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We all get caught up with every day life that we have a tendency to forget a lot of important matters in life. For example, we usually found out about credit report errors when we apply for a mortgage to purchase our home or refinance our home. Other time, when we try to get an equity line of credit or try to get a loan to finance a new vehicle purchase. Most financial advisors would tell us that we should check our credit report regularly to make sure that the credit history reports are accurate. Contrarily to most financial advisors, we don't check our credit report regularly. We usually don't even check the credit report before applying for any kind of loans. When we move from one location to another, we may not get all the bills from the previous address or sometimes we lose track some of the bills. Other time we even forget the nasty past collections from medical bills that we thought the health insurance would have well taken care off. The bills that we thought that already paid off, some how the creditors thought otherwise. The credit bureaus may add the wrong information to your credit history report. Those things show up in the credit report when you apply for loans or credit cards. Then you realize that you need to dispute the credit report errors. According to the traditional process of disputing the credit report errors through mail would take between 30 days to 90 days to get the problems resolve. However, we live in the modern society possessed all kinds of modern communication equipments such as computer Internet access, telephone, cellular phone, and fax machine. We should use all these tools to speed up the process and with the following suggestions: You should begin the dispute process by using telephone to contact the creditors responsible for the inaccuracy. You can find the contact information for each of your creditors on your credit report. Your financial institutions will be able to verify most inaccuracies over the phone. Next you use the copies with circled question items and verified information for disputing with the Credit Bureaus. You should dispute all the personal information before disputing your account information through telephone. This way will help the Credit Bureaus to sort out information according to Names, Social Security Numbers, or address. Sometimes, after disputing personal information everything sort out according to names, Social Security Numbers, or addresses, your credit information will turn out to have accuracy of information. You should use telephone to contact the collection agencies or creditors to find out about their existence or their responses. If they are no longer existing or lack of response, it is your opportunity to remove the negativity that they put on your credit report. When the collection agencies or creditors no longer exist or lack response, the Credit Bureau cannot verify the

disputed items, and then the Credit Bureau must delete them. You should use telephone and fax machine to get debt settling agreement with the creditors, by using experienced professional negotiators. From personal experience the average consumer will settle a debt for about 75 to 60 cents on the dollar including their fee. There is rarely a good reason to attempt your own debt settlement. Creditors will not take you half as seriously as they will take your attorney. Handled properly, you will save time and money by seeking a good attorney to negotiate with your creditors. If you need debt settlement assistance, click on Lexington Law Firm for very low cost debt settlement. You will be money ahead if you get the right help. You should dispute with the Credit Bureaus through websites then follow up through the telephone. So the communication is faster between you and the Credit Bureaus. When you dispute online then follow up on the phone, the dispute process is getting done faster. By the way, the printable pages from the online results are colorful and much easier to read than the black and white mailing reports from the Credit Bureaus. From personal experienced, the outcome of following all the suggestion will result in getting the dispute process done in varying time frames between 24 hours to 30 days. The result may save you thousands of dollars if you in the process of getting a mortgage to purchase your home when the interest rate on the rise. Contrarily to the suggestion, if you decide to do the dispute through the mailing process without the work of verified the information yourself; you probably finish the process between 30 days to 90 days. Sometimes, it may even take longer than 90 days. 90 days can cost you thousands of dollars, if you are in the process of getting a mortgage to purchase your home when the interest rate is on the rise.

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How to Dispute Credit Report Errors Faster  
How to Dispute Credit Report Errors Faster  

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