it is their crush asking them on a date. An even better question is what is a “perfect” day, because sometimes you may think you have had the best day ever and a few months later you would say that, that day is the best day ever. Well, I may be over thinking things a bit so this is my idea of a “perfect” day. Picture a warm sunny day, not a cloud in the sky and everything around you is green and full of life. Birds are chirping and the smell of roses are in the air. You have been spending all afternoon with the one you love, whether it be a girlfriend, boyfriend, crush, wife, husband or even just a lover. Nothing can ruin your day. Both of you have been spending your afternoon swimming in the lake behind your house or under the Weeping Willow tree, with the branches and leaves barely brushing the ground as the wind blows ever so slightly, next to the lake. You are sunbathing when their shadow lays over your face and you open your eyes to see them. They are standing there above you more gorgeous then ever, today everything is more beautiful. You notice they are holding a wicker basket and a sheet. Curious, you sit up and ask, “What is that?” They smile and lay the sheet down and then the basket and pull out your favorite foods, it is a surprise picnic. The day could not be any better. As you spend the rest of the evening talking, laughing and eating, before you know it, it is dusk and you two watch the sun set together. As it gets dark you notice even tonight is beautiful, the smell of the lake and your partner’s scent fills your nose. You couldn’t be any happier. The stars are shinning bright and the moon is full, causing a reflection on the lake. The air is clean and just a little cooler then before, but you like it that way. Little bugs like up around you, flashing and calling to their mate. You two lay under the moon and stars, cuddled together, forever lost in the love you two share for each other, not saying a word because words need not be spoken. Nothing can ruin your mood because you have now had the most perfect day.

My Secret

Everyone has a secret no one knows. It may be because

"ey #d some"ing "ey are afraid to $t in tr%ble for or it may be because "ey are afraid of what everyone will say and "ink ab%t "em. Well, I am no #fferent, I have one secret I have told NO ONE since I was 10. Ju( a few days ago I (a)ed telling a few people my secret, and "ey #d not mind. I was surp*sed and now I am w*ting "+ so everyone knows. I am not telling y% "+ because I want a,ention, only because I am big on honesty + "e best policy, plus I always told people “Do not care what o"ers "ink, if "ey "ink less of y% because of some"ing "en y% do not really want "em in y%r life

anyway.”Now I am practicing what I preach. I figured "+ %t ab%t when I was 10. At lea( "at + how far back I can remember. I was afraid of what my f*ends and family w%ld "ink because girls were su.ose to like guys and guys were su.ose to like girls, well now I know "at it + not so black and whit/ I like guys and girls. Yes, I said girls. No, "at does not mean I like every girl I see and does not mean I want to date "em, but I do "ink "at some are a,ractive in a none f*end or family way. 0ere + my secret I have kept for eight years now, so if y% do not "ink #fferently of me "en good if y% do "en by/

Into the Future I am surrounded by zombies. Yes, you read that right, I said zombies. They have taken over the world roughly two months ago and now we must defend our world. There is one zombie to my left. I turn and slice his ... her, I am not sure which; they are ugly, the flesh is melted almost all the way off. Anyway it lost its arm and then its head. I do a quick twist and slice another head off of one, blood splatters all over my face and my white shirt. Gosh dang it, I just washed zombie blood out of this last night! But don’t worry the blood has nothing to do with turning into a zombie, it’s their infected, rotten teeth that will turn me. You can say I have been at this zombie killing business for a while now, I am pretty good.“Behind you!” yells my partner, Adrian. I turn quickly and stab it in the eye and down it goes. See, I told you I am pretty good. I bet you are wondering, what are the steps to be a zombie, let me tell you, you have to pretty stupid to want or even accidentally become a zombie. So, this is how to become a zombie incase you were curious; Step one: Be stupid and walk outside the protected houses we (Adrian and I) have worked so hard to put bars and metal sheets on the windows, walk outside the triple gated area around the houses, do this preferable alone. Step two: Go towards, not away, from the herd of zombies. Step three: Instead of running back towards the guards around the 30 plus houses that are, yes, zombie proof, run in the other direction. Step four: fall down while running and since you didn’t think to bring a weapon with you, don’t defend yourself and let the nasty, infected zombie bite a spot of his .. her choice. If they do not decide the eat you to your death or if you somehow get away then the infected area will get bubbly, hot then melt away and the rest of your flesh will do the same. Gross, right? So, please listen to the guards, listen to the curfews, and DO NOT EVER go anywhere alone or without a weapon. We didn’t risk our lives putting up the fence and gates around the houses just because we were bored, no it was to help save the humans from hell’s bite. The fences are set up like prison fences: fence, 10 foot around dead space, fence, 10 foot around dead pace and yes another fence. Adrian and I have been clearing out the zombies around the “community” all morning. We aren’t like those stupid movies and shows that just let the damned build up around us. Others are helping of course and we have people inside the fence ready to shoot any zombie the gets too close. I have made it clear to everyone though, we do not use guns unless we are seconds away from dying. This is a rule because the noise attracts more zombies, duh of course. Also, we need to save our bullets; we have enough to last for years but come on no one knows how long this will last. Now I know I said we have people ready to shoot the zombies even though there is a rule against it but their guns have silencers and the ONLY guns that have them.

It was my turn to warn Adrian. “Behind you, Adrian! Behind you!” But he turned too slow and the zombie was on him. I ran to help him. Yuck, I stepped on a half zombie’s head and got brains on my new (hand-me-down) shoes. Somehow Adrian moved his was under the zombie. Ugh, this boy is so getting yelled at after I save his butt. I paused for a second as a zombie came after me and kicked him in the chest, then proceeded to stab him in the head and watched his body fall to the ground. “HELP! Help me dang it!” Adrian yelled as I was still running toward him. Man, we should stay closer together my legs are tired, I thought. Yes, even as my boyfriend was close to dying I was worried about how sore my legs were. Finally, I got to him and kicked the zombie in the head. Instead of being the sweet caring girlfriend we all know I am (ha ha) and helping Adrian up, I turned and stomped the crap out of the zombie’s head. I turn and say, “Are you done being reckless and stupid or do I need someone else to help me clear the fields while your slow butt trains more on how to kill something with less brain function then a rock.” Yup, there is my sweetness. Adrian frowns, offended, and walks back towards the gate. “Fine, I’ll clean up the 50 bodies myself!” I yell as he keeps walking. I know there is 50 because each day everyone rotates on who kills 25 zombies, we have to kill 25 or we don’t eat lunch. Yes, silly rule but people love their food and even I help, the founder of this place, because it is fair. As I start cleaning up the rotten bodies I hear shuffling. “Adrian?” I say, almost a whisper. I look up and the people that were suppose to watching me were talking and I was too far away for them to hear me. A zombie walks from behind a house and groans at me. Crap, I think. I draw my sword ready to take the damned thing out and a dozen more are followed by it... After I had cleaned and burned the zombie bodies, while taking out 12 more I might add, I walk into the mess hall and sign off on how many I have killed for the day. I try to get out in the fields and clear some every day since I have no real chores like everyone else. After I grab some food I find Adrian and sat next to him. “I am sorry I messed up today and left you to clean up” he says with his head down, ashamed. “It’s no big deal really. I am sorry I was rude after I saved your butt” I push him playfully, trying to make him feel better “and the clean up wasn’t too bad I got 12 more after you left.” Suddenly, he sits up and looks at me in alarm. “You what? Oh my god, I can’t believe I left you out there by yourself,” rule number one never go anywhere alone, “I am such an idiot it would have been my fault if you died!” I do a little, kind of awkward laugh, “It’s fine, I wasn’t alone, the guards were watching.” He huffs, kisses me, then says “I am so sorry.” and leaves. Romantic couple aren’t we? Later that night I decide to go for a walk, I know, I know, never go anywhere by yourself. I might as well be that dumb blonde in the scary movies that run up the stairs instead of out the door but I needed to clear my head. Our town is safe, no zombies have gotten in but we like to keep everyone armed and together just incase. I was told two days ago, on Monday, that I needed to come up with some ground rules since the place has been holding together for two months since the zombies came from hell and more people are being brought in. I’d say that we have roughly 50 people now and 35 houses. We keep six to a house and everyone has a buddy they leave with. We have been putting up more fences around other houses beyond the fences, and no there is not really “fields” we say that because there is a field of zombies. The houses that we are zombie proofing and putting fences around have to be cleared out of supplies and zombies first. We take the supplies and store it in a huge garage and 10 people control what we get. The town has decided not to use money; we simply just get what we work for because everyone would rather have that then classes and be downgraded. Plus it is a lot easier than money, in the mornings you wake up at 7am sharp and clean your house and everyone cleans the streets. (The place was trashed when we cleared out the homes when we first got here). Then, you go to the mess hall and sign off on what you did then get your food. Between 9am and 2pm, people take their turns killing 25 or more zombies and eating their lunch. Everyone gets dinner for free, no work needed. I stop in front of the medical center, it really says “medical center” on the building. The flowers in the makeshift garden have started growing more and tomorrow morning some will have blossomed. They have it so easy, I thought about the flowers, they will grow and bloom as long as there is sun and water. They don’t have to worry about zombies. I was jealous of the flowers, they had nothing to lose. The medical center is obviously where the sick and injured go. We, thankfully, have 6 doctors and 2 vets to stay there. The doctors are currently teaching the vets more about the human body then the animal body. They are the only ones who don’t risk their lives in the fields because we need them.

I keep walking down the street, all the lights are off promptly at 9pm. We use generators and propane tanks to fuel everything and need to save everything we have. The lights do not get turned on during the day because we open the curtains for light. If we do turn them on they are a loud on for 15 minutes every hour. I know it sounds stupid but I mean we have a lot of supplies but I don’t want to get stupid with it. We may be here for a long time. You must be wondering how we get our supplies, well we go on raids around the houses and other cities around this small town. We send 15 to 20 people for a raid. Every two get a minivan and a list of things the have to get, we never run out and we are always over stocked. I’m a planner, we need to get the stuff before others do or before it goes bad. If the raiders find others on the trip they pick them up or offer aid. Anyone is welcome to our “community” as long as they cause no problems, I have no issue with shooting troublemakers, they are worse than the damned. I walk up to the gate, tomorrow I will be going on my second raid. Adrian will not be going, we don’t go at the same time incase one of us dies or gets bitten. Of course we were not the only ones who founded this place, there is a few other, but Adrian and I are the main ones. I am scared, these people we have are well-trained thanks to our five military people but I will be 30 minutes away from the town and away from Adrian. I take a deep breath and head back to my house. I crawl in bed next to Adrian and fall asleep. The next morning at 5am, I am already up and ready for the raid. I wake my 14 other raiders (which I found are NOT morning people) and we head out early so we can be back by 2pm. The trip was quiet as I rode next to my best friend Alex. We became best friends after I had the idea to bar up her house she let us stay in. She is one of the other founders of our town. 30 minutes later, we arrive in another small town that I didn’t pay attention to the name to. Alex and I are to get clothes for the kids back in the town. We have ten kids ages 7-13. Five boys and five girls. The kids are required to go to our makeshift school. We are always getting lucky, we have 2 teachers, elementary and high school teacher. We don’t want our kids being street smart and book stupid now do we? As we look around some of the houses I hear something. I stop and Alex bumps into me, not saying a word because she heard it too. We walk around the main floor, refusing to get trapped up stairs. We open windows so we have an escape route. Rule number two, when in doubt know your way out. Here, let’s get the rules out of the way: Rule 1: Never go anywhere alone Rule 2: When in doubt know your way out Rule 3: Always travel with a weapon Rule 4: Head shots only, shooting at their feet won’t help Rule 5:Don’t be stupid and think you can take a lot on your own That’s all I have right now. I hear the noise again and head to what I assume is the kitchen. Five zombies stand in front of us moaning and groaning. We turn around to head out so we have more room to fight but there is three more behind us, now we fight. I pull out my sword and Alex pulls out her gun. I cut one zombie’s face in half and Alex splatters one’s brain all over the wall. One of the damned gets Alex to the ground, I try to get to her but one knocks me my sword out my hand and it slides across the floor. Great, now I am defenseless, I thought. I punch the zombie and my hand sinks into its face. I don’t it even felt that. It comes after me again and I’m not ready. Somehow I am on the floor in an instant and I cannot get him off me. This is how my life ends, I will die right here. Alone and away from Adrian, I think, I love you Adrian... I wake up soaking wet, I have been sweating in my sleep and my bed is grossly wet. I look around as Adrian, my boyfriend of 14 months come in and says we need to leave, there is zombies, actual zombies. I am confused, wasn’t there already zombies? Did zombies get in the town if so we should be able to handle them, why is he freaking out? Then it hit me, I had dreamed of the future. I saw how for this point on would play out and I knew how I was going to die. This was my time to change how I would leave this world and I was ready to live. To be continued...

Breakfast   Meal My   favorite   breakfast   meal   would   be   a   BIG   Medium   Rare   Steak,    Hash   Browns,   Over   Easy   Eggs,   and   a   tall   glass   of   cold   milk.

Lunch   Meal My   favorite   lunch   meal   would   be   Tacos   stacked   with:   meat,    lettuce,   tomatoes,   cheese,   hot   peppers   and   topped   with   salsa.    For   a   drink   it   would   be   a   medium   glass   of   sprite.

Dinner   Meal My   favorite   meal   for   dinner   would   be   a   big   plate   of   saucy    spaghetti,   nothing   added,   just   the   sauce,   noodles   and   meat.    Sprinkled   with   shredded   cheese   and   topped   of   with   hot   peppers.    As   for   a   drink   just   a   glass   of   cold   milk.

• •

My Favo*te "ings Books

Video games

Playing "tside

Dying and playing wi# my hair


• • •

Swimming Laughing

B$ght colors

Spla%er paint

Waking up and y"r bed & so warm y" do not want to 't up

Tacos & Bur$tos

• • • •


When it & hot "tside and y" go in and it & cool Long hair

Climbing trees

Playing in ()/mud


• •

Snakes Ti'rs

*e color purple

Pulling jokes on people

When my s&ter tru-s me to talk ab"t boys or secrets

• •

Play fighting Hot ,owers

• When I have #at one person who knows EVERY THING and -ill wants to be my f$end

When someone knows y" so well #ey do not have to ask what & wrong

Sunny, warm days

*e smell of roses

Perfect white tee#

When a random person says y" look beautiful today

Giving people b"ght/made gi.s and #ey love it

• • •

Guy best f$ends

Waking up and being in a good mood for no reason Making someone’s day be%er

Favorite Books, Movies & T.V. Shows Books Tigers Curse Series Twilight Series Night World Series Thirst Series The MorganVill Vampire Series Need Series The Hunger Games Series Blue Blood Series Tears of a Tiger Series Sweep Series Faerie Path Series Vampire Academy Series Wicked Lovely Series The Host The Immortals Heart Sick Series Dark Visions The Forbidden Games Movies Gone With the Wind The Grudge Series The Vile Tarzan Jurassic Park Scream Dear John The Green Mile Mama Lion King 1 1/2 Sweeney Todd Beauty and The Beast T.V Shows The Walking Dead The Vampire Diaries Charmed Angel H2O How It’s Made NCIS Bones CSI

25 Pieces of Advice 1. Tell the truth, then you will not have to remember anything 2. Love whole heartedly 3. Read 4. Do what you love 5. Be yourself 6. Do not give into peer pressure 7. Do what you think is right 8. Be selfless 9. Work your hardest 10. Never give up 11. Live everyday as if it was your last 12. Winners never quit and quitters never win 13. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you 14. It does not rain forever the sun will come up sometime 15. Always have that one friend you tell everything to 16. Respect is earned not given 17. Keep your friends close but your enemies closer 18. Smile, because it will annoy those who hate you 19. Practice what you preach 20. Do not let people walk all over you, you are not a doormat 21. Be true to yourself 22. Know your enemies weakness 23. You have more control over your actions then you think 24. Happiness is not one thing it is a bunch of little things 25. Have no regrets, learn for your mistakes

30 Favorite Memories 1. JROTC halloween party 2. JROTC ball 3. Hanging out with Tinkerbell at her house 4. Canoe trip 5. My first boyfriend 6. My first kiss 7. Summer trip to my dad’s house in 2012 8. Having a report card with all A’s and B’s 9. Bowling secretly with Alex and Andy 10. Bowling with James and other friends for there graduation celebration 11. My cousin moving in 12. My mother’s wedding 13. My 16th birthday party 14. Hanging out with my mother and boyfriend one summer night 15. My first cell phone 16. Hay ride for James’s church in the summer of 2012 17. Going to church every sunday summer of 2012 18. My first writing published on Teen Ink 19. My first drawing published on Teen Ink 20. Staying up late talking to friends 21. Walking to the gas station with my sisters during the summer 22. Swimming in the creek with my friends and family 23. Easter in 2012 and 2013 with Vernon’s family 24. Getting my first car 25. Passing my drivers test 26. Shopping with my cousin, sister and mother 27. Book shopping 28. Working in the library 29. Volunteering at my mother’s work 30. Making my Senior scrapbook

Book She pulls back 1 1 two big glass doors and 1 smell of new books fills her nose and her face breaks into a smil/ 0e joy of walking into a book (ore and knowing 3e will walk %t wi" an arm full of books + 1 best feeling in 1 world to her. She has not been to a book (ore in awhile, la( time 3e was here 3e b%ght ab%t

10 books and has yet to fin+h all of "em but 3e cannot help but want more books. As 3e passes people 3e smiles, 3e cannot help it, 3e + over flowing wi" joy. She walks to her favo*te +le, Fantasy. She has been rea#ng ab%t vampires, mermaids, warlocks, werewolves an witches since 8 grad/ She cannot $t en%gh of it, "%gh 3e does w+h

it was less mu3y and more action, ei"er way a book + a book and "ey

are all good. Her hand runs across 1 5ines of 1 books, 3e loves 1 way "ey feel. She takes her time ju( a.reciating 1 books, not en%gh people do so. She has always kept her books in good con#tion, 90 percent of "em look new. Only a few do not because 3e had made 1 m+take of loaning paperback books to people who bend 1 5in/ Her hand (ops on a book and picks it up to read 1 back. She decides not to $t it and puts

it back. Squa,ing do6 to see 1 books on a lower 3elf, a book catches her ey/ Ti$rs Curse, 1 front cover read. 0e front of it + a white ti$r surr%nded by pre,y 3ades of blu/ She reads 1 desc*ption and 3e + hooked, 3e looks for 1 second book but

"e (ore has none in (ock. She walks to 1 check%t to $t her book, 3e + excited.

And "at + what got me hooked on ti$r books... :)

Strongly opinionated and yet quietly affectionate Made wrong turns, never was lost. To be or not to be. Who to love, who to hate. Happiness is a million little things. Forgive them, don’t forget what happened. Love knows no race or gender. Family is forever, so are friends. Don’t regret anything, learn from it. Life is not black and white. Don’t judge someone you don’t know. Everyone is special, so are you. Love with passion, hate with fiery. Your past doesn’t make your future. Kindness is better, rumors spread faster. Looks aren’t everything, ask blind people. Doesn’t rain forever, sun will shine. . Listen to what you cannot hear. Hearts beat loud, brains are quiet.

Mrs. Lock, Thank you for always being there my senior year. You are an amazing teacher and an even better person. I LOVE YOU!

Mrs. Davis, You are just awesome, let me say that first. I loved class with you and I will miss you when I leave. Have fun and try to be nice to the crappy artwork you have to see. I LOVE YOU!

Mr. Bremer, You are a great Liberian and thank you for sitting there and listening while I complained. You are awesome! I LOVE YOU!

Mom, I know I have argued and been rude to you but I love you with all of my heart. Thank you for being there for me when I really needed it. I am sorry for all the bad things I did. I LOVE YOU!

Cheyana Ashler, Thank you for being there throughout high school. You were a great friend even though we do not hardly talk now. I LOVE YOU!

Dorinda Chambers, Your attitude is fine by me, I love you just the same. I do hope you learn to control your anger though. I LOVE YOU!

Chey Dover, Oh where to start? You are a great, strong person and I love you. :) You are without a doubt my best friend. Thank you for being there for me and I hope we have many more years together. I LOVE YOU!

Trisha, You are the most sweetest, kind hearted person I know and you deserve the best. I love you and I hope you find what you are looking for in life. I LOVE YOU!

Goodbye! ! Everyone has said goodbye to something or someone. Wether is was an old toy sold in a yard sale or grandparent that has passed away. I have said goodbye to three grandparents, all my grandpa or great grandpa. It was hard, and from then on I do not say goodbye or bye when I have to leave, I say see you later because it is not goodbye, goodbye is forever and I know I will not be leaving forever. But there are a few people I would like to say goodbye to, those people who have hurt me or someone I love. ! • Goodbye to the man who has hurt my cousins for 5 years of their childhood. • Goodbye to man who tried to kill us when I was in second grade. • Goodbye to the man who had molested my friend. • Goodbye to the people who have backstabbed me. • Goodbye to the boys who have promised my sister the world only to lie and cheat on her. • Goodbye to the man who had done bad things to me when I was 14. • Goodbye to the the sick and twisted people who rape and molest people. • Goodbye to the boys who called themselves men and lied and hurt me. • Goodbye to those who abuse their children. • Goodbye the people who bully others. • Goodbye to the people who judge others. • Goodbye to who abuse animals. • Goodbye to liars. • Goodbye to cheaters.

• Goodbye to murders. • Goodbye to thefts.

Not everyone I want to say goodbye to has been a bad or horrible person. Some are brave, sweet and perfect in my eyes. Heres to the good people. • Goodbye to the men and women who serve our country. • Goodbye the people who have lost their lives in 9/11. • Goodbye to the family I have lost. • Goodbye to the firefighters and police officers who have died protecting and saving our lives. • Goodbye to the people who have fought cancer and lost. • Goodbye to the people who have died saving others. • Goodbye to the love of my life. • Goodbye to the friends I have lost throughout my life. • Goodbye to the teachers who have helped me get where I am today. • Goodbye the people who have taken their lives. • Goodbye the people who have had their lives taken. • Goodbye to the animals who have died by the hand of another person. • Goodbye to my dog Freckles. • Goodbye the all the other animals I have had in my life. • Goodbye to everyone that has ever meant anything to anyone. • Goodbye the the people I am leaving when I graduate from high school.

“Do Unto Others As You Would Have Them Do Unto You”

Senior Scrapbook  

My Senior year everyone had to a a scrapbook, this is mine.

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