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Dealing with debt collection can be a pain. However, according to the Federal Debt Collection Practices Act, you have the right to request the collection agency to validate the debt you owe and stop their annoying behavior. So, how do you request for validation letter? Here's the sample letter that you can use. Date Your Name Your Address The Collection Company's Name Collection Address Re: Your Acct # XXXX-XXXX To Whom It May Concern: In response to a letter I received on [Date], I'm writing you to request for the debt validation to be sent to me. This letter is being sent to you according to the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA), 15 USC 1692g Sec. 809 (b). Please provide me with the following info: How much is the debt I owe? How do you calculate the debt I owe? Proof of signed document showing I agreed to pay the debt you say I owe. Proof of the original creditor's identity. Show me the Statute of Limitations has not expired on my account. Show me you are licensed and legal to collect debt in my state. Show me who your Registered Agent is and what your license number is. Please reply back to me within 30 days. Once I receive your reply, I'll need 30 days to investigate the info. During such time, no collection activity is allowed. If you fail to respond back within 30 days from the date you receive this letter, all related info to this account and negative items you've placed on my credit file must be completely removed. And

a copy of such deletion letter needs to be sent to me without delay. Please note all future communications with me MUST be done in WRITING ONLY and sent to the address noted above in this letter. If you attempt to use phone to communicate with me, it will be considered harassment - violation of the FDCPA and I'll have no option but to file lawsuit against you. Sincerely, Your Name With the FDCPA on your side, you should not feel vulnerable while dealing with debt collection.

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