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Eureka was founded back in 1909 but didn't receive substantial attention until the 1980's when the released 'The Boss' line. Today Eureka is owned and operated by fellow vacuum giant name, Electrolux. There are dozens of Eureka vacuum cleaners that would be great to purchase and below we cover some of the best. Eureka Mighty Mite Canister Vacuum: This light weight vacuum is perfect for cleaning smooth floor surfaces likes hard wood and tiles. You can find it for well under $100 and the hose is long and flexible so you can be sure can reach the top step or even the top of your drapes. Eureka 437AZ Upright Vacuum: This super light upright vacuum cleaner is perfect for those spot cleanings and small areas. This Eureka model is great for cleaning steps and upholstery like couches and chairs. It also has 13 adjustment levels so you can be sure to find your perfect fit. Eureka 1014A Stick and Hand Vacuum: That's right, not only is this super sleek vacuum cleaner lightweight but it also comes with a built in hand held vacuum as well. It is perfect for those quick clean ups and those hard to reach areas of your home or office. If you have children then this vacuum is perfect for those daily spills and messes. Eureka 4870 Boss Upright Vacuum: The Eureka 4870 is the perfect everyday house hold vacuum cleaner. With a 12 AMP motor and a HEPA filtration system you can be sure to get a heavy duty clean, every time you use this vacuum. Plus, this Eureka model can cover all floor types so you can use it everywhere in your home or office. Eureka Quick Up Hand Held Vacuum: This hand held vacuum is one of the coolest hand held vacuums available on the market today. It is super light at 5 pounds so you can easily tote it around with you and also comes with a hose attachment to help you clean your stairs or other hard to clean areas. Eureka 4704LMP Maxima Upright Vacuum: Available in numerous colors, this upright vacuum cleaner is one of the most affordable at around $50. It is bagless for easy cleaning and also comes with a hose and other various attachments to make all of your hard to reach areas a breeze to clean. There are dozens of Eureka vacuum cleaners to consider, all you have to do is take out the time to search for them. This doesn't require as much effort as you think either because you can do just quick searches online and within minutes you can be pointed to your perfect vacuum cleaner. Eureka has been a trusted brand in the vacuum industry for years and they have really proven to their consumers that they make quality products, and are here to stay. Check out any of these Eureka models online and you may also be pointed to some other brands that may attract you.

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==== ==== Find the Best Deals on Eureka Vacuum Belts and Parts! Visit: ==== ====

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