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Toronto Fringe Festival July 1–12, 2009 (416) 476 – 7263 Play – comedy 1 Third – multi-media 72 Petty Crime Solo – comedy A Girl named Ralph Play – com– drama  A Mirror up to Nature – adventure  About An Growe’s The Mom and Pop Shop Play – comedy  Affi can Squatter Comedy multi – media Another Problem A Good Book Musical – musical  Babies In Danger! – comedy/drama The Barbecue King – musical Beth Play Shot Solo – show Binary – drama Blastback Babyzap Clown – play Cage Without a Key Play – drama Casa De publican Fundraiser – musical Cinderlad play – comeLove play – comedy DAM Madness – dance Damages – – musical Desiraeda – dance The Diaries of Adam and ret – comedy Dogs Barking Play – drama Domestic Play – – dance Even Burning Play – drama Every Girl Wants A Breakfast Comedy – monologue The Faith Show! Play – comFever Drama – political Floozy: The Musical Musical – comWays ‘Til Rain Play – drama free range – dark comedy Free– musical  Giants Without Footprints Play – comedy  Greed Plays by Durang Play – comedy Hockey: The Musical! – musiOver Play – comedy How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Play – drama Hung to Dry Play – drama Ike and Pearl: A nata Play – drama  Inspiration Stump Play – ROLLS: how i stopped worrying Play – comedy Johnny Jackson and drama Just Another School ShootPlay – comedy Kalvin the Great!!! – Musical Musical – comedy  Lama  The Lesson Play – dark com– comedy/musical  Lost Daughter Says – dance Lovegirl 2: ReAnimatUndone Play – comedy  The Mad– comedy Mating Rituals of the Urword Middle of the End Play – draPlay – comedy/drama  Moments on and Jasp GO GREEN Clown – comePlay – comedy  The Movies (abridged) Fox Play – comedy  My Autopsy – dark Sweetie Go To The Zoo – interactive stoThe Pit – monologue with music  Nursery comedy  Offensive To Some Dark – comic drama One – Woman Show Play – com– opera  Perfect Ending – one-man Affair Play – comedy  Phat Love & edy The Picture of Dorian Gray Play – musical  Pokeroot and Mistletoe Solo – comedy  Radioplay Play – tion – dance theatre Rule of Thumb and Vodka Play – drama Sara Hencomedy play Scratch – improv Sellma Sherlock Holmes & the First EngShift Play – drama Silver and Stinky The Edge Of The World – comedy/ Play – comedy The Son Of The Man – story-telling Stand Up Monkey Poet! – Swearing Jar Play – comedy  Take It erties – drama  Tape Dramatic – comPlay – comedy Telegrams From The New media Thick – Skinned Play – drama The comedy Time To Put My Socks On Play – – drama  Transcendental Masturbation Entertain? – one-man show  The Tricky – drama  Tyrolia Play – comedy  UnbearVivi! Play – comedy  Wake Play the Labyrinth Solo – drama  We is

Hour Survival Guide – drama A Brief History of edy A Memory, A Monologue, A Rant and… Play Hour – improv Acis and Galatea – opera Adam davit – dramedy After Hours – dance Ameriwith H-Theorem Play – comedy At The End: sketch comedy Baggage – other Balls! Play – – drama  Between Commutes – sketch  Big – sketch  Bluebeard Play – drama  Bondage Los Fantasmas Play – comedy Christian Redy Community Centre play – comedy Crude drama David Play – drama Death To Dating Eve Theatrical – play Die Roten Punkte Cabacomedy Einstein’s Wife Play – comedy Epic Skirt Like Frida’s – comedy The Exploding edy Fart Factory: The Musical! - musical The edy  Follow Your Bliss Play – comedy  Four dom 85! Play – comedy Gameshow: The Musical Play – tragic comedy  Guests Who Harangue: Two cal Hole – dance The Honeymoon Period Is Offi cally Love ... Play – comedy How to Build an Empire New Canadian Musical – musical  Inferno Sodrama It’s just a phase Musical – comedy JEM – performance poetry Jew for a Day His Heavenly Passion Play – ing Play – drama Kaliban kids show  The King The dylike – comedy/draedy The Little Park Play Play – drama  Love, So ed Play – comedy Lupe: dest Kind of Love Play ban Cougar – spoken ma  Modern Medieval a Wrist – dance Morro dy  Mortem Capiendum Play – comedy  Mr. comedy  Nephetiti & rytelling  Notes From School Musical – musical/ tragedy  Old Growth Play – edy  Opera On The Rocks show  The Pharmaceutical the Thin Girl Play – com– drama The Pied Piper – tragicomedy  Putz comedy  The ReservaDark – comedy  Rum nessey Time – solo ing Love Play – dralish... Play – drama The Play – drama Singing At drama  Sitting in a Tree play The Spy – comedic performance poetry  The Back – dance Taking Libedy  Teaching the Fringe Canadian Cinema – multi– Three Magic Wishes Play – comedy Totem Figures Play Musical – comedy  Travel or Part Play – drama Trust Play able prospect – dance Viva – drama  Walking multimedia B l u n -


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