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Most debtors are afraid of dealing with debt collection. If you are one of them, the following tips on debt validation letter will provide you with the know-how. To validate your debt, send the debt collection agency a certified letter with return receipt. They should respond to your request within 30 days. If not, they are in violation of the law under FDCPA. Send a certified letter to the credit bureaus to dispute debt collection's actions on your report, if you don't think the collector has the right to collect the debt. If you'd like to dispute further after you receive the collection agency's reply within 30 days, you may want to know if they are authorized to collect in your state or not. If not, send them another letter and let them know they are in violation and make threats to file a lawsuit against them, if they don't stop debt collection. If the collection agency does not provide you with sufficient proof after your second debt validation letter, follow through your threat stating in the letter and sue them in the small claims court. What to write In a Debt Validation Letter? According to the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA), section 809, Validation of debts, codified 15 USC 1692g, in debt validation letter, you may ask for verification of the debt collection claim against you. Here are the items you should ask for validation: 1.) Request for the debt amount you owe. 2.) Who the creditor is and to whom the money is owed. 3.) How the debt amount determined by the debt collector. 4.) Ask for the copy of the original credit application with your signature on it. 5.) Show the proof that the debt is still under the time frame in the statute of limitations. 6.) Verification on the collection agency's license to see if they are legal to collect debt in your state. 7.) Point out that you know your right under FDCPA and will file a lawsuit against them, if they can't provide the validation on debts and continue to call you or harm your credit. Let the debt collector know they have up to 30 days to provide you with the info you request for. 8.) Also let them know that during the validation periods, all collection calls and letters have to stop

or you will file harassment charge again them. Debt collectors are trained to collect debt. However, you do have the right to protect yourself. Besides understanding the above tips on debt validation letter, it is recommended to consult an attorney for further guidance in dealing with debt collection.

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