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Shanett. B

January 17, 1991 Started singing: Age 6. Was on the church choir. And school choir, was apart of a singing group. Christianity- Seventh Day Adventist born in Jamaica only child for mom. Have several brothers and sisters, loves to watch tv and listen to music. Hates to be annoyed. Shanett grew up as not one of the richest kids on the block but her mom did do everything possible to make her well off. Started school at the age of 2 and did exceedingly well. Went on to high school at the age of 11, and progressed well, during the years life was hard and she was faced with many challenges, from being lonely, to falling in the wrong crowd, to loosing her father at another point. Life wasn’t easy but through it all she was still able to hold on to thee belief of God. There was a point in her life where she did not believe in God and thought he was far off. Life was quite interesting as she grew older and older, she grew wit certain attitudes, one of love and compassion, the others of great annoyance to perverts and was willing to lash out at any perverted guy who wanted to talk to her. She learned to protect herself from men. Her education did go well excellent grades, wonderful relationship with teachers, she wanted to be a lawyer a judge and even a graphologist at one point, but her one true passion was cooking, she excelled in cooking classes and her exams. Singing did play a good role in her life as she was in the schools choir, but later dropped out because of friendships gone bad. At one point in her life she was down and out. Life was giving her the worst it could offer with extra deals. But after all the struggling her break through finally came and she went to Canada to go to school

This is a war Counsel As Christians we need to rise to the occasion For it all depends on our souls salvation Our destination should be heaven bound And not twenty feet below ground We should be properly attired cause there will be bombs and fires We should make a left turn from sin and a right turn to Him A about turn from temptation And start slow marching to our destination When times get dreary and you have no peace Don’t think its over don’t you dear stand at ease There are going to be days of tribulation But you are soldiers so stand at attention There are days when your enemies will rebuke you But just salute them and God will see you through Tomorrow is a great battle but we may never know It may bring grief pain or sorrow but make sure your following the routine. A prayer a day keeps the devil away for soon we will be marching to Zion Were we will be able to stand easy as we talk to Jesus all day This is a war we need to start acting like it We are Gods soldiers we need to start showing it These are the last days … YOU BETTER BELIEVE IT!

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