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Unlike the standard refrigerators, compact refrigerators have advanced features including the size. Due to its compact size, it fits all rooms and even small configurations, dormitories, motel rooms and places of limited dimensions. Advantages of Small Refrigerator If you are an avid traveler, a compact refrigerator can be a boon as you can preserve food and have cold beverages while on the move. Additionally, apart from keeping food stuff at a low temperature, the Fridge can preserve hot food at the given temperature due to the special insulation within it. It derives its power from a 12v battery within the car and is attached to the car's lighter socket. But if you are wondering about its cooling capacity you would be pleasantly surprised to know that it is equivalent to the cooling given off by a 5kg ice block. So next time you travel, carry a compact refrigerator which can be easily carted in a car as you and your family move around and visit new places. Another advantage of buying a compact refrigerator is that it saves space. Though the size differs on the newer models you would be able to judge what suits your requirements. New models offer compressor free systems, reversible doors, automatic defrost, adjustable thermostats, choice of glass shelves and the ability to lock the door. With a variety of colors and finishes you can select from white, black, wood, steel or a combination of any of these. Let your new compact refrigerator compliment your room decor and enhance the look of the room. However, if you are on a very tight budget you can opt for a used compact refrigerator or even rent one. If you are searching for a perfect compact refrigerator the key aspect is to consider your budget and that would decide the model and the company. However, don't go in for a cheapest as quality counts. It is best to choose a brand that is reliable and have a good reputation in the market than to go in for a new and unknown brand. It is advised to research online to know the available choices and save by comparing prices. Apart from using it in vehicles you can use it in any room and can even fit under table tops, add character to a corner or be a snug fit within a small closet. If you are on a budget or going to college these small refrigerators are the idle appliances for your dorm rooms. These refrigerators have independent shelves and dividers for storing different food stuffs and have additional space in the doors. However, fridges with additional features such as ice-maker or ice dispensers cost more. Many models have adjustable shelves giving you the flexibility of keeping differently sized containers. You may ask your friends and family to suggest the brand or count on their personal experiences

with different refrigerator brands. Some of the leading websites have personal reviews by customers and drawbacks on the various brands and refrigerator companies. Reading the reviews can help you judge about the after sales service and maintenance which can aid you in finding the best refrigerator for your requirement. So go ahead and buy the compact refrigerator you have been vying and enjoy the super cool features.

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==== ==== Visit this site for quality reviews on SMEG Refrgerator: ==== ====

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