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Cordless and hand-held vacuums are ever popular among many people. Mainly city dwellers, students, and offices, but they are used by so many markets; it is no wonder that there is such a competitive market for hand-held vacuums. Dyson Digital Slim reviews all agree on many key factors of this particular hand-held over others. Even the majority of the downfalls of the Dyson Digital Slim are more practical concerns rather than actual issues with the product. The specifics of the Digital Slim (also known as the DC35) highlight its difference from other handhelds. It comes with the Dyson Root Cyclone technology for which the brand is known and comes with a variety of brushes suitable for both hard flooring as well as carpets. It can further use any attachment used for any other Dyson product. The detachable, lightweight wand reaches 26.1 inches and the overall hand-held weighs less than 5lbs. The Dyson Digital Slim also comes with a 2 year warranty, which is good considering that the cost of $299 would be expensive without that guarantee. It comes with a docking wall mount that also charges the vacuum in three hours. After this time, it no longer draws energy, guaranteeing that money is not lost when leaving the Dyson on the charge for long periods of time. The Dyson runs for 15 minutes on its normal suction, which is longer than most hand-helds, but lasts only about 6 minutes when on the Max option. The smaller attachments make for getting hard to reach and difficult areas easier. The compact disposal bin has a quick release that allows you to dump the bin without having to get your hands dirty. This ultra compact unit does a great job cleaning up large localized messes without losing any suction whatsoever. The vacuum can be laid flat without losing contact with the floor, making getting under the couch a snap. One major downfall for the vacuum according to Dyson Digital Slim reviews is that the trigger button must always be pushed while running. Many would prefer a toggle button that would allow the hand-held to remain on during the entire run time. Another downfall is that it would not be a suitable replacement for a standard sized vacuum. It is more appropriate for touch ups and quick messes between normal vacuum sessions. It would probably only be a good replacement for smaller areas such an office or dormitories.

Largely, the Dyson Digital Slim Reviews remark on the high suction powers and convenience of this product over other handhelds. It can reach farther without much bending or stretching and may be used for multiple surfaces. The high suction and ease of use make up for the lack of a toggle button for most, but not all. While it may not replace a normal vacuum, it may be a great

back up for smaller jobs that do not require such hefty vacuuming. Depending on budget and the space for which it is required, a Dyson could be a top choice. Click Here Now for More Great Dyson Digital Slim Reviews!

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==== ==== Weigh your options better and get the best deals on dyson digital slim! Visit: ==== ====

Vacuums Have Changed Forever Thanks To The Dyson Digital Slim  

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